It is four days ago now since the story broke that Peter Kenyon is allegedly looking for investors to help buy Newcastle United

As a former Chief Executive of Manchester United and Chelsea, these latest claims on Mike Ashley selling NUFC (see below), also raised the possibility of having a very experienced person to run the club after any buyout.

A source of real embarrassment that the likes of Derek Llambias and Lee Charnley have been the figureheads supposedly in charge at the club in recent times.

Wednesday afternoon sees an update with claims that having been tasked by his employers Opto Advisers to find people interested in buying Newcastle United, Peter Kenyon has now reportedly been approached by two different groups wanting to be part of a buyout.

The Northern Echo also claim that Peter Kenyon is focusing more on the United States for potential investors, rather than the Middle East.

Which putting two and two together, you can assume that if indeed these two interested groups who have supposedly shown interest already do exist, they are based in the United States.

An increasing number of US based people have bought into Premier League clubs, the likes of Manchester United and Liverpool, as well as others further down the hierarchy such as Crystal Palace and Swansea (before they were relegated).

Needless to say, most Newcastle fans will believe it when they see it when it comes to getting rid of Mike Ashley.

The Northern Echo:

‘Kenyon is working for consultancy firm, Opto Advisers, and has been instructed to source potential funding avenues for a formal bid to buy out Mike Ashley, who continues to claim he is willing to sell up if his demands are met.

However, a source close to Kenyon claims his current discussions are focused on the United States rather than the Gulf as he believes there is a greater chance of immediate investment from interested parties in the US.

Kenyon is understood to have received expressions of interest from at least two different groups, but remains a long way off being able to make a formal approach to Ashley and his advisers.’

The Mag – 1 October 2018:

Sky Sports are yet again showing themselves to be a willing ally to Mike Ashley.

It was Sky News who broke the story on Saturday that Peter Kenyon is allegedly trying to buy Newcastle United with the backing of investors.

However, on Monday afternoon it is as usual, Sky Sports proving themselves more than happy to do PR for Mike Ashley and indeed his dirty work.

Sky Sports quote a ‘source’ saying: ‘Until Kenyon makes an offer, it is a case of “a man with no money wanting to buy a football club” in response to the reports that Peter Kenyon had approached Mike Ashley’s legal representatives to try and find out the asking price for Newcastle United.

On top of the barb/insult aimed at Peter Kenyon, Sky Sports are yet again happy to try and make out that Mike Ashley is some kind of caring benefactor when it comes to NUFC.

They add: ‘Sky Sports News understands that aside from purchasing the club, prospective buyers must also prove they have the funds to take the club forward.’

This line has been used numerous times before, outrageously claiming that Ashley would only sell to somebody who could give guarantees they had the means to help the club prosper.

This from somebody who during his 11 years and counting has shown repeatedly that he doesn’t care anything about the health of the football club.

His only interests being the free worldwide advertising given to Sports Direct and other connected Ashley brands, Premier League survival at the lowest possible cost, plus other fringe benefits such as the relationship between SD and the NUFC club shops and transferring (and paying) for the lease of land opposite the Gallowgate for his own personal development plans – which in reality also stops any future increase in St James Park capacity.

If Mike Ashley did suddenly agree to genuinely put the club up for sale, he wouldn’t care who bought NUFC, just so long as they paid the money over.

Sky Sports:

‘Newcastle owner Mike Ashley has challenged anyone wanting to buy the club to show him the money.

Ashley and his representatives have never publicly named their price for the club, but it is unlikely to be sold for less than £300m.

Sky Sports News understands that aside from purchasing the club, prospective buyers must also prove they have the funds to take the club forward.

Former Manchester United and Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon is trying to put together a deal to buy Newcastle.

On Saturday, Ashley watched a match at St James’ Park for the first time in 16 months. He was abused by large sections of the crowd as Newcastle lost 2-0 to Leicester City.

Ashley has now watched two games in a row. His attendance is part of a strategy being driven by chief executive Lee Charnley to build bridges with fans, players and manager Rafael Benitez.

With clubs such as Manchester United valued at more than £3billion, the onus is on any prospective buyer to make their best offer.

One source told Sky Sports News that until Kenyon makes an offer, it is a case of “a man with no money wanting to buy a football club”.’

  • Big Hairy Man

    If this turns out to be genuine I’ll bare my hairy @rse at $hyte Direct on Northumberland St.

    • Kenny

      More bull schitt

  • Steven05

    If it’s true and Ashley leaves, the city of Newcastle and the North East might have a Football Club by the name of Newcastle United again. And then I will go back.

  • ToonToon

    So today, i was contacted by SKY TV regarding their cube/qube TV service and asked whether i was interested. I responded with a ‘NO’, the Sales person on the phone asked why to which i responded “It’s complicated, but i’m a Newcastle United fan, and SKY TV significantly contribute quite significantly to premier league football clubs which is great, but, we have an owner that asset strips the club, does not invest the money provided by SKY TV and it is rumoured that the £123 million awarded to Newcastle united in TV revenue was actually used to purchase House of Fraser so i won’t be purchasing Sky TV or supporting Sky in any capacity until Mike Ashley leaves Newcastle and the club actually starts to benefit from the revenue generated from TV sales as part of the agreement between the premier league and Sky”.

    The Sales person said he will look into that as it’s the first he’s ever heard of this. It probably won’t get anywhere, but the more than start stating this the better!

    • bob0411

      Great idea, the Magpie Group could pick this up and run with it? Another route of attack….

    • Carverlier football

      I might be wrong but isn’t the Sky call centre in Newcastle…?

      • ToonToon

        The sales guy was from down south. The telephone number he called from was 0800 759 0420

    • JohnnyH

      Spot on, I’ll be giving that one a go when I tell them to poke it.

    • ZinUru

      if the happy clappers with Sky signed a petition saying they will quit the service unless Fatty is investigated at least. The ball would start moving quicker

      • Wor Lass

        ” … the happy clappers with Sky …” Oh, do me a favour!

    • graham18

      Good lad.tell them as it is.The thing is-will this “sales person ever get back to you”?

  • Leazes.

    Sorry No…. Kenyon is a Director of Opto Advisers, registered in St Helier in the Channel Islands. It’s his ”company” and like Staveley…..its a paper company…. no personnel…. its an account basically!

    I loved the way that Ryder and Douglas simply accepted that PCP capital partners was real…. you can ‘buy’ a company and set up an account for pennies in registration fees…. whether they get around to doing anything is another matter.

    What is Opto Advisers biggest claim to fame…. dunno.

    • Kenny

      Ryder & Douglas, say no more

    • Agree here but we are grasping at straws at the moment. There a slight chance some of these are real. At least Kenyon has a name in the football world.

  • Kenny

    Will there be cheerleaders 😂😂

  • Sickandtired

    Northern Echo. A hotbed of football intelligence and investigate journalism . NOT!

  • Blackburn1066

    NUFC is not up for sale so why all this cr-p.

    • ZinUru

      Sowing the seeds early to spend nowt in Jan

  • killymag

    I really can not see the point in posting lies and regurgitated stories you read in the local press. It may be time to find a new hobby , because this is just clickbait

    • graham18

      Dont tempt’s something the FCB might do to urinate us off (again,as usual)might his final going away present to us.

  • Coble’s Return

    Pray God that Randy Lerner is not spotted in Newcastle Airport any time soon.

  • Even if there is an offer or interest it would take about 2-3 months to put a formal offer in and pretty sure Ashley would dismiss it or spend 2 months researching investors only to deem them not good enough.
    If Mike decides to let Rafa run everything, improve the grounds and facilities and shed 40-50m a year plus what Rafa sells I still think he would make money and the fans would be happy. It’s all that simple. The issue now is that he has to actually get that 50 in January + the 22 made in the window and buy 3 quality players. That’s all we need. A much better striker, winger/second striker and box to box midfielder.
    I can live with just Dummett and Yedlin as fullbacks for the rest of the year, but we need to get the ball forward faster and be more creative and clinical in attack.

    • graham18

      Too late for that.99.9 percent of us want the FCB out.

      • That goes without saying, but until somebody buys him out he can at least regain some decency.

  • Cockneytrev

    Another load of rubbish,,,,

  • musicman2018

    F off to football it’s rigged, the northeast is a deprived area work wise and we have a football team that mirror images the area.
    Maybe if Newcastle did become successful and start winning stuff it would bring hope and people might start waking up to the fact where’s the jobs and start doing something about it.
    I just cannot understand why we haven’t won a trophy in 49 years and how the club is run to be unsuccessful.

    • graham18

      Take your point.Get rid of Ashley is the answer.As the saying goes “if the toon do well,everyone does well” meaning that the city/fans has a sense of pride.Under the FCB it just will not happen…and never will

  • Wezza

    Of course two parties are interested. Of course.

  • East Durham Mag

    More lies or perhaps its the truth my money is on the former. When does Fatty say that nobody credible has come forward to progress the club?

  • FatParosite

    Ashley has not abandoned his beloved S***Direct despite the brand being toxic. He will not let go of the NUFC money spinner while he has a hole in his ar$e. These stories are fanciful and should have been labelled the Bishop red herrings they are.

  • Angelswithdirtyfaces

    At least Kenyon has a solid pedigree in footballing terms which Stavely did not.
    I am not sure I’d be keen on some of his associations with gangsta Russians and ruthless Americans though.

  • nufcslf

    Sky Sports like Shyt Direct can f**k off and you only hope that there is some truth to all of this. Until it if and when something happens, the pressure has to be kept on the fat c**t that still continues to take the pysh.