An endless modern day Premier League era argument is which clubs are bigger than others.

Your point of view tends to be largely swayed as to the circumstances of your own club.

Picking out the characteristics that portray your club in the best light.

The excellent Four Four Two have taken on the challenge when ranking each of the current 20 Premier League clubs.

They have taken into account five different factors when arriving at their conclusions.

Those factors being:


Rcent success

UK fanbase

Global fame

Financial clout.

These are the Four Four Two rankings from top to bottom and their write-up on Newcastle United is also below:

Man Utd




Man City



Newcastle United

West Ham



Crystal Palace









As you can see, Newcastle were currently ranked the eighth ‘biggest’ of the 20 Premier League clubs and this is what Four Four Two had to say about NUFC:

“The doziest of sleeping giants.

“A football club that hasn’t won a major honor since 1955 (the last of six FA Cups, preceded by four top-division titles) yet retains a mystique.

“A big part of that is the loud and loyal fans, packing the 52,000-capacity St James’ Park despite the often dire fayre on offer.

“Their lofty position here is helped by Newcastle getting good just as the Premier League was booming post-Euro ’96. Kevin Keegan’s side which finished second twice in 1996 and 1997 are recalled lovingly by neutrals as well as by the Georgie nation.

“Since that there have been highs (Champions League exploits under Bobby Robson) and lows (two relegations, although the club bounced back straight away both times).

“They’re currently struggling under an owner who seems to think it’s OK that one of England’s best-supported sides has a net transfer spend lower than several Championship sides.

“Yet this still feel like a big club, despite the Magpies misplacing their eye for silverware.”

Agree with pretty much most of that, although not too sure about the ‘Georgie’ nation.

  • Paul Cannell

    8th biggest club in the Premier League, a big so what !
    Who cares ?
    Next season we’ll be a championship club again.
    These stupid tables and polls don’t mean a thing.

    • Danimal

      Would usually agree but at least this one, being in a nationwide mag, adds to the message that is finally getting out there, re. Ashley’s appalling stewardship.

  • Ashley-out

    Sleeping Giant, more like in a coma

  • Peaky

    When I was a youngun Stanley Central was always a big “club”…wonder if it’s still there and still going ???

    • killymag

      he must lie awake thinking what s#it to write next , this used to be a decent fanzine but the likes of this have got it f#cked .

  • killymag

    I hope you didn,t spill your spaghetti hoops on your Beano when you were collating this information.

  • Leicester Mag

    No big club would stomach the 🐶💩 50K do week in week out

  • Hughie

    Says it all – nearly. Add in turnover and that would reinforce this. With intelligent ownership the club would be about 6th or higher. Hall and co saw it but were naiive financially albeit without the benefit of the crazily generous TV income. The current dysfunctional amateurish regime could have cleared the clubs debts, and hugely increased the status of the club and its marketing and therefore value to SD, by investing in the players on the pitch, training facilities and therefore avoiding two and possibly 3 relegations. The staggeringly inept HR and overcautious rigid financial policy has stultified the growth of the club. The best way to describe this is self defeating myopic stupidity.

  • Leazes.

    How many clubs have paid their owners for their purchase…..
    and were a permanent source of income……twice?

    • JohnnyH

      Top of that league – nee botha

  • London_Mag

    The ONLY reason we are in the top 10 is the fans factor. When you look at the bottom 10 most haven’t been in the Premier League very long.
    The one that sticks out for me as wrong is Arsenal surely a bit too high up.

  • Andy Mac

    “A big part of that is the loud and loyal fans, packing the 52,000-capacity St James’ Park despite the often dire fayre on offer”

    When was this written ? in the last decade ? The SJP crowd are shocking, dont deserve top flight football. Hate to say this but I’d love to see the club dive down to the 3/4th tier then maybe just maybe these so called fans who sit on their hands waiting to be “entertained” will have fkd off to the the cinema ?

  • Angelswithdirtyfaces

    No point being the alleged 8th biggest club and finishing 18th or lower.