A football finance expert has reported on what levels of revenue clubs in the UK receive, over and above what they get from TV/broadcasting.

Kiaran Maguire lectures in football finance at Liverpool University and also has his own Price Of Football website, he picks out Newcastle United as a prime example of a club that stands out in terms of the cash it can generate, on top of what comes their way from TV/league position.

He has published a table of the top 50 clubs in the UK when it comes to non-TV revenue.

It goes from Manchester United at the very top with £387.1m , down to Brentford in 50th position with £6.2m.

Newcastle United are 12th in this list but the reality is that NUFC’s true/natural position is actually far far better than that.

Firstly, we have Mike Ashley’s running of the club.

Which has seen him show no interest whatsoever to invest in growing the capacity of St James Park, to bring in more fans and money. The matchday revenues are also further limited under Ashley because his running of the club and generally poor football on show, means that corporate sales are nowhere near what they should be.

As for commercial revenues, Ashley’s overwhelming focus has been to promote his own retail empire, rather than attract paying outside partners to increase the club’s revenues.

Secondly, the figures used in this table/study are all from each club’s latest available published accounts. Almost all are from 2016/17, apart from the odd exceptions such as Man Utd, Man City and Celtic, who have all already produced their 2017/18 season financial results.

What this means is that Newcastle’s figures and 12th place in this table, are based on the 2016/17 NUFC Championship season.

If Newcastle’s last available Premier League season (2015/16) figures were used, it would have them eighth highest in this table.

In 2015/16 Newcastle United revenues were:

Turnover £125.8m

Broadcasting £72.7m

Commercial £25.1m

Matchday £24.7m

Other £3.3m

In 2016/17 Newcastle United revenues were:

Turnover £85.7m

Broadcasting £47.4m

Commercial £12.1m

Matchday £23.7m

Other £2.7m

The stand out thing of course is that the revenues from matchday/fans hardly changed despite relegation, whilst every other revenue went drastically down.

These are the top 13  UK clubs featured in this non-TV revenue table (you can see all of the top 50 further below):

£387.1m Man Utd

£288.9m Man City

£225.4m Arsenal

£210.0m Liverpool

£198.9m Chelsea

£117.9m Spurs

£64.0m West Ham

£50.3m Celtic

£42.2m Leicester

£40.8m Everton

£39.8m Southampton

£38.3m Newcastle United

£30.8m Sunderland

So as explained above, Newcastle’s £38.3m 2016/17 non-TV revenues in the Championship season were still good enough for 12th in this list – but the 2015/16 PL figures of £53.1m would have seen West Ham the only club outside the big six to have higher non-TV revenues.

Non-TV revenues are the key to a club’s ability to perform over an above what they get from broadcasting revenues and of course, the other massive consideration with Newcastle, is that these revenues haven’t grown at all under Mike Ashley compared to before he took over 11 years ago.

With new owners, there is little doubt there is significant room for growth on non-TV revenues for Newcastle United.

That and initial investment from new owners could once again see Newcastle United quickly grow the finances at the club and allow it to start and bridge the gap with the successful clubs, that has grown wider every year since Mike Ashley arrived.

Success on and off the pitch wouldn’t happen overnight but with the right foundations put in place, there could still be a great future for our club, despite the depths Ashley has dragged us down to.

As you can see, Sunderland are £8m lower than Newcastle, despite their figures being from their last Premier League season and NUFC’s from the Championship year.

  • Sickandtired

    Been saying this for years. Commercial revenue and the potential to then spend more on the team, is not limited by FFP. It is outside of it altogether (hence the mega money which City, PSG and the likes lavish on their sides, gained through ‘commercial’ sponsorship deals etc.)
    Ashley has purposefully failed to grow an important revenue stream by which the club and team can benefit. And people call him a savvy businessman?

    • Kenny

      I prefer to call him a [email protected]

      • Sickandtired

        A perfect abbreviation of my comment ;-)

    • Carverlier football

      Well he is savvy when it comes to the business of SD. He just doesn’t care about NUFC.

      • Steven05

        S.Direct clearly makes money – but it’s fuckinsh!t

      • Sickandtired

        He was ‘savvy’ to begin with. But SD has been losing out for the last 4 years.
        Hopefully the fat F keeps on over committing them and ends up getting booted out.

  • Carverlier football

    It’s hard to say what our commercial revenue “should” be – we were about the same as Spurs when he took over, and ahead of Everton. Of course Spurs will be increased by success (and being in London), but surely we should’ve grown in 11 years by at least £15-20m per year. It also goes to show that the myth of us being “unable” to compete with Bournemouth, Watford, Brighton etc is just that – it’s not like they have some magical additional revenue streams…

    • Sickandtired

      Because the only interest he’s had in commercial revenues – has been how to use the club to benefit SD. It’s F’n shocking that in 11 years the club earns less from commercial deals than it did back then.

      • Pezza

        Not really

    • Pezza

      No, you are not comparing like with like

  • Billmag

    We were in front of Spurs Pre Fatty.

    • Pezza

      No, we weren’t

  • Pezza

    Bit if a daft article

  • Cockneytrev

    The big stand out number is, Man City, £290 mil, compared to our £38 mil,
    If the fat slug had run the club properly instead of raping it he would have made More money,,,
    We were almost double Spurs when he took over, as with every brand he has taken over he has cheapened it, God alone knows how much money he has really siphoned out of the club,, £100s of millions ,, ,,,,
    The wrong helicopter crashed….

    • Clarko

      ‘I am nowhere near wealthy enough in football now to compete with the likes of Man City’

      ‘We don’t expect you to compete with the likes of Man City’

      Also fans:
      ‘The big stand out number is, Man City, £290 mil, compared to our £38 mil’

      • Cockneytrev

        Ashley hoop licker👅👅👅👅