Only a win for Manchester United will be good enough, says Marouane Fellaini.

Without a win at Old Trafford since the opening day of the season, in any competition, the Man Utd midfielder says that after eight weeks they have to bring that run to an end.

Despite drawing 0-0 at home to Valencia who are 14th in La Liga, Fellaini claimed that the team ‘showed improvement’, despite rarely threatening the Valencia goal (four shots on target) and only shading the possession stats (52%/48%)

Many Manchester United fans are calling for Jose Mournino to go but Fellaini gives the manager his support, even if it doesn’t sound that convincing, saying ‘I think everybody is behind the manager.’

Man Utd have made their worst start to a league season since the 80s and are already nine points off the top, sitting in mid-table.

Trying to beat Newcastle United ahead of the international break is essential according to Fellaini and after that break, they next play Chelsea away in the Premier League and Juventus home in the Champions League.

Failure against Newcastle would create even more pressure on the Manchester United boss.

Here’s hoping.

Marouane Fellaini:

“The spirit is there.

“You saw it today (against Valencia) but we have to win on Saturday.

“We put energy, effort, we run forward, we try to score the goal.

“Okay we didn’t…but we have to keep going.

“We have the the next game Saturday (against Newcastle United) and we play every three days, so it is another chance to do better.

“We have to work hard and try to win on Saturday.

“It is always good to win the game before the break for internationals. It’s important.

“Everyone is going in the same direction to try to improve and to do better.

“I think we wanted to show that we are together.

“It was a bad day against West Ham – we were all bad, today (against Valencia) I think we showed improvement and we have to keep going.

“I think everybody is behind the manager.

“We have to do our best and do our job, we showed it today but we have to do better on Saturday.”

  • Billmag

    When any team is on a bad run NUFC comes to there aid and helps them out, it’s a vicious circle we just haven’t got the ammunition to break out of that circle.

    • Squintytoonarmy

      I was about to post something similar but you nailed it. 3-0 home win

  • Kenny

    Behind him with a knife, a real bunch of wankas at Man U, having said that who would you want to play at home to end a dismal run,
    answers on a postcard to, the man in the cupboard c/o St. James Park Ne1.

    • Mike D

      Some walking football team for over 55s.

  • Wezza

    It would be so funny and well deserved if we beat them to stick it to the trolls. Vermin.

    • Kenny

      Not going to happen, they could have Stevie Wonder at centre back and
      the Hoss & Perez still couldn’t hit the target

    • Dave Pattinson

      Whoa!;I’d love us to stick it to them for once….but on the other hand would like Mourinho to stay and complete his task!

  • Leazes.

    He’s quite safe until you see the plane circling with a banner.

    • Kenny


  • Mrkgw

    They will hammer us and Mourinho will be safe for another week at least. It will be another case of the bus being parked behind the ball with the hapless attacking force that we have hoping for a rare counter in the last 10 minutes. Life under this regime is grim to the extreme. It’s not football nor, in the spirit of the game.

  • Dillon Tovak

    It is an intriguing match, we’ll find out whether the Man U players are behind Jose.
    If they aren’t, a loss to an incredibly out of form Newcastle team at Old Trafford is a perfect way to get him immediately sacked.

  • nufcslf

    Done and did 3 days before a ball is even kicked. Won’t even compete with a sh*t manure side that are there for the taking. Will be same old same old. As for Mournino, that miserable [email protected] can f** k off ‘nall.