Newcastle United have claimed that Mike Ashley wanted the club to break its 13 year old club transfer record this summer.

The official Newcastle United Fans Forum minutes have been published on Friday night and say that the owner gave his blessing to trying to sign players ‘well above and beyond the club’s current transfer record.’

Considering that 2005 Michael Owen fee was £16.8m, Newcastle fans are seemingly expected to believe that Mike Ashley would have allowed Rafa Benitez to buy £20m+ players…

The minutes stating: ‘The club explained that several more players were pursued, some of which were well above and beyond the club’s current transfer record.’

Taking into account the fact that  Newcastle didn’t even pay £10m for a signing in the summer, it is very difficult to believe that Rafa Benitez would have been backed with £20m+ signings but couldn’t identify anybody he wanted over and above £10m and who was willing to come to Tyneside.

The minutes also revealed (see HERE) that since the last accounts Mike Ashley has taken money out of the club, though no figure was put on this amount.

Newcastle fans sceptical as to just how genuine this claim is, about going for £20m signings, when the summer transfer activity was so shockingly unambitious, AND Rafa Benitez made clear how unhappy he was at the transfer activity.

Newcastle United Fans Forum minutes:

Summer Transfer Window

When the club enters a window, its aim is to come out of it stronger. The club brought in seven players (five on permanent deals and two on loan).

The club was pleased to secure the manager’s number one transfer target, Salomón Rondón (The club explained the release clause fee is just part of a deal, with wages over the period of a potentially long contract and agents’ fees factored in. A loan agreement was preferred) – and also Yoshinori Mutō, a player the manager wanted in January 2018.

The club brought Kenedy back on loan and brought some Premier League experience in Ki Sung-yueng and Federico Fernández, plus Fabian Schär to add competition, and then also secured Martin Dúbravka on a permanent deal.

The collective view, including that of the players, is the squad is stronger following the summer transfer window. The club explained that several more players were pursued, some of which were well above and beyond the club’s current transfer record. For a number of reasons, the deals were not possible despite the money being available for these players.

The club explained the challenges of the transfer window and stated that several clubs simply did not want to sell their players, or that the players did not want to make the move.

The club discussed a number of other striking options <names withheld from Fans Forum minutes>, some of which were well above and beyond the club’s current transfer record, however ultimately the club pursued Salomón Rondón at the manager’s request. The club’s preference with Rondón was for a loan deal.

The club confirmed it had been in the market in this position and wanted an offensive leftback to provide competition for Paul Dummett. The position remains on the club’s radar for the January transfer window.

Discussions with the manager are on-going (for the January window). The club would ideally like to secure exciting, high-quality young players who can make a difference, rather than focussing on quantity of players.

The club confirmed that there was money available for the right players. Players have to benefit the club not only in the short term, but also the medium-to-long term.

The club also explained that it would be easy to pay sometimes highly-inflated initial fees quoted by clubs but there is a responsibility with the club’s long-term health in mind to spend intelligently.

The club confirmed that it did not set out to make a profit (in the summer window).

The club also explained the difference between profit and cash flow. The deal for Aleksandar Mitrović was given as an example, with money coming over a period of four years. In terms of this financial year, the club’s income in relation to trading for summer 2018, when comparing cash going out and cash coming, is about net £2m; far from the profit being reported.

The rest of the money comes in over future years. The club made it clear that money was available to spend in the summer transfer window

The club explained that it usually opts to pay up front in full in order to get the best deal possible. It then accepts dated payments to maximize what is received. During planning for the summer window, the club discussed with the manager about the possibly of being able to match up against incoming payments in future years, where appropriate. For example when signing Mutō the club offered two options. One was to pay in full and one was dated payments. The club will always do the deal that is in the best interests of the club.

  • Cockneytrev

    Does anyone actually believe this tripe?

    • Kenny


      • Leicester Mag

        Ned Ludd and the other flat earthers presumably do although awfully quiet in Clarkseaton

    • Alreet

      American Democrats!!!

  • Sickandtired

    2 loan players and a free signing. A £20+ million transfer profit from which fatty takes some (all?) for himself.
    Who the F are this lot trying to convince?

    • Kneebotherm8

      Wnkrs one and all…….

    • Paul Patterson

      Er, you’re forgetting.
      We did sign that top striker, H.O. Fraser.

      • BigHairyDog

        I think he only “borrowed” the money to buy HoF, when the books are done it’ll have been repaid in time for the accounts to be published,.

  • Paul Patterson

    Easiest thing in the world to break a £16m transfer record with the finances in the Premier league these days. Easier to not do it, if you don’t want to ..
    We didn’t ..

  • Leicester Mag

    Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies.

  • JohnnyH

    Rivals Donald Trump in creating new truths

    • Leicester Mag

      Or Goebbels

      • BigHairyDog

        More like Comical Ali.

  • superalansuddick

    The amount of bullshit coming out now is just amazing. He is getting hurt, keep the pressure on him,

    • Steven05

      That’s exactly what I think. Every day now there’s some new desperate attempt to make his latest lie worse

      We might be winning

  • Kenny

    If and it’s a big IF Rafa wanted Rondon & Muto as his 1st priority then the man has lost the plot.
    i don’t believe a word of it.

    • Leicester Mag

      The club’s transfer policy is like Sid the Sexist opting for plan X

    • Jezza

      No way in a million years were either Rondon or Muto on the list of players Rafa drew up in preparation for the transfer window. Like most of us Rafa had probably never even heard of Muto.

      • Kenny


      • BigHairyDog

        It’s likely Rafa was getting desperate and took Muto on recommendation of someone he trusts, the fact that he’s still trying to find a role for Muto suggests he knows little about him.

        • Jezza

          To be truthful I don’t think Rafa had anything to do with the Muto signing whatsoever. I believe Muto was signed by the Ashley regime to boost S****s D****t’s profile in the Japanese marketplace.

  • Alreet

    You can feel the smell of S***e coming from him now.

    Hes making himself look like a total fool. Hopefully rafa and the players see through the cheap spag bol and even cheaper house wine.

    What a total ball bag.

    He could sell to piers morgan and katie hopkins and they would get a heros welcome on the tyne bridge.

    Hes such a waste of good north east air. Can literally anyone just take this rat stained sloth out of our aura…..


  • Ashley-out

    Do the fans forum members just sit there & listen to this garbage, or what.

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    we all know how me “attempted” to accomplish breaking the transfer record. Find a player worth 30 million and then offer the selling team 20… It was, as always, a publicity stunt.

  • Shields Mag

    The amount of bull just keeps coming from this odious man and his cronies. Keep up the pressure! Ashley out!

  • BigHairyDog

    They’re going to make a film about Ashley…oh wait they already have, it’s called Billy Liar.

  • Big Al 1967

    Jesus, Bishop and his PR team are in full swing now, the Fat Man is truly rattled.
    Sadly there are people out there who will be falling for this BS hook line and sinker.

  • Carverlier football

    We wanted to break the transfer record? I’m willing to bet if we actually did bid, say, £20m on anybody it was someone valued at £35m in the knowledge we’d fail. The idea that there was not ONE SINGLE PLAYER valued above £16m on Rafa’s list that we could land – well if they’re not liars (in this case) then they’re incompetent… KEEP UP THE PRESSURE!!

    • Mung Bean

      The *cough cough* attempt to sign Plea had “We Tried” written all over it. The bid was under the asking price, and we didn’t bother coming back with a follow-up bid. Two weeks (?) later Plea moves to Germany, supposedly for a fee not much higher than our initial bid. Stinks of the “They (player’s club) want X amount, we’ll bid Y amount – it will be rejected” strategy that was revealed at Keegan’s tribunal

    • Mung Bean

      You wrote…

      “well if they’re not liars (in this case) then they’re incompetent… ”

      Make no mistake about it, the incompetence is deliberate. It’s surreal that a club in a league (professional or otherwise) is by design anti-competitive, and that’s exactly what Sports Direct United is.

      • Carverlier football

        Well you’ve just answered it – deliberate incompetence = liars. We ceased to be a sporting club years ago…

  • Jezza

    I truly believe Ashley did want to break Newcastle’s transfer record this summer. He really wanted to break the club’s outgoing transfer record by selling Jamaal Lascelles for more than £35 million.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Now that…….I do believe……

  • Kneebotherm8

    Mike……. you’re not tekkin the Michael again are you………what about all the staggered installments coming in from Sissoko,Wijnaldum et al……….conveniently left out of the calculations……you fckn lying wind up merchant…….

  • ToonToon

    Maybe Rondon and Muto were Rafa’s first choices. These first choices may have also been purely based on constraints/limitations set by the hierarchy during Lee transfer window discussions.

    If he knew he had “nothing” to spend, perhaps they were number one choice purely due to the fact that nobody was available who was better within the same price bracket.

    “First choice” is the NUFC equivalent to “Every penny generated” in this instance I think.

  • Waxi

    They are taking the p!ss now like. How much did he take what players were bids in for that would have broken our record and why is it so hard just to tell the fans instead of clock & daggers. It’s just constant lies and he will wonder why we hate the FCB.

  • Wezza

    LOL. Seriously.
    This has to be one of the very worst PR lies that they’ve told.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Well why didn’t they break the transfer record when there was nothing stopping them ?

    Complete load of rubbish and they are only using the “Transfer Record” scenario because that has formed part of the narrative this summer.
    How can these prats even come out and have the brass necks to talk this absolute twaddle ?
    You cannot believe a word they say so why do they even bother anymore ?, Because they are just embarrassing themselves !

    • Wezza

      Yes they are a total embarrassment now. They have no more ammunition left. They’re desperate.

      • Kneebotherm8

        More desperate than Dan…….

  • Kneebotherm8

    Mike twied weally,weally,weally,weally hard………..but he just couldn’t get it over the line……….what a fckn plonka……..

  • FatParosite

    Copy/Paste lies…

  • Paul Busby

    I actually dont think this is complete lies. I think they did want to break the transfer record this summer, its just that chasing a 40-50m striker with a 20m offer is never going to fly.

  • GToon

    Isn’t it amazing. We have a manager who openly admitted wanting to strengthen the squad in numerous areas and who has since stated his total frustration with the lack of transfer activity. Yet on the other hand we have an owner, a billionaire, who apparently wanted to back his manager and break the clubs transfer record. How strange. Amazing how nothing like this happens at any of the other clubs in our league. They just seem to get on with the job of improving their squads. Still it doesn’t really matter cos we finished tenth last year so it will be higher this year. I mean it’s not like we’re bottom of the league is it.

  • Jimmy_toons

    And the moon is made of cheese.

  • LA toon

    What, offered 50 million, but 10,000 a week and a free holiday!!

    • ToonMoobs

      Dont forget about free shinpads and a mug from sports direct

  • NUFC9

    It makes sense to pay up front to get a player for a lower fee and accept installments for outgoing transfers to get a higher overall price.

    However, after 11 years of selling our most valuable players, how can they still tell us there is no money coming in from transfers? Where’s the cash from past sales? The Sissoko, Wijnaldum, Janmaat, Cabaye, Carroll, etc. installments should have been rolling in throughout the past few years

  • nufcslf

    What a load of bollocks. Have any of these [email protected] looked at the present league table with not spending a penny in the summer. Good try Sports Direct United, but it failed miserably you lying shile of pight.

  • Tino o


  • gordon

    It’s quite devious when you examine it – lays the blame for the transfer window on Rafa, knowing full well that Rafa can’t come out and say ‘Rondon and Muto weren’t my first choices’ as it would undermine what little confidence they have. Games, games and more games from the fat [email protected]

  • Hughie

    Pointless, stage managed, patronising in its simplicity.What do you expect? Playing into the club’s hands by allowing them to claim they are engaging with fans. Nothing new at all. Moaning about how difficult the transfer market is poor babies. So huge clubs like Burnley,
    Bournemouth, Brighton, Palace, Fulham, Watford etc etc each have proper strikers. We have signed one crock, and have 2 championship players in Perez and Joselu. We have cashed in on Mitrovic & lost Gayle to fund the crock and lightweight Muto. So the truth is that the transfer policy has failed again supplemented by what can only be incompetence. The worst feature of all is that the club has learnt zilch from past policy failures. Where is the apology, where is the hope and positivity?
    Full of defensive negativity and waffle. Any other company would have sacked those responsible long ago. Please scrap this meaningless forum

  • Albert Stubbins

    According to the fans Forum!! Lol they couldn’t lie straight in bed ffs!!

  • Blackburn1066

    He the Fat man just tells Raffa I will spend in January so he will put pen to paper,

  • Blackburn1066

    The Team Played well in the first half but when MUFC kicked in the class just showed. We are in for a hard season.

  • Money is available for the right players, meaning young and cheap with talent for a possible re-sale. The team needs experience and leadership, you can’t buy that in the bargain bin. Yoshi and Kenedy played well today but could easily now drop to a typical below average state. Diame is clearly tired and out of confidence. Should give Longstaff a shot at least for the second half or something.
    We had Mourinho’s lineup beaten but he intoduced Mata, Sanchez and Fellaini and naturally got the better of aour tired half Championship squad, but when you look at our bench we couldn’t bring anybody to have any kind of impact. We start wirh out best-best players and have literally no impact subs – 0. Murphy and Atsu should have done so much better on the ball after they came on but are scared of taking on spirited Man U defenders! I would sell both in January, just had it. Given chances, time, time and time again to produce nothing.