At one time Ian Wright would laugh and joke about the problems at Newcastle United.

Not any more though.

He doesn’t tease his big mate Alan Shearer anymore ‘because it is too close to the bone what is actually going on with Mike Ashley with his take, take, take.’

Ian Wright says he speaks to Alan Shearer all the time and clearly the Newcastle United legend has done his job, educating the former Arsenal striker as to what exactly has and is still going on at St James Park.

It also shows how invaluable it is to have big hitters in the media, people who can get the message out about just what a disgrace it is at NUFC under Mike Ashley.

It definitely feels like the tide has turned and much of the mainstream media is now talking about the reality, only the ignorant, the shameless and the corrupt are now towing the Mike Ashley line.

Ian Wright asks where has the money gone, why are there not Premier League level players being bought, why isn’t money being spent on the infrastructure of St James Park, the training ground and the Academy?

It is obviously depressing the damage Mike Ashley has done to the football club and to the morale of the NUFC fanbase and wider community but great now to see him being named and shamed by neutrals such as Ian Wright and others.

Ian Wright talking  to BBC Radio 5 Live:

“What Mike Ashley is doing to Newcastle is similar to what the Romans used to do to the Barbarians. Just come in somewhere and totally took it over.

“Don’t care about what is going on, what’s going on with the infrastructure, the people living there, just took over and do everything he (Mike Ashley) wants.

“All he has done at Newcastle…I speak to Al(an Shearer) all the time

“I don’t joke and mess around with him about it now because it is too close to the bone what is actually going on with Mike Ashley with his take, take, take.

“You mention Liverpools and like what Manchester City have done, what Abramovich (at Chelsea) has done, they have built the community as well.

He (Mike Ashley) has done nothing for Newcastle or the area, or anything.

“The monies Newcastle have continually made from being in the Premier League, where is it?

“One of the best managers in the world (Rafa Benitez), a man who is capable of doing a lot….where is that money?

“What has happened to it?

“Why are there no players bought at Newcastle?

“Why is there no infrastructure?

“What is he (Ashley) doing for the area of Newcastle?

“What is he doing, what is Mike Ashley doing at Newcastle, apart from take, take, take?

“Newcastle fans have been unbelievable with the patience they have got.

“They are desperate for somebody to buy it…Peter Kenyon, you would hope he would come in and change stuff.

I just feel for Newcastle fans right now because it is not even a joke anymore.

“It is not a joke, it is terrible what has gone on at Newcastle.”

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    Outside of Blackpool and the Oystons, Mike Ashley is the worst owner in England and it’s not even up for debate.

  • Steviemagpie

    Well said wrighty went right up in my estimations bang on kid 👍

  • Leazes.

    We were desperate for someone in the media to support us because it didn’t come from Douglas and Ryder of the Chronicle, it didn’t come from the local TV companies……

    …..there was just us highlighting what was happening!

    Shame on the Chronicle and the BBC and Tyne Tees for their complicity….shame on MOTD and SKY for blanking out the protest banners….. shame on those fans who sit on their hands and troop off silently into the night.

    …….Shame its taken eleven long years!

  • toonterrier

    Spot on Mr Wright. Now get your old mates to come out and say the same oh and if you bump into that little clown Wise smack him in the gob.

    • Viru leckworth

      The downward slope all began when Denis Wise came aboard.

  • Toontone100

    Nice one Wrighty ! Now spread the word !

  • Cockneytrev

    He gets it, he knows what is going on,,
    All the money grabbing gets on Sky, BT and BBC , take notice and that includes you Shola,,,
    I hope the tide is turning, this is what we need , big hitters with no hidden agenda,, are you listening at the FA and Premier league? Ashley is not a fit and proper person,,,,
    ASHLEY OUT!!!!

  • Scott Robinson

    Every time I look at Ashley he looks like he is turning into the spitting image version of an oversized aging David Cameron and in that suit about to do a karaoke version of I Did It My Way …

    “And now, Geordie tears subside, I find it all so amusing
    To think I did all that
    And may I say, not in a shy way,
    “Oh, no, oh, no, not me, I did it my way”

    That will be Ashley in a bar on a table the day he accepts the £x millions to finally sell with his two fingers still up at all of us who follow NUFC, laughing all the way to the bank.

    • porciestreet

      That’s if he’s not face down in a fireplace somewhere.
      Perhaps face down in a back alley would be better.

  • wheyayeman

    Good lad! More of this!!! Finally a few are waking up to the true story.

  • Carverlier football

    It seems to me that MA has finally taken his devaluation of the concept of NUFC as a competitive sporting club so far that fans are no longer distracted by matters on the pitch and can focus more attention on removing him. I’m far more invested in that thought now than any of the pointless stuff that goes on during the 90 minutes. And the sooner it happens the sooner we can get back to celebrating/being gutted on a Saturday afternoon (or Sunday. Or Monday night. You get the idea….) KEEP UP THE PRESSURE!!

  • Paul Patterson

    Heard it live.

  • Down Under Mag

    It’s great to finally see some people not only sit up and take notice but willing to say something when they have a perfect platform to do so. Ashley is asset stripping the club and leaving nothing for the next generation…I think that is plain and simple. He will eventually leave but when he does it will be an empty shell of a club. The F.A. need to step in, I bet they would had it been Liverpool, Man Utd or Arsenal that were being treated this way.

  • Polarboy

    Great to see a substantial push back from high profile credible figures in football. When you look at who Ashley has telling lies for him it’s clear he’s scrapping the barrel of the football world.

    • deadtrail 74

      Yes not just blowing over this time for Ashley.
      Maybe we are at critical mass this time.

      • Polarboy

        Hopefully this whole Jimenez business is adding to the sh*tstorm that Ashley finds himself in. At the very least it shows up the calibre of people he surrounds himself with.

        • deadtrail 74

          Just one more big push from the fans in the ground to damage his beloved zero hours direct.

  • Brent Jackson

    Always an honest player and decent likable bloke. People who remember where they are from weep at what has been done and allowed to be done to this fine of these days…

  • Philippines

    No misery lasts for ever.

    • nufcslf

      This [email protected] certainly is given it his best effort and isn’t anywhere near gone yet. But articles like this are a start in the right direction.

    • porciestreet

      Problem is my friend, we haven’t got for ever.
      Much more of this fat theif and we will be sunk without trace, gone, finished…!

  • nufcslf

    More of this please. Force the fat c**t into a corner that he cannot get out of.

  • Kenny

    Well schooled by Big Al, nice to see some of that lot down South finally grasp what a scumbag the Rat is.

    • Realist

      No one who works for the BBC has any credibility.

      • GlasgowMag

        I will correct your statement “No one who works for sky sports has any credibility” no need for any thanks or flowers just helping a fellow supporter out!!🤔🤔😂😂🤣🤣

      • Superdooperhooper

        Does that include Alan Shearer?

        • Realist


        • Realist

          Worth a reported 50 million but still wants more by working for a corrupt organisation.

        • Realist

          Ay. He’s worth reported 50 million but still wants more working for a corrupt organisation. Pure greed and it’s killing the world we live in for the average Joe.

          • Viru leckworth

            The internet is what’s killing the world we live in.

          • Realist

            I agree to a certain extent. We are being played like a pack of cards by they elite aka government. Keep us down to keep them rich and powerful brainwash us the public (but they failed to do it to me) into believing this is reality and there’s nothing going on. I don’t own a tin foil hat I own a reality hat 😂

          • deadtrail 74

            At lest Shearer’s not a Pedo like a lot at the BBC Have been over the years.

          • Realist

            Yea that’s my point why would anyone work for the BBC now, even shearer. No morals to the greedy rich when money’s involved.

  • JohnnyH

    Thank you Ian Wright.
    Great to see someone like Ian speak out so strongly against Ashley.
    Pity the rest of the ‘pundits’ don’t have the backbone to get off the fence.

  • Lord

    Thanks Wrighty, now would you kindly go and have a word with Paul Merson?

    • panther

      It’s too compex a situation for Mersons one brain cell

      • deadtrail 74

        just tell Merson, Ashley won’t buy him anymore Coke.
        That should do it. LOL

  • Wezza

    Nice one Ian Wright.
    We know MA has been milking the club dry for years and people still ask where the 123M TV money is. That got transferred into one of his holdings accounts and maybe even help the purchase of HOF.
    Ashley out!

    • Pezza

      Except that’s not true and anyone who knows about corporate finance can see the problems with your post.

      This may not be academia but at least try to justify your post with some evidence.

      • Lostprofit DBC

        With your financial knowledge, perhaps you could enlighten us mere mortals where all the money has gone, over several years.

        • panther

          At least ten years

          • Pezza

            I’ve posted this in response to

        • Pezza

          I’ve posted this his before,

      • Billy the Fish

        I own my own bussiness and it is very easy to transfer funds one one part to another, plus any profit can be taken in dividends if you want to stick it straight into your own account, completely legal. So Wezza could be correct in what he says.

        • Pezza

          Indeed you can but all documented and publicly disclosed.

          This has not happened in 10 years, money has gone in not out, no dividend taken or wage.

          As I say, evidence is easy to find, Wezza hasn’t any.

          • Ron

            There not be little or no evidence of take, take, take there
            is definitely no evidence of give, give, give.

            We still haven’t been told where the monies gone.

          • Pezza

            He will argue that there has to be a limit, £276m has been thrown in and given he’s got the club for sale, he’s not going to throw more money at it.

          • Ron

            What’s the company number for the accounts you’re looking at?

          • Pezza

            The group company Newcastle United limited 02529667.

            The accounts for 2018 are not filed (expected Mar 2019) but I’m taking the general overheads to be +15pc on 2017, salaries to be similar to 2016, removed the provision and added the bonus structure reported in the press in August.

    • panther

      That’s money went to chucking a load of people on the dole

  • Pezza

    This may be a moot point but there is no evidence that he’s taken anything, in fact quite the opposite in terms of finances.

    Perhaps facts don’t matter as long as you pull on the emotive strings of fans and keep going along with the agenda.

    • Lostprofit DBC

      Well it isn’t manifesting itself on the pitch either!

    • GlasgowMag

      I was thinking of a word that covers your post!! [email protected], yip that covers it nicely!!

    • Tweed Mag

      Fact – we are in the bottom three.
      Fact – we have a weaker squad than last season
      Fact – Ashley has not explained where the TV money and the transfer surplus has gone
      Fact – Ashley pretends the club is for sale, but gives no encouragement to potential buyers
      Fact – Ashley and his goons tell lies and hide behind PR codswallop
      Fact – the club and the ground are suffering because of the lack of investment
      Fact – posts like yours have no credibility anymore, the tide has turned
      Fact – time for Ashley to go.

      • Pezza

        Yes, we are in the bottom 3 but we had a tough start.

        No, our squad is stronger unless you disagree with Rafa’s judgement on Gayle.

        The TV money is: in the bank / in players bank accounts via wages/ with the taxman via payroll taxes / within other running costs.

        I’d say show the money / make an offer is the biggest invitation a buyer needs.

        The defence of Ashley seems far more factual than the views on this page.

        Yes, we lacked player investment in the summer. That is not a fact I was challenging.

        My post was lacked credibility because I pointed out the notion that financially, Ashley had taken was flawed? You could explain that one because it’s not a credible claim. The tide has turned because lots of idiots get together to wave bedsheets and shout at a building?

        Yes, we need a change, we need a buyer.

        • Tweed Mag

          So in other words, you essentially agree with the fans in general terms. They are not idiots, they are genuine people following their club. They want to see progress and honesty. Stop whinging and get behind them.

          • Pezza

            I’m commenting on the article

        • Superdooperhooper

          But other clubs have wages tax bills and other overheads but they spend money on players and improving facilities . Bournemouth get a quarter of our gates and less TV money and they massively out spent us!

          • Pezza

            Bournemouth still have a wage bill some £40m less than ours when we were in the championship and they were in the EPL. There reletively poor gate income is matched with lower overheads.

      • TC Toon Army

        Fact – Ashley’s a fat [email protected]

    • Dave1992

      Not true. Any money he has put in has added to the debt to him. Net effect. Zero. Profits that have not been re-invested increase the cash value of what he owns. That’s pretty much the same as taking it, because it’s classed as shareholder’s funds, and he is ultimately the 100% shareholder.

      • Pezza

        That’s pushing it a bit, he’s not taken this cash but as you say it’s held as cash. If he spent the Ashley on players, he still has the shares in the assets

        • Dave1992

          I’m saying although it’s still in the company, he still owns it which is inn practice not that different to taking it out – it wouldn’t affect the operation of the club – he hasn’t invested it in new facilities which might not show a profit until years down the line. If it goes into players, they start depreciating and ultimately they’re a drain on profits.

          Yes, he’s owed money he puts in, but ultimately it’s just shifting around cash that he owns. He hasn’t altruistically donated money to the club to move it forward, if that’s what you are suggesting

          • Pezza

            Over the years, money has gone in, not through altruism but necessity.

          • Pezza

            You can then class everything that is done is to benefit the shareholder i.e Ashley. The director’s obligation is to maximise the wealth of shareholders in any company.

  • Lostprofit DBC

    I’ve argued for a long time that winning the media war is the 1st stage of any action. Sadly this is now happening but only because of our irreversible plight on the pitch. Ian Wright is a symptom of our failure, not a messiah. Too little too late, Sky still rely on the Ashley club and that needs changing. Sky out!

  • Dillon Tovak

    The penny has finally dropped eh wrighty?

    • panther

      Wasn’t that long ago he was in the other camp, don’t think he’s changed his opinion just watching the tide

    • Geoff

      My opinion on Wrighty has switched pretty heavily over the past few years. Couldn’t stand him when he got into punditry but he’s really won me over, and I think this might be a penny drop moment for me to really start thinking of him as one of my favourites.

      Being wrong is not a crime, we musn’t forget that neutrals don’t think about Newcastle every day, and don’t have all of our transfer windows memorised or have an instinctive sense of how life under Ashley has felt.
      Wright was wrong. But anyone who learns the truth and doesn’t cling onto their old misconceptions or laugh at our struggles is alright by me. It’s not about being right at first, it’s about admitting openly that you were wrong and helping others change their views.

      • Dillon Tovak

        You’re right in many ways. But at the same time a pundits job IS to know about football clubs.
        Without in-depth knowledge, taking a default stance against the man in the street and pro-billionaire is pretty shameful in my opinion.
        Anyway, great to see he’s changed his tune 👌🏼

  • t00nraider

    Did Shearer write his script? Where’s the facts? Why always just sweeping statements? Very lazy and ill informed. Our best striker and midfielder and defenders have been injured. We’ve been up against hard teams. We’ve paid the cost of bad financing from Fred Shepherd days. Money wasted on useless managers and Mitrovic.

    • GlasgowMag

      Shirebrook should really start looking closely at how you guys are are naming yourselves not much imagination on this element!! Wait a minute though this could be the fatboy’s call sign t00nraider as he certainly asset stripping everything insight at our club!!!🤔🤔😂😂🤣🤣

      • Paul Patterson

        To blame bad finance on ten years ago is insane . .

    • JohnnyH

      Ian Wright maybe had a few seconds to put his point forward, which would make it difficult to go into any great depth or detail.

      You finish with two sweeping statements.

    • Cockneytrev

      Ashley hoop licker,,👅👅

    • Ron

      With a name like t00nraider you could be Ashley in disguise, all set to plunder.

    • Dillon Tovak

      Trolling at its most transparent

    • grantham mag

      What a bell end you are some time the truth hurts.

    • Tweed Mag

      The apologists have been quiet for a while, but all of a sudden they have been mobilised. KK at The Sage, the sacking of the entire management team at Workhouse of Fraser, SD shares drop again, more takeover talk, Pundits queuing up to state the obvious about Ashley – have those issues anything to do with it?

      • JohnnyH

        You’re right mate, Ashley’s PR have got their work cut out now, trying to discredit the prevailing opinion on the situation at our club.
        You’ve just got to look down the thread of the comments here to see the garbage getting put out.

    • Big Hairy Man

      We’ve paid the cost of greed from Ashley.

    • Superdooperhooper

      We made a profit on mitrovic and who appointed kinnear carver pardew and mclaren?

      • panther

        And left us with Joselu and Rondon who couldn’t score in cozy joes with all their cash

    • panther

      The facts are the last decade

    • brin mcardle

      Mitrovic ..looks a good player at Fulham

    • Pezza

      It really is a rant which has zero research, zero fact and simply playing to the crowd. If Shearer had fed these lines, it shows Shearer to be inept