There were claims that Manchester United could have parted company with Jose Mourinho, if Newcastle had won at Old Trafford.

With 20 minutes remaining of the match, it was looking like an interesting post-match…

Sadly, three goals in the final 20 minutes dashed the hopes of Newcastle fans and ensured Mourinho would be in his job for at least a little bit longer.

However, what if Manchester United did/do call time on their manager, who would be the ideal replacement?

Chris Waddle believes that if they could see past his Liverpool connection, Rafa Benitez would be ideal for Man Utd.

The former Newcastle winger says that fans and players are desperate for Rafa to stay at St James Park BUT nobody would blame the NUFC manager if he finally walks away from the joke that is Mike Ashley’s running of Newcastle United.

Chris Waddle talking to Sportingbet:

“Everybody at Newcastle United from the players to the fans loves Rafa Benitez and wants him to stay for the long-term, but I don’t think anyone would begrudge him leaving in these conditions.

“He is a very talented ambitious manager who is not getting even close to what he wants from Mike Ashley and there’s only so many times you can ignore the approaches from other clubs with looser purse strings.

“I think Rafa Benitez should be a candidate to replace Jose Mourinho at Manchester United. He is definitely good enough and has that big club experience having won trophies around Europe.

“Manchester United might not consider him due to his history with Liverpool, but there’s no doubt in my mind he would be a good choice.

“I think Rafa Benitez would love to sign a new deal at Newcastle and stay at the club next year, if they can avoid relegation.

“He will have offers from other clubs but he knows how rare it is to have unwavering support from the fans and that’s exactly what he has at Newcastle.

“But there will come a point where Rafa Benitez has to leave Newcastle in order to fulfil his own ambitions. He wants to compete for trophies and have more freedom in the transfer market, but there’s little sign of that happening at the moment.

“Benitez won’t hang around battling relegation forever.”

  • killymag

    more click bait jim

  • London_Mag

    Load of tWaddle

  • Mike

    he gets paid for spouting tripe like that? Wot about the Liverpool connection and the defensive setup of Raffa’s tactics…….give me your job Waddle

  • Paul Patterson

    Hey won’t go there, but his true value as a manager will be realised once he leaves..

  • wheyayeman

    I know most of us want him to stay here – but let’s face it, why should he stay?? He’s been given no backing, his hands are tied behind his back, he never knows what’s going on above his head. With some investment and support he would have taken us back into the Champions League and happily challenged for trophies for the next 10 years. As it is he will be out the door in a few months and we will most likely be relegated. What a total imbecile Ashley is!

  • Peaky

    Talks a load of bollox at times does Waddle….it’s all for effect and a reaction.

    • graham18

      Indeed right and I also cringe when commentates on 5live trying to speak Queens English-ye knaa wot aa meen like?

      • Peaky

        Talking of accents…isn’t Waddle’s strange ? Leazes if you’re reading could you enlighten us where this comes from ?

        • Tomb

          mixture of County Durham and geordie with a dash of cockney from spurs days?

  • Realist

    I could actually see this happening, it doesn’t sound as far fetched as some people will think.

  • Carverlier football

    I wonder if Chrissy Waddle’s inability to correctly say the word “penalty” started in 1990…

  • Ron

    I think Rafa’s love of Liverpool would make him rule himself out. It doesn’t matter though clubs be be falling over themselves to sign him come the end of the season (or the January transfer window).

    Ashley certainly doesn’t want to keep him, Rafa just won’t do as he’s told, he insists on doing the right thing! What use is a man like that to Mike Ashley?

    • 1957

      If Man Utd came calling he’d be able to set his love of Liverpool aside… it’s more likely they wouldn’t offer him the job, his default tactical approach that he has used everywhere he has been wouldn’t go down well with the plastic punters in the so called ‘theatre of dreams’

      • Ron

        I think you’re right that they wouldn’t offer him the job for the same reasons as you describe, but I really don’t think he’d go there anyway for the reason I’ve set out. He’s wealthy enough to turn them down as well, and there will be plenty of other suitors to call at his door.

        • 1957

          He will end up somewhere else next season without doubt, its simply a question of where. The only ‘top six’ club that might be available is Spurs in this country otherwise there’s not a huge choice for him other than the perennial strugglers, although he’d have money to spend even with them. A return to Spain is more likely for my money.

          • Ron

            I can’t argue with that, though he’s happy at the Wirral, he might just say that over two years working under Mike Ashley is enough and retire.
            Whatever and wherever he chooses I wish him well.

          • Billmag

            Definitely wish him well wherever he ends up, after being hamstrung by fatty for nearly 3 years I think he will need a long lie down that’s for sure.

          • Billmag

            Maybe back to Madrid now that Ronaldo has gone because the current manager is on thin ice.

          • 1957

            There are still some really influential players at Madrid who are anti Benitez in Ramos, Marcelo and Benzema. A sentimental return to Valencia must be a possibility though. They are struggling and Marcelino the manager is really unpopular with the supporters

          • Tomb

            His reputation for politics and going against the owners at previous clubs whether justified or not will put paid to another top job

  • robbersdog

    Rafa will almost certainly leave Newcastle at the end of the season, but I can’t see him tipping up at Man Utd. If he doesn’t get a ‘top’ job somewhere, he might even retire.

    And who’ll end up at Newcastle? Steve Bruce, in spite of the Mackem connection, is probably the obvious choice because he was a boyhood fan and he’s out of work. He’s not in Rafa’s class as a coach, but I kind of like him. He’s a decent, honest fella.

    • WildBill

      Bruce would be even worse than Pardew, can’t stand him after his antics on the sideline when we had one of our obligatory home losses to the mackems. Boyhood fan? Carrying on like that? F-ck him.

      • Tomb

        would be a terrible choice, any effect he had as a manager was around ten years back would have zero impact on a premier league squad.

    • Paul Patterson

      Ashley would take great pleasure in appointing Bruce. All under the umbrella of him being a Geordie.

    • Tomb

      dont think he will get an offer from the big clubs now his style probably viewed as slightly dated even though would do a good job. If he is settled with the family might yet stay, its still a premier league job (for now) and well paid, frustrating job yes but a job plenty managers would still want

      • Geordiegiants

        Style dated?????
        Howare man you having a laugh??? His style is what ever it takes to get by, not any real choice in style.

        • Tomb

          Hes not a tippy tappy all out attack manager which seems to be in fashion nowadays. Whether with our poor side or at Madrid he is a successful but cautious manager

          • Geordiegiants

            Yeah but he is doing what ever it takes, he doesn’t have any choices. He doesn’t have a choice who he can buy, he doesn’t have a choice who he can play at left back or goalkeeper or centre forward or any other position. He doesn’t have a choice how he plays as we have a decent defence but nothing up front. What else is he supposed to do? Play attacking football with no attackers?
            His style is winning and he is a proven winner.

  • Mrkgw

    The uncertainty with the Rafa situation is a drain. If he has no intent on staying then he should go now. Mitro sold, Gayle shipped out, the damage has been done in the short term. Joselu and Rondon are far from being the answer and if Rafa feels otherwise then his judgement is seriously flawed.