Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah has revealed the official Government response to the Newcastle United / Mike Ashley she presented to the House of Commons back in July.

The original petition and Government response are below.

Chi’s constituency includes St James Park and she is a Newcastle United fan herself.

The MP having presented the petition on behalf of fellow Newcastle supporters.

In revealing the Government response, Chi Onwurah pledges to continue to pursue the concerns over financial transparency, or rather the lack of it.

Chi Onwurah – 31 October 2018 (today):

“I’ve had a response to my Newcastle United petition.

“The Government acknowledges the importance of football clubs to the community and calls on the Newcastle United ownership to better engage with fans.

“I’ll be pursuing my concerns over financial transparency.”

mike ashleyThe Government response revealed today:

mike ashleymike ashleyThe Mag – 24 July 2018:

Momentum is growing in a concerted community effort against Mike Ashley.

People on Tyneside (as well as our black and white brothers and sisters further afield) have had quite enough of Ashley’s stewardship of Newcastle United.

The launch of the #IfRafaGoesWeGo initiative has helped galvanise both support for the manager and protests against the owner.

The club’s official Newcastle United Fans Forum released a statement in support of Rafa Benitez and condemning the lack of support from Mike Ashley, now the fight is heading to the House of Commons.

Chi Onwurah is a Newcastle United fan who just happens to be MP for the Newcastle Upon Tyne constituency that includes St James Park.

Tuesday will see her present a petition to the House of Common, raising the concerns of Newcastle fans, and it stating; ‘The Petitioners therefore request the House of Commons to take action to prevent unscrupulous football club owners from exploiting the clubs, their fans and local communities, with particular reference to Mike Ashley and Newcastle United FC.’

This petition also has the support of fellow North East MPs Ian Mearns, Mary Glindon and Ian Lavery.

Some may question what is the point of this?

Yes, it won’t (unfortunately) lead to Mike Ashley holding his hands up and walking, or the House of Commons kicking him (and other unscrupulous owners) out of the club, but the point is to keep on adding extra layers of pressure.

The more and more negative publicity that can be sent Ashley’s way, and the way he acts with regard to Newcastle United broadcast to a far bigger audience, all the better.

The NUFC owner’s actions have left fans with very little choice, this summer’s events (or lack of them) have just rubber stamped the fact that he has no interest in the long-term health of Newcastle United, or indeed not even the immediate health of the club.

Good to see local MPs stepping up and supporting their constituents.

The petition to be presented by Chi Onwurah states:

“Football is an integral part of Newcastle upon Tyne’s social, economic and cultural wellbeing – fans of Newcastle United are heavily invested both financially and emotionally in the success of the team.

“The current manager Rafa Benitez needs the support of both fans and the club’s owner, this support should include investment in players, training facilities and community engagement.”      

“The owner Mike Ashley has not made this support forthcoming.

“The Petitioners therefore request the House of Commons to take action to prevent unscrupulous football club owners from exploiting the clubs, their fans and local communities, with particular reference to Mike Ashley and Newcastle United FC.”

  • Geordiegiants

    He takes no notice of anything what so ever. It will be his downfall in the end.

    • Kenny

      Keep the pressure up and he will buckle.

    • Peaky

      When the downfall comes….which it inevitably will…..the fat spoilttwat will scurry off abroad and hopefully never set foot in this country again.

  • Kenny

    I don’t like the woman but at least she is trying to do something to hold the
    Fat vermin to account & it all adds up to the pressure on the scumbag.
    i have asked my mates who do go to the games to boycott the Wolves match & they have agreed to do so.

    • Mrkgw

      You must be persuasive. Did you ask or, tell them to boycott the game?

      • Kenny

        asked them

        • Mrkgw

          Well, you’re sticking to your beliefs on this which is fair enough. Good luck.

    • AbusedCourier

      Well done. I’ve boycotted matches since 2008 when Keegan was sacked and I destroyed my season ticket. I will not return to watch the team until Fatty is seen departing down the A1 with his S****Direct signs protruding from his rectal orifice!

    • Cushty lad

      Well thats one less going then!😂

      • Kenny

        Go do one you [email protected] troll

        • Wor Lass

          I thought that was a good come-back, actually.

  • robbersdog

    There’s nothing the government can do if Ashley doesn’t want to invest in the club that he owns, but this kind of negative publicity is still a good thing. At least Ashley knows that he’s under the kind of scrutiny which goes way beyond ‘local’.

  • Gallowgate Dave

    I didn’t expect them to do anything, for a start FIFA would forbid government intervention, but what a miserably dispiriting response. To summarise they think the fan forum (a good idea in principle, terrible in practice in our case) is working well and that Ashley is complying with Premier League rules. It’s almost like they trust all billionaires to self regulate when it comes to making profits rather than exploit fans love of the game. I honestly hate football now, not the sport itself, that’s brilliant, just the organisation of football in this country. Depressing.

    • AbusedCourier

      An interesting aside. I read yesterday that the Security Minister acknowledged awareness of an investigation (presumably by the Serious Crime Squad) into money laundering by a UK club or clubs. This brings into sharp focus the lack of oversight by the Premier League and other football authorities into club ownership/management.

      • Gallowgate Dave

        Aye I read the same article about them having targeted banks while estate agents, accountants and football clubs have flown under the radar. I don’t think Ashley is doing anything illegal and he won’t fall foul of Premier League rules but he is quite clearly immoral and can exploit our love of football with impunity as many of us can’t just stop following our team (match going or not) like a customer could just stop using a business.

  • panther

    This rafagowego thing anyone with any kind of conscience about this whole debacle has already left, all that’s left are the fools who will throw money at him regardless,and supporting the team not the regime, I expect them all being there for years to come, along with Ashley

    • Geordiegiants

      I do as well, I’ve said somewhere earlier today, most but quite not all of the fans have already given up, a new breed of person has come in and filled up the seats. (I’m trying to think of a different word instead of spectator that isn’t disrespectful but can’t think of one). They are just oblivious to the fact of giving money to him, is what’s keeping him here. If there were no money he wouldn’t be here, he loves nothing apart from money. I hope he crashes and burns, even if that takes NUFC with him, there will be light at the end of the tunnel at least in a rebuilding programme, because at the minute there is nothing, no hope, no anything, just a group of people out in town for a day out of the house.

      • panther

        Just more of the same

      • kingfisher

        Day trippers, Tourists. It’s like the people who religiously vote for the same political party time after time “because it’s how I’ve been brought up” or “that’s what my parents did” or “I’m working class and I always vote Labour never Conservative”. It doesn’t matter what their policies are, they always vote for the same party.

        That’s what the 50k do. It’s a habit, it’s what they always do despite what Ashley does.

        • Geordiegiants

          That’s exactly what it’s like, I’ve met some very well educated people that vote exactly like that. It is beyond ridiculous.

        • Leazes.


          • kingfisher

            Please explain !

        • Ram Kishore

          It’s wrong to blame the tourists imo, because they are mostly here for one off matches which they deserve to go

          • kingfisher

            That’s very true Ram.You can’t expect people who only go to one match to protest,but I would think that tourists only make up a small % of the 50k.
            My main point was that most people renew their tickets season after season not based on however Ashley is treating them or what he’s doing to our club, but because it’s what they’ve done for years.It becomes a habit and like any other habit it’s hard to give up.

      • Steven05

        My thoughts exactly

        • X2

          me too


    Ridiculous that she says they adhere to the rules. One meeting with the Fans forum at the end of the season. How many of our questions were answered at the last fans forum ? How many fans have received questionnaires regarding the running of the club as stated by the PL Handbook
    Who owns what at NUFC, what does the club own, what does St James Holdings own, what does Mash own ?. How many more companies have a piece of NUFC ? That is why I think we will never be sold as any potential buyer will be buying the Team, nothing else. Never in my life have I hated one man more than I hate the man who is destroying our club and our city.

  • Ashley-out

    best solution, he dies

  • Wezza

    They’ll just say they have been transparent and peddle some other lies. KBA will be very busy soon.

  • TheFatController

    I’m not sure how they can ask for the ‘full chain of ownership’ but not be bothered tonhear that the club as a company is just one among MASH Holdings.

    Surely the most obvious rule would be that the governance and parameters of the club as a business must be isolated and easily identifiable.

    Otherwise owners can do exactly what Ashley has done – blur the company lines to leave visibility and accountability with a smokescreen of a holding company.

    Not rocket science – probably why both government and FA haven’t addressed it therefore …

    • Cockneytrev

      A football club should be run totally separate from all other businesses ,,
      Ashley has hid all newcastle United revenues in a smokescreen, that’s as clear as mud.

  • BigHairyDog

    I think this government knows exactly what a scumbag Ashley is, even by Conservative Party standards, which is why the knighthood will evade him. But they’re all capitalists and ultimately they’ll cover up his wrongdoings, ignore any tax evasion and deny his zero hour contracts put working people into poverty.

    Pity he’s so tight, a sizable donation to the conservatives would gain him that knighthood.

    • Leazes.

      The government agency HMRC still have his computers….. and say they aren’t aware of any wrongdoing!

      I’ll give them all a little clue…..a heck of a lot of his deals and payments seem to avoid taxation.

  • Jimmy_toons

    Another case of the government looking after one of their own.

  • Lord

    Good effort, but really it’s the PL or FIFA who have to act.

    We need the reverse of FFP – rules to prevent owners using clubs to make personal profit. Easier said than done but the example at Blackpool is one that shows that sometimes clubs need protection from unscrupulous owners.

    • Leazes.

      We need to change the law on ownership to make local people have a seat on the board…..

      … clubs never were companies whose aim was making profit for the founders….. the were called ‘Clubs’ because of the community involvement… in Newcastle’s case they founded a Football, Athletic and Boxing club, who ran cycling sportives as well….. all money generated benefited the ‘Club’.

      That ethos changed when Sir John Hall uttered the immortalized words….

      ‘but remember we are businessmen’….

      From that point…..All money generated benefitted the shareholders!

  • MadMag83

    All nicely worded but it means nowt. As far as they are concerned, unless he’s doing something illegal then they don’t care.

    Surely it needs to come from the Premier League themselves. Force owners to invest a minimum every season or something. It would improve the league as a spectacle. What they have now is a product that i wouldn’t pay to watch.

  • Blackburn1066

    The fans of NUFC need to have some balls and stay away from games that are on TV, The little fat man will hate it- if half the ground is still in the pubs at kick off. It may take time but it is a better statement than shouting at a shop front.