A new report on Tuesday morning has detailed three signings that Rafa Benitez definitely wants to make in January.

The report in The Chronicle states that their information is that the Newcastle boss wants these three signings as a minimum, though he hopes/expects more.

The priorities are a centre-forward, a new number ten, plus a left-back.

No doubt like me, many of you are getting seriously strong feelings of deja vu about this, as this feels/sounds like pretty much every transfer window since promotion.

The search for a proper Premier League level left-back, who can attack as well as defend, has been going  on for even longer than that.

Whilst if Mike Ashley had allowed proper investment in a decent quality centre-forward and number ten, back in summer 2017, who knows where Newcastle could be now? Certainly not in the relegation zone with only three points from a possible 30 and very likely to be relegated.

It is total false economy as you see a reliance on loan striker Rondon, £5m Stoke reserve Joselu, the totally unreliable Perez, plus £9.5m signing Muto – who the jury is still very much out on, including exactly where he is supposed to be playing in the formation.

It is all the more galling when Newcastle can then sell a striker for £22m (rising to £27m) and still not allow realistic signings to be made, in terms of the likelihood of being good enough.

The idea of Mike Ashley allowing proper backing for Rafa in January is surely pure fantasy.

The Chronicle put forward Ruben Loftus-Cheek as Rafa’s ideal January signing but declare it ‘would have to be an eye-watering deal to get that one over the line’ in this next transfer window.

This is where it gets bizarre, if you sell players for £22m/£27m then why should it be seen as ‘eye-watering’ to then buy them for similar.

Not forgetting  of course that under Mike Ashley, Newcastle have also sold Carroll for £35m, Wijnaldum £25m, Sissoko £30m and Cabaye £20m, whilst at the same time he has refused to break Newcastle’s 13 (soon to be 14) year club transfer record.

In the two and a half years Rafa Benitez has been at the club, the most he has been allowed to spend is £12m on any individual.

The January 2013 transfer window (after refusing to allow investment in summer 2012 after finishing fifth – sounds familiar!) saw five players bought to try and ensure Premier League safety, showing signings can be easily made if Ashley wants deals to be done.

Interesting to see what, if anything, he does this time.

The Chronicle:

‘Benitez wants a forward, competition for Ayoze Perez’s number ten shirt and a left-back as a minimum in the January window.

And while there is uncertainty over his budget, he hopes the return of Mike Ashley to United matches will help him and managing director Lee Charnley to get some of his targets signed off.

His ideal capture in the January transfer window would be Ruben Loftus-Cheek but with his domestic loans all used up – and Chelsea’s Kenedy already on board – it would have to be an eye-watering permanent deal to get that one over the line.

Newcastle blocked some of his desired permanent moves in the summer because the players didn’t fit the age profile – with the Salomon Rondon deal dragging on because United did not want to commit to the sort of financial terms being mooted by player and club. Benitez had also targeted Craig Dawson and Andros Townsend but found moves for both difficult.

And that may mean Benitez’s desire to sign an experienced Premier League marksman like Troy Deeney – who is 29 but would add some know-how to United’s front-line – may also have to be shelved.’

  • mactoon

    And.. here we go again.

  • Paul Patterson

    I read- ‘The report in The Chronicle . .’

    Then I stopped reading and went back to banging my head against the wall . .

    • Leazes.

      They do have insiders in the club but they aren’t the people who make decisions…. its Robbie Elliot and the goalkeeping coaches so any tittle-tattle is going to be nonsense really….

      …. this is no detailed report…. its a 3 year old missing persons list.

      • mactoon

        A reporter from the chronicle has already told me they have requested interviews with Ashley and the decision makers within the club but they have shown no interest in talking so as far as I am concerned any reports must be based on the reporters opinion as opposed to facts.

        • Leazes.

          That was eleven years ago.

          • mactoon

            It was by email last month.

          • BigHairyDog

            The Chron promised to do an investigative article on Charnley, his background and his qualifications to be managing director of a potential billion pound business. That was in August and no doubt been placed under a to don’t list by Ryder, Charnley’s bezzie mate.

          • mactoon

            Aye there’s a difference between not being able to report facts because the club won’t tell you anything (which I don’t mind as long as the reporter says the article is based on the reporters opinion and not try to pass it off as fact) and doing the investigative article on Charnley. They should be able to do research for an article based on readily available facts.

          • panther

            probably still looking for qualifications

          • Mr wobert

            It’s going to be as kosher as obamas birth certificate,lol

          • Carverlier football

            Maybe he decided learning spelling and grammar was a more pressing task for a journalist…

          • Wor Lass

            You`re on form!

  • Viru leckworth

    Mark lawrenson says Ashley will spend 30 or 40 million in January, so it must be true. In the words of Peter Beardsley: ovioushly.

    • Kenny

      any news on Pedro, he must have finished mowing Nuns Moor by now.

      • Wor Lass

        The grass got a bit long and he couldn`t find his way out.

      • fistsofsteel2

        I saw him in Newcastle stocking up on ‘oats so simple’, and buying a ‘best dad in toon’ mug….for himself.

    • Dave Pattinson

      Dream on Rafa…..it’ll be some desperate short-term loan signings…that is if Rafa can convince anyone to play for Ashley’s club.

      • panther

        I wouldnt come anywhere near this circus

  • Kenny

    The cheques in the post Rafa

  • killymag

    It must be true if reported in the Comical . Those two bent bast#rds Ryder and Douglas are that twisted they sleep in a trumpet case .

  • East Durham Mag

    What utter sh*t this pathetic rag of a newspaper prints. Embarrassing mouthpieces for this hated regime.

  • Toontaff

    The Mag had an article on 6th July, saying that we needed these 3 signings……..that went well!

  • Wezza

    There won’t be any money available even after Lascelles is sold.

    • panther

      not even when shelvey follows him a few minutes later

      • Wezza

        Yep, we couldn’t get them over the line, held to ransom, player wouldn’t come. I’d much prefer Penfold told the truth:

        “Truth is Mike kept the Lascellles and Shelvey transfer money because he is a greedy, malevolent barsteward.”

  • panther

    hes got every chance as long as theyre nobody, no chance and hahaha

  • Carverlier football

    How about a bit of real investigative digging into the running of the club rather than recyling this meaningless pap?

  • Andy Mac

    I dont think Ayoze has a No 10 shirt not figuratively nor positionally ? He’s not capable of playing that role and most clubs are now dispensing with that type of player. I’d prefer all out pace in a front three as most clubs, even those in the top six, struggle to combat real genuine quick forwards.

  • Mike

    Dear Santa Ashley all I want is some cash to buy DECENT players please please. Oh Rafa have you been a good boy and kissed my ar$$ and crawled for me? No??? Then bggr off.