Michael Owen won’t be impressed.

The Boy On The Shed now shortlisted for the prestigious Sports Book of the Year award.

This was the stunning autobiography by Paul Ferris which was published in February.

The former Newcastle United player producing a great read that detailed his life so far, a book that was so much more than your typical football player story.

However, it was predictable that the headlines would all be about one particular episode in Paul’s career.

Ferris related a conversation (see below) after he came in with Alan Shearer to try and help prevent relegation in 2009.

In his role as physio, Paul Ferris was talking to Michael Owen about his return to the team to try and help Newcastle avoid relegation in the final matches. However, Michael Owen not wanting  to play because he was worried about it affecting his chances of a lucrative contract at another club for the following season, if he got injured.

Back in July when asked on social media about what Paul Ferris had said in his book, Michael Owen declared: ‘I’ll have my time very soon, don’t worry. And the dozens who have been led to believe this rubbish and slaughtered me for it ought to hang their heads in shame.’

Well more than eight months after publication, no sign of Michael Owen taking legal action over what (qualified barrister) Paul Ferris gave us an insight on.

Good luck to Paul Ferris on landing the Sports Book of the Year award, a recommended read if you haven’t already bought the book.

Announcement of Sports Book of the Year shortlisting:

‘Paul Ferris, the former Newcastle United footballer, has been shortlisted for the prestigious William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award for his memoir, THE BOY ON THE SHED, which was published in February.

On publication, Henry Winter said, ‘This will be one of the most talked about football books of 2018.’

The reviews were outstanding. The Guardian said: ‘Football memoirs rarely produce great literature but Ferris’s THE BOY ON THE SHED is a glistening exception.’

Paul was a teenage prodigy, becoming Newcastle’s youngest-ever player in 1982 aged sixteen, only for injury to ensure his promise went unfulfilled.

Like many a tricky winger from Northern Ireland, he was hailed as ‘the new George Best’. He went on to train as a physio becoming a member of the Magpie’s managerial team working with Kevin Keegan, Kenny Dalglish, Bobby Robson, Ruud Gullit, Paul Gascoigne and Alan Shearer.

He later qualified as a barrister with a view to a career in Law only to be drawn back to St. James’ Park as part of Shearer’s management triumvirate – with unfortunate consequences.

Written with brutal candour, dark humour and consummate style, THE BOY ON THE SHED is a riveting and moving account of a life less ordinary.

The winner will be announced at an afternoon reception held at BAFTA on Tuesday 27 November.’

The Mag – 4 July 2018:

In his excellent autobiography which came out earlier this year, Paul Ferris confirmed what all Newcastle fans think/thought of Michael Owen.

Ferris was a physio at Newcastle United back in 2009, as Newcastle vainly fought relegation.

As Ferris’ book revealed, Michael Owen certainly wasn’t focused on that particular fight…

Former Newcastle physio (and player) Paul Ferris included this in ‘The Boy on the Shed’:

The doctor and the three physios were sitting to my right in the medical office. Opposite me sat Michael Owen. I liked Michael and regarded him as a good professional. He’d complained of a ‘feeling’ in his groin after training, ‘like it was going to go’. He’d had a career ravaged by muscle injuries so I fully understood his caution. We’d had a scan on the area and it had picked up nothing. That was good news. Whatever it was, it wasn’t a muscle tear, which would’ve ended our best striker’s season and our best hopes of scoring goals in the last two games of it. The doctor relayed the positive news to all in the room.

I spoke to Michael first. ‘In light of the clear scan results do you think you’ll be fit to play against Fulham? It’s the most important game of the season. A win might be enough for us.’

Michael placed his hand over his groin. ‘Not sure, to be honest. It doesn’t feel too bad. But I’m out of contract at the end of the season. What if I rip my groin on Saturday? I’ll not get a contract at another club if I’m injured.’

I was a little taken aback by his reply. I didn’t share his reasoning. ‘But you already have a contract, Michael. You have a career here now with us.’

He didn’t like mine either. ‘I want to speak to Alan (Shearer) about this.’

I leaned forward and pointed at my chest. ‘You’re speaking to Alan, he’s here.’

He looked behind me and pointed. ‘Is he in the cabinet?’

It was getting silly now.

Moving forward to the present day and this conversation has now taken place on Twitter on 3 July 2018:

Fan Michael Phillips writing (with also an image of the page above from Paul Ferris’ book):

“All the sharing of Michael Owen goal against Argentina in the last day or so.

“Never forget what he is, as shown by the Paul Ferris book.

“No pundits or journalists ever challenge the golden boy on this. Disgraceful.”

Another fan Jason Miller commenting:

“If it wasn’t true then Michael Owen would have had Ferris up in court for libel.”

Michael Owen replying:

“I’ll have my time very soon, don’t worry.

“And the dozens who have been led to believe this rubbish and slaughtered me for it ought to hang their heads in shame.”

It will be interesting to see what Michael Owen will do, if anything.

It seems very strange to wait five months or more to do anything, or even reply to the claims, why not back in February when the book was released?

Also, it is surely very doubtful that Paul Ferris would open himself up to any kind of legal action.

As a qualified barrister, I find it very difficult to believe, especially when it isn’t just a case of one person’s word against another, Paul Ferris saying another four people were in the room when this conversation took place.

The Twitter conversation above saw the two fans include Michael Owen so that he would see their comments on his timeline, so maybe simply a case of bravado from Owen in his reply to them.

One thing for sure anyway, whatever Michael Owen does or doesn’t do, it won’t change one little bit most Newcastle fans’ opinion of a player who was an absolute disgrace at NUFC, only one person should be hanging his head in shame.

Back on 21 February 2018 and article on The Mag came up with these timeline ‘highlights’ of the depressing ‘contribution’ Michael Owen made to Newcastle United…

24 August 2005 Michael Owen signs for Newcastle United, a club record fee of £16m, receiving a reported £110,000 per week (£5.5m per year, plus bonuses…)

22 December 2008 (After only 47 Premier League starts in three and a half years and around £20m in wages so far) Michael Owen refuses to sign a new contract offered by Newcastle. Owen also states that he will not be seeking a move in the January transfer window and instead intends to postpone talks over his contract situation until the end of the season (when he can leave for nothing and be in a stronger position to demand higher wages from a new club…)

11 May 2009 Newcastle have a must win game against Middlesbrough in their relegation struggle (third last game of season), Michael Owen starts but contributes little. Boro take a shock lead before Steven Taylor scores an equaliser. Owen is subbed on 70 minutes with the score still 1-1, his replacement Obafemi Martins scores within seconds of coming on and Lovenkrands adds another for a 3-1 win.

16 May 2009 If Newcastle can beat Fulham at St James Park they would be hot favourites to now stay up. Michael Owen nowhere in the squad, as per (Paul Ferris explanation of) reasons above…Newcastle lose 1-0 as chances go begging after their best striker opts not to play.

24 May 2009 Newcastle go to Aston Villa needing a result, Michael Owen is only on the bench. NUFC go 1-0 down through a Duff own goal, Owen comes on with 23 minutes to go but contributes nothing. If Newcastle had got a goal/point they would have stayed up. Later (in 2013), Michael Owen responded to claims that he had decided not to make himself available to start that all or nothing Villa match: ‘I was hurt and it’s ridiculous to suggest anything else. I had a lot of pride and I wanted to do it for the fans and the friends I had made up there.’

14 June 2009 Reported that Michael Owen’s management company, Wasserman Media Group, had sent out a 34 page brochure advertising Owen to several targeted potential clubs.

22 June 2009 Michael Owen confirms he has no intention of helping Newcastle get promotion after being one of those chiefly responsible for the relegation. He says that, rather than showing any loyalty to Newcastle, he is looking for a move to a Premier League club, or a top foreign club.

30 June 2009 Michael Owen’s contract comes to an end. He has started only 58 Premier League matches and scored 26 goals. He has been paid at least £22m in wages…you do the maths.

3 July 2009 Michael Owen signs a two year deal to go and sit on Manchester United’s bench (starts 6 PL games in total for Man U).

So a £16m transfer fee and £22m minimum in wages, plus whatever other associated costs (agents, bonuses, whatever), we are looking at £40m wasted on Michael Owen, the return being 26 Premier League goals in those 58 PL starts, and relegation.

Michael Owen also ensuring Newcastle received not a penny in transfer fee either, as he ran out his contract.

  • Kneebotherm8

    For all the money he received from this club,in his time here,there was hardly any gratitude……..it was all about Michael and his England career…………Ferris wouldn’t have dared to print that story if it had happened on a one to one basis,too many others present for Owen to try to undermine Pauls version of events ……………..he was a mecenary full stop,not just here but at Liverpool too………..

    • Leazes.

      It was a mistake buying him in the first place, he was plagued by injury in Spain, but it didn’t stop United trying to get a ‘Trophy Signing’ over the line….. the entire budget gone on one player who went to press saying Newcastle was not his choice…..

      ….the press sabotaged the move by getting him to say disparaging things about United, such as he was only moving for the money, ensuring his relationship was soured from the start….

      • Billmag

        Set up a horse training establishment out of NUFC and he knows it.

        • Leazes.

          I don’t like the guy but Shepherd should never have gone in for him in the first place.

          • Peaky

            Couldn’t agree more….

          • Billmag

            Correct 👍

          • 1957

            Freddie was feeling the pressure of having appointed the ever popular Sourface so he opened the cheque book (or extended the overdraft) and bought big to keep the supporters quiet

          • Kneebotherm8

            After the disgraceful sacking of SBR…..

      • Kneebotherm8

        Probably Freddie’s fault…..intentions good but a big,big mistake as it turned out……..Michael bled this football club for all he could get with very little in return….

      • Paul Patterson

        Goes down as the worst signing in my time, pound for pound. And there’s been a few stonkers . .

        • Kneebotherm8

          Wracking my brains and I can’t think of a worse one either……….to think Shearer cost a million quid less………..their comparable inputs to this football club are polar opposites………

          • Paul Patterson

            The only one that comes close is Albert Luque. Yet he cost £6m less and half the wages.

          • Kneebotherm8

            Another Sounness signing………Boumsong as well must be up there……….pound for pound Sounness must be the worst manager we’ve ever had…..

          • Leazes.

            We got ur money back on him.

          • 1957

            Marcellino perhaps, he cost less played fewer games than little Michael

          • Kneebotherm8

            Broken finger nail?….

        • Wor Lass

          You`re right but my second choice would be Marcelino who came in for £6.3 mill in 99/00 and left on a free in 02/03. He didn`t want to play at all – an absolute dissgrace. At least with Owen it was one of his legs that was injured.

    • Paul Patterson

      As a barrister, he wouldn’t risk his reputation with libel . .

      • Kneebotherm8

        Absolutely correct…..

  • Leazes.

    What did the manager think when he told him?

    • Paul Patterson

      It’s interesting that Alan and Owen were supposedly friends, yet since their time at Newcastle, they’ve never been seen together and seldom talk about each other.
      I think Owen probably narked Shearer by the finish. This incident being a case in point . .

      • Leazes.

        Absolutely …..Alan wanted a contract extension for Owen didn’t he?

  • Themoscow72

    Owen was a complete waste of time whose only interest was to make sure he was fit to play for England then get injured again. No loyalty to Newcastle what so ever.
    What made it worse was the money could have better spent else where as it more or less cleaned us out.
    Nice lad Paul was in a nightclub in Whitley Bay in his playing days and he came across and bought me a pint. Although he went on to become a fully qualified barrister prefers the footballing side of things.

    • East Durham Mag

      Was there a lift in the nightclub?

      • JohnnyH


  • Stephen

    I think he was injured on England international duty which would have meant the club received compensation.

  • killymag

    I am surprised when they scanned his groin they didn,t find anything , I would have thought they would have found a little c#nt ,

    • 45709

      That’s brilliant 😂

  • 45709

    Biggest waste of space there is

    Wanted to come back to Liverpool, got NUFC instead, aren’t we lucky

    I really don’t like him, overrated but more importantly an awful person. Not worthy of the team ever