When things are tough at our club, it is a natural reaction for Newcastle fans to look for the potential positives.

The storyline at the minute is that after playing five of the ‘big six’ in the opening fixtures, we can look forward to reaping the points from these next five ‘winnable’ matches.

Reading and hearing what many supporters are saying, there seems to be some underlying confidence that I’m just not getting.

Of course I hope things will get better but I will b every pleasantly surprised if we do significantly better in this next five game stretch.

The next five fixtures are Brighton (H), Southampton (A), Watford (H), Bournemouth (H) and Burnley (A) – This actually takes us up to the start of December.

That will mean 13 games gone, already more than a third of the season completed, and how many points would you expect?

Just look at what happened in these fixtures last season:

Newcastle 0 Brighton 0

Southampton 2 Newcastle 2

Newcastle 0 Watford 3

Newcastle 0 Bournemouth 1

Burnley 1 Newcastle 0

Only one point from 15 and four of the matches NUFC didn’t even score in.

If these results were repeated then it would mean three points from the opening 39.

I think the reality as well, that we can’t ignore, is that all of these clubs have strengthened and improved, whilst Mike Ashley insisted on a large profit on transfer deals which has overall weakened, not strengthened, Newcastle’s first 11 and squad.

I don’t go along with what many Newcastle fans were saying about those early games against the top clubs, this idea that it was no big deal to end up losing all five of them.

Last season we beat both Arsenal and Chelsea, that is six points we are already down on last season, indeed in the case of Chelsea we had won four and drawn one of the previous five home games against the blues.

Personally, I think we had far more chance of beating Arsenal at home than we have of winning at Burnley or Southampton.

Those are games were the opposition will be massively targeting the matches, seeing them as amongst probably their most key half dozen fixtures that have to be won, to ensure safety.

As for Watford and Bournemouth, they have both made great starts to the season and are attacking teams with pace up front, exactly the kind of sides Newcastle are finding it difficult to cope with.

We are up against it and definitely need everything to fall right if disaster on the pitch is to be avoided.

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  • GeordieZebra

    Don’t think there is an ‘underlying confidence’. Think there’s optimism we turn the corner and have an improved chance of picking up points (which is understandable) but surely anybody watching us this season is taking nothing forgranted.

  • Paul Patterson

    Well, you’ve totally missed the point here. Which set of six fixtures would you have more hope in getting results?

    Brighton (H), Southampton (A), Watford (H), Bournemouth (H) and Burnley (A) West Ham (H)

    Chelsea (h) Man City (a) Arsenal (h) Palace (a) Leicester (h) Man Utd (a)

    Now let’s not bring hindsight into it, it’s clearly the first set of fixtures. They are on the face of it, more ‘winnable’.

    • Ram Kishore

      Nothing is winnable anymore in PL
      Bournemouth, west ham, Watford?

  • grantham mag

    Relegated by christmas, fatty will reap what he has sowed.

    • relaxed

      It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if that was his real intentions
      We have hurt him massively with the protests financially so It wouldn’t also surprise me for him to retaliate

  • Toon

    Read the results analysis from last season already, someone else on social media identified it, is this your view or copied and pasted? I’ve hardly seen anyone say these fixtures are winnable, you are making this up

    • Paul Patterson

      Any game is ‘winnable’, even Manchester City away. But after the opening set of fixtures, the next set are more ‘winnable’ than the ones we’ve faced. I don’t think anyone is saying we are now going to get 15 points from the next 5 games or similar but we have better prospects . .

  • Leazes.

    It is a natural reaction for chronicle journalists to look for the potential positives….and you know what?…..these ‘positives’ are a modern phenomenon, a very recent invention by the media to justify a lie!

    If you read old reports from sporting contests there was no need for anything other than an accurate report,….

    ….We didn’t need to be told after a home drubbing that there was ‘good news’ for our fans as Shola Ameobi was just two weeks from a recovery and could start training some time soon!

    We know its detraction, avoidance, refusal to hold an inquest…. its the ‘good news bears’ doing a happy hour yet again…. there used to be a newspaper called ‘the Reveille’ which which did that…. set up during the second world war to keep people cheery in the face of adversity…..

    ….don’t look for ‘positives’ …….look for the truth!

  • Dillon Tovak

    You’d have thought Nottingham forest would have been a winnable game 😬

  • mactoon

    I just think this last transfer window could have been one cut too many. This, together with the fact that Rafa threatening to leave could mean no investment in January, could actually result in the next relegation. With the other clubs investing in their squads Ashley has effectively sized the club into one of the bottom three clubs. It beggars belief what this man has done to the club, how did he think he would continually get away with it?

  • LA toon

    All we can hope for is that most of the other “average” teams are unable to string together a run of wins, similar to last season. That scenario made us look good finishing 10th.

    • mactoon

      Given the lack of investment in the last window I think January will be very important

  • Rev

    If the team is set up to win, who knows. If we play defensively, hoping for goals on the break or set pieces then based on what normally happens, buggered.

  • fistsofsteel2

    We have ‘winnable’ games!? I wasn’t aware of that. When did that news break?

    • Ron

      When were next seasons fixtures announced – even I didn’t think our relegation was certain just yet!

  • Yes, people pretend like Brighton or Southampton are going to just gift us points! Any match is winnable, Rafa has been trying to win against Man City even, but in those matches he would have settled for a point and we just loss by a classy goal against most of these teams. With a 20-30m investment in decent attacking player/players we will stay up, even if we don’t win more than 2 of the next 5 games.