Newcastle fans face one of their most tricky journey of the season.

An away game at Southampton, against a team where Newcastle United have won only one of their last 24 away league matches.

News from the Southampton end of things (see below) this morning that the game isn’t sold out as things stand.

The Southampton fan site ‘The Ugly Inside’ blaming Newcastle fans for the ‘house full’ signs not going up quite yet.

They report around 600 tickets remain unsold on the morning of the game, tickets that are ‘normally part of the away allocation but returned by the Toon Army who will now only be sending a battalion.’

Well, this is not quite true.

Last season the Southampton v Newcastle match was moved to a Sunday for live TV but still all 3,200 away tickets were sold.

This time, far from tickets being sent back because of lack of demand from Newcastle United fans, it is instead Mike Ashley and his minions to blame.

This season has seen bizarrely NUFC refusing to take the full ticket allocations for games such as at Man Utd and Southampton, this at a time when the team need every bit of support they can get.

The reduced away allocation taken for Old Trafford was instantly sold out, whilst the 2,450 tickets for the Southampton match were sold out around three weeks ago.

There is no doubt whatsoever that if the extra 750 tickets had been made available, they would have easily sold out as well.

Very ironic when it is Southampton supporters having a go at Newcastle fans about the travelling support, when you consider how few Southampton usually bring to St James Park…

Sadly though points aren’t awarded for the support of your team, so lets hope the Newcastle team can reward the 2,450 who did get tickets.

Southampton fan site The Ugly Inside:

‘If you fancy popping along this afternoon then you might have to be quick with the game heading for a late sell out.

If Newcastle had taken and sold their full allocation of 3,200 tickets then the game this afternoon would already be a sell out, only around 200 tickets remain mainly in the corners of the Chapel End except for block 43 in the Northam End, normally part of the away allocation but returned by the Toon Army who will now only be sending a battalion.

Of the 900 or so seats in this block just over half have already been sold meaning that around 600 tickets remain with six hours to kick off.

So if you are thinking of going then it is advised to get online and book then either collect the tickets from the stadium ahead of kick off, or select the print at home option, prices are £32 for adults in the Chapel corners or £34 in the Northam End.

I am told that tickets for kids are available from as little as £5 but having spent some time scouring the Saints website i’m unable to find any information on ticket prices for individual games, something that is a little shoddy from the club.’

  • Paul Cannell

    Any NUFC fans going all the way to Southampton deserve a medal if you ask me.

    • kingfisher

      They deserve something right enough ……………

  • Chester..pop84

    Ashley cuts allocation, less anti Ashley fever for him to listen too.
    Man’s a parasite

  • Realist

    It wasn’t a reduced allocation for man Utd it was the same as every season, the main sections plus the small section in the bobby Charlton stand, another fabricated lie made up in a mag article. 700 shy today but Southampton isn’t a popular away day for obvious reasons. Same faces as per down here today.

  • Kenny

    £32 to watch 2 krap sides

    • Ram Kishore

      And u r so called fan of one of the krap side.. Come on kenny. We can blame them after the match.
      It’s a match day. Get behind the team and enjoy

      • Wor Lass

        We can get behind the lads, Ram, but the other bit could be a lot harder.

  • Ram Kishore

    I really don’t understand what’s the point of his article. We sold 2450 tickets 3 weeks before the match. The Southampton fansite hasn’t criticised us. They have just pointed out that it wasn’t sold since it’s part of away allocation.
    Why do u have to add Mike Ashley twist in every nook and corner.

    • Wor Lass

      Well, who decided not to take the normal allocation of 3,200? If 2,450 tickets were sold three weeks ago then I reckon another 600 could well have been sold on top of that. It wasn`t Rafa and it wasn`t the fans. Who`s left? The thing is, Ram, that every bad thing about our club nowadays is fairly and squarely down to Ashley and his policies. He is a blight on the club and cannot be left out of any criticism because everything ultimately leads back to him.

  • Toon

    I have seen The Mag sarcastically comment on other fans not selling out both for home and away games. The sheer nerve and arrogance of publishing this drivel should be embarrassing for the site, however it’s sadly the norm