Martin Keown has been asked whether the Manchester United comeback last Saturday, is proof that Jose Mourinho and his team have turned the corner.

Newcastle going 2-0 up in the opening 10 minutes, only t concede three times in the final 20 minutes.

Maybe the real question being, how much was it Man Utd’s ability to come back into the game as compared to Newcastle’s inability to see the game out?

Martin Keown comes down more on the side of Newcastle United’s frailties, rather than it being some kind of ‘new dawn for Jose Mourino’ at Old Trafford.

The former Arsenal player declares Newcastle United as being ‘A team no one is fearing in the Premier League’ this season.

Insisting that with Rafa’s team two up and cruising at half-time ‘Highlights how bad things are for Manchester United’ at the moment.

There is a case of course to be made for both praising Rafa’s players for their opening 60 or 70 minutes, then also giving credit to Man Utd for their comeback.

From Newcastle’s point of view it is such an inequal contest when it comes to finances, Jose Mourinho backed with as much money to spend as Pep Guardiola, whilst Mike Ashley insists on a profit on transfer deals.

The real key to the game for many fans and pundits were the substitutions.

All of Newcastle’s weakened the team, whilst Manchester United had some £200m worth of players on their bench, leaving the likes of £53m Fred sitting there, whilst Mourinho brought on the £100m+ trio of Sanchez, Fellaini and Mata.

All three playing a big part in the fightback, including Mata scoring the key first goal and Sanchez with the winner.

The more and more subs that are allowed, undoubtedly gives the richer stronger clubs even more of an advantage.

Martin Keown asked ‘Is Manchester United’s comeback a new dawn for Jose Mourinho?’, in The Mail:

“The fact that Newcastle — a team no one is fearing in the Premier League — could be in such a commanding position at half-time at Old Trafford highlights how bad things are for Manchester United.

“It was only once United had their backs to the wall that their quality came flowing out.

“These players are capable of exciting football and Jose Mourinho needs to find a way for his side to express themselves more consistently.

I’m hoping Mourinho comes back refreshed from this international break with a smile on his face and can change the mood in the dressing room.

“Right now, I don’t think anyone is enjoying it at Manchester United. There are still players who are wounded, such as Eric Bailly who was substituted after 19 minutes against Newcastle.

“Mourinho came into the game as a translator. Has he lost the art of communication with the modern day player?”

  • Lostprofit DBC

    Sad but true. We still should have had a penalty at a key time! It could only happen to Newcastle.

  • Billmag

    Couldn’t give a stuff how bad Manure was, the reality was we were 2-0 up and robbed of a blatant penalty, pundits always find a way of twisting things and as I said last week if we had beaten them all the talk would have been about them and not about us.

  • Kneebotherm8

    We had chances to be 3 or 4 up aside from the penalty claim………

  • East Durham Mag

    My God its the missing link, give him a fur loin cloth,wrap and a stone axe and he could be an exhibit in the Natural History Museum. 🤣🤣

    • Peaky

      😂🤣😂 and when they find the drawings in the cave of Merson emptying a bottle down his neck it’s surely the final proof..

      • East Durham Mag

        Yeah 100% proof 🍾🍷🍸🍹🍺🥂

  • Tino o

    Got it spot on the substitutes we brought on weakened us. Instead of being hungry to play in the first team ours come on as a replacement body atsu is lazy and seems to have little interest collects the money and I think we signed the wrong twin. No need to describe the hoss

  • MadMag83

    Manure will be back to form soon enough. A half decent team would have seen the game out, the other 18 Premier league teams aren’t so generous.

  • BigHairyDog

    Why isn’t he asking why “no other clubs fear” NUFC? Is it because the answer might inhibit future earnings and he’s following Merson and Rio Ferdinand?

  • Blackburn1066

    blatant penalty that changed the game.

  • Tony English

    A further point on finances….Martial’s goal against us triggered a clause that cost ManU £8.7m, due to Monace once he scored 25 Premier League goals….almost the same as the entire fee we paid for our two goalscorers.