Newcastle 0 Brighton 1  – Saturday 20 October 3pm

We asked Jonathan Drape-Comyn to give us his match ratings after this afternoon’s match.

Newcastle losing 1-0 and making it five home defeats in a row.

The club now rock bottom of the Premier League table with two points from nine games.

Dubravka 5 – Looked all over the place every time the ball game was near his feet.

Don’t think he could do anything for the goal.

Yedlin 3 – Fragile defensively and contributed nothing going forward.

Seemed to even lose heart towards the end of the game.

Fernandez 8 – The two centre halves didn’t do too badly although one certainly looked stronger than the other.

Looks a good signing.

Lascelles 5 – Bad day at the office for him.

Was given a tough time by Locadia when he came on, lost his legs and his head by the end.

Dummett 5 – Offers nothing going forward sadly.

Said this for years now but especially at home, he has to do more going forward. an attacking left back is needed for games like this. Still kept going until the end.

Shelvey 8 – The only Newcastle player who looked like he could really come up with something, although Kenedy and Ritchie tried at times.

Would thrive in a better team, no end product though.

Diame 6 – Did ok, but certainly limited and not the player of latter half of the previous season.

Ritchie 6 – Misses a few good chances but can’t fault him for the lack of effort.

Just missing that quality in the final third.

Perez 3 – Brilliant last week but back to the normal Ayoze Perez today and that is pretty useless.

Players and manager should be criticised if they have a bad game, but if you’re spending time screaming at Ayoze Perez trying a flick, but sitting idly by and letting Mike Ashley ruin this club, then your priorities need to be question IMHO.

Kenedy 6 – Like Ritchie, he looked a threat, but it was all very huff and puff from him rather than looking like he was really going to open Brighton up.

Muto 3 – I don’t think he touched the ball for the first 30 minutes and then when he did, he nearly gifted Brighton a goal. That phase of play led to a questionable corner which Brighton scored from.

Joselu N/A (Not on long enough to judge).

Fans booing the manager for making a sub?

It’s a fact that our fans spent more time slagging off the manager today than they did Mike Ashley. A bad day all round.

The fans – BIG FAT ZERO

That is with the exception of a few hundred guys sitting behind me who sing their hearts out for 90 minutes and get behind the team.

Most fans would rather sit there booing the players for making genuine mistakes, booing the manager for not making subs, boo the referee, than stand up and try and do something about the one man who bought the players who weren’t good enough, and who won’t let the manager sign players who are good enough.

We all spend our hard earned cash to watch the team play, and we expect a certain standard of course, but people need to wake up and smell the coffee.

Stats from BBC Sport:

Newcastle 0 Brighton 1


Brighton: Kayal 29

Possession was Brighton 32% Newcastle 68%

Total shots were  Brighton 8 Newcastle 27

Shots on target were Brighton 2 Newcastle 6

Corners were  Brighton 2 Newcastle 10

Referee: Andre Marriner

Newcastle United:

Dubravka, Yedlin, Lascelles, Fernandez, Dummett, Ritchie, Diame, Shelvey, Kenedy, Perez, Muto (Joselu 74)

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Atsu, Murphy, Schar, Hayden, Manquillo

Crowd: 50,329 (Brighton approx 1,300)

(Can these statistics from Newcastle 0 Brighton 1 be misleading? Read HERE)

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  • Leicester Mag

    It’s not coffee fans are smelling it’s a decomposing corpse.

    • Toontaff

      Bit harsh on Clarko…………..

  • Paul Patterson

    Kenedy 6?
    He is all left foot and constantly cut inside onto his non-existent right. The flick shot from outside the area that he had was a joke. A waste of a shirt . .

    • Big Al 1967

      And against the oldest and one of the slowest right backs in the league who he never took on on the outside in the entirety of the game.

    • Ram Kishore

      I remember few of us banging on about buying him for 20m. I am just laughing at myself because I remember saying myself that he was worth 10-15m

  • Wezza

    ‘The fans – BIG FAT ZERO’

    Agree. Not one anti Ashley chant who will be causing our 3rd relegation in 12 years.
    Where has the money gone?

    • Davey drape

      Well he is trying to see thru another storm each season. this time he not getting away with so easily. Protests are here to stay.

      • BigHairyDog

        When they moved from Northumberland Street to Strawberry Place he breathed a massive sigh of relief by all accounts. On Northumberland Street the national media was interested, now it’s only the football media.

    • Martin Rooney

      Muto Jos rondon sliimani Ki atsu lazaar

  • Clarko

    Rafael Benitez…

    • GToon

      Hoy, Harry Potter is on TV! Ask if you can stay up a bit later and watch it. Leave the footy talk to the grown ups.

    • Martin Rooney

      Most offensive comment on here

  • Marveauxless

    This myth that boycotts will make Ashley leave has to stop. Newcastle fans are not financially important enough to Newcastle United to influence change. Look at Blackpool and the horrendous running of the club under the Oyston family for over 20 years; widespread protests, boycotts and fan action groups have achieved nothing for Blackpool and that’s a club where matchday revenue is far more important to the solvency of the organisation than at a Premier League club like Newcastle.
    Sky don’t care about empty grounds, it means more people are watching their broadcasts, Ashley doesn’t care about bad publicity, the millions of pounds worth of free advertising SportsDirect receives from St James’ more than makes up for that. He’s here until he receives a bid that matches his valuation and nothing can change that.

    • Ram Kishore

      If I am right overseas broadcasting alone gives the club more than 30m.

    • DeadToiler

      Agree either get behind the team or don’t go. And if you choose to stay away don’t be smug about it.

  • Leazes.

    Boycott the Wolves Game!

    • Paul Patterson

      By then we may have nowt to lose. We’re being cut adrift . .

      • Leazes.

        The season was over before it started…. I don’t know how Ashley escapes being lynched.

        • Martin Rooney

          Could be that they know Rafa is the problem

  • Hopey


  • Dillon Tovak

    Summed up well at the end there JDC but the part that made me chuckle was “neither CB’s did too badly” then you say it was a bad day at the office or Lascelles.

  • TheFatController


    We shouldn’t sing anti Ashley songs as the toxic environment makes the players play badly and results suffer

    But if a player makes a genuine mistake, hammer him thus creating a toxic environment to make the players play badly and then results suffer.

    Yup. Nowt as queer as folk.

  • Martin Rooney

    You’re a **** Jonathon, Yedlin 3 and shelvey 8 I’m hoping that’s a corrected typo

    • Ram Kishore

      But apart from that he’s been mostly right.. Yedlin was more anonymous apart from few crosses he whipped in. Ritchie did a lot of defensive work.
      Fans big fat zero.. absolutely right.. imho.

      • Martin Rooney

        What do you expect? The approach to the games is so boring.

        • Ba ba.

          Correct it’s terrible

  • Ashley-out

    sad fact that the fans or idiots as i like to call them boo Rafa more than fatso,
    have these people any brains at all. No

    • Ba ba.

      It was only a hand full and it’s there opinion I’m afraid

  • mentalman

    You marked down Dummett yesterday for not doing enough going forward yet he probably put more crosses into the box during the game than he has all season

    You’ve rated all the players and even the fans but no rating or comment on the managers poor performance

    • Ba ba.

      Rafa is untouchable don’t you know 😬

  • Ba ba.

    The fans can express how they want to it’s there hard cash…. Rafa got it totally wrong again yesterday .. Shock horror yes he got it wrong. .. Diame and perez should be nowhere near the pitch put they complete 90 minutes.
    He plays a 5ft 10 striker up front on his own at home.
    Yes I know his hands are tied with the players available but blood the young lads.. . .. They can’t be any worse can they.

    • Danimal

      Yes, they can.

  • Ba ba.

    As for the fans I think they have stuck with the players a hell of a lot longer than I ever imagined… I’ve been attending St James Park for forty years and I’ve never known the fans stay with the team and manager this long after such a dreadful run of results… I think you giving them stick is out of order .. But its your opinion.

    • Yup, can’t fault any fan for being frustrated and sick of excuses from all sides. Rafa, the players and most of all Ashley left it too late. We are already relegated.

  • Fernandez, Shelvey and Kenedy were the only ones who wanted to win. Dummett, Yedlin and Ritchie’s horrendous crosses cost us the game. Should have taken players on and cut inside and I don’t think they ever did that! I really don’t know how we were supposed to score from those high crosses with Muto and Ritchie being focal points, but can’t you blame Rafa for not wanting to put Joselu on. Should have stuck to playing on the ground with one-twos and shooting every time we get inside the box, but wait, we don’t have players capable of doing any of that. Sad day, no excuses, players and Rafa should be ashamed of that Home Performance and Ashley should be lynched for not investing in the team.