Martin Keown thinks Newcastle United are on dodgy ground.

The former Arsenal and England defender claims that if Newcastle make it three relegations in the last nine Premier League campaigns under Mike Ashley, they risk becoming ‘another  Aston Villa.’

Something which I’m sure no Newcastle supporter would fancy…

Can’t disagree with Martin Keown when he says last weekend’s Brighton match ‘was the sort of game that they should be winning’, with Southampton tomorrow also highly winnable, at least in theory.

Most Newcastle fans are realistic though and if ever there was a situation where it is the shortcomings of a club’s owner, rather than manager, it is the one currently at St James Park.

Which Keown does kind of acknowledge when he says in The Mail: ‘This club is a sleeping giant but under Mike Ashley they have not had the injection of cash they needed to be successful.’

Never mind injection of cash, these two and a half years under Rafa Benitez have seen a profit on transfer deals of around £40m.

This summer seeing a £20m+ profit and Mike Ashley reported to have taken out £10m after the window closed.

The club confirming that Ashley intends to make that a figure of £33m he will take out by the end of this current financial year.

So yes, the manager has to take some blame when a team is struggling, but when Martin Keown claims that Rafa Benitez will find his ‘job on the line’ if things don’t pick up, what would be the point of that.

Newcastle would simply still have the same group of players who are amongst the weakest squads in the Premier League BUT with an inferior manager compared to what they have now, no doubt another Ashley yes man would be appointed in the mould of Pardew or Carver.

Martin Keown asked ‘Are Newcastle heading for the drop?’:

“The alarm bells must be ringing at St James Park and Rafa Benitez’ job will be on the line if results do not improve.

“Brighton at home last week was the sort of game that they should be winning.

Newcastle are floating through games trying to get a draw.

“By playing this way, it is as if Benitez is admitting that he does not have the players to be expansive.

“This club is a sleeping giant but under Mike Ashley they have not had the injection of cash they needed to be successful.

“Southampton this weekend becomes crucial.

“If they cannot win this game against a rival at the foot of the table then where do they go from here?

“Suffer another relegation to the Championship and the danger is Newcastle become another Aston Villa.”

  • Kenny

    Replacing Rafa only means relegation will be confirmed at an earlier date.

  • Peaky

    “Sleeping Giant” my arce…..we’ve been dead for eleven years and need resuscitation….

  • KennySamsung

    In Rafa we trust.. sorry not for me!
    Behind the scenes the players in general would probably welcome a change of manager. I think there is more to this whole cherade than meets the eye and it isnt just about the pathetic control Ashley has on this club, everything is wrong in every area except the under 23’s which seems to be as unique as it is dam frustrating.

  • Wezza

    ‘and Mike Ashley reported to have taken out £10m after the window closed.’

    Rubbish PR B.S.
    There is massive unrest and everybody is asking where has the money gone?
    FCB: “Oh we will just tell only a bit of the truth, say I took 10M instead of 100M that will fool them”
    Utter garbage. He took money for HOF the day after the window closed. Anyone and everyone should know that he takes money and has done for years now.

    • Leazes.

      Think he took it before the window closed from the statements and brief utterances that have come out…..

      …..Chris Holt narrowed the point of departure as between 7th and 27th of August (HOF was bought on the 10th… the Window closed on 9th)

      Is it connected?

      Its all in the same account anyway MASH Holdings, he only needed a date for the NUFC account…. there was a rather large amount of cash there at the last published account….maybe more now as he’s got his hands on the HOF pension fund…. I wonder where that will end up?

      • Wezza

        In his back pocket. It really is sickening what the FCB is doing.

      • Billmag

        Pension funds is handy for buying Yachts (aka P. Green)maybe he has his fat eye on one.

  • Leazes.

    Ten years ago Dave Whelan addressed Ashley in the media and said..

    ……”You can’t do that to a club like Newcastle”…. ”“I don’t trust Ashley as far as I could bloody throw him.” ….” “You don’t go into a football club as big and proud as that and lower all the standards.”

    ….Ashley Could …….and he did.


    • Kneebotherm8

      Dave Whelan was the one that recommended the club to Ashley 11 years ago……he played his part in our downfall….

  • Paul Cannell

    That’s not Martin Keown, it’s Phil Cool.
    And he’s funny..sleeping giants hahahaha very funny Phil

  • Peaky

    The fancy dress shops could make a bloody fortune selling Martin Keown masks for Halloween……what an uglybastard….

  • drc74

    next week, martin explains how bears shxt in the woods

    • Peaky

      Monk will want to know which woods….there were 14 of them got a bus there once….fought with the bears until the death….

      • Leicester Mag

        Eye and by the crispy wrap he writes copped one too many left hooks off the bears.

      • Billmag

        C’mon Peaky it wouldn’t be much of a fight with him and a lift full of Bears would it.🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻.

      • drc74


  • Leicester Mag

    A failure to inject money? More like a leach the size of a blue whale sucking it out. The only people who don’t see the reality are those paid not to / half a dozen WUMs and sadly 50K aimlessly still attending. I pity the first 2 groups, as for the ‘fans’ fan of what? A shell of a club, Ashley is the football equivalent of a parasitic wasp. The host is long since dead. This is not Newcastle United wake up to the reality fight to get the real Newcastle back

    • KennySamsung

      Agreed.. the only way anything will change is an impossible scenario ie Government via local politician MP pressure, fan groups, Premiership that is other clubs pressure to get this man out of football, football league, last but not least high profile personalities like Shearer, Keegan, other famous Geordies in show biz world. Everybody who loves this club needs to unite, if that means a boycott of games then so be it. Those season ticket holders will not be losing money doing so because the entertainment served up at the moment is worse than rubbish.
      But all of the above IMO will never happen.

  • Superdooperhooper

    Another villa ? I wish! They’ve won the European cup and the league cup in my lifetime. We’ve won nowt

    • BigHairyDog

      The last two decades haven’t been kind to them, it’ll be interesting to see what their new owners do.

  • Sickandtired

    That was the Ashley / Llambias 5 year plan (no.2). They wanted to emulate Arsenal initially, then downgraded that to Villa. Looks more certain we will meet that expectation rather than ever being a top 6 side!

  • Paul Patterson

    The giant has been taking it’s sleeping pills for ten years . .