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Manchester United fans with some classic and confused comments after beating Newcastle United 3-2

3 years ago

Many Manchester United fans are struggling to come to terms with the victory over Newcastle United.

Trailing by two at half-time and a late comeback that ended with a 90th minute winner.

However, this was played out against a backdrop of seemingly overwhelming anti-Mourinho sentiments.

Some Manchester United fans wishing they had lost, whilst many others at least admit to conflicting sentiments.

Newcastle fans hope that the first 70 minutes are evidence of better quality/hope to come.

Whereas the home supporters basically just want to believe how terrible their team must be, to have had to have a fightback against such a shocking Newcastle side.

A match that had so many angles, especially for Manchester United fans….

Manchester United fans commenting via their top Red Cafe message board and Twitter:

‘One half against the shi..est team in the EPL doesnt swing it for me.’

‘Mixed feelings. Glad we won, but would have preferred a defeat if it meant a new manager. Just prolongs the inevitable.’

‘Nice to feel like Manchester United again for 20 minutes but the fact is we scratched and clawed for a win at home against a very poor side. The same poor side that should’ve had a pen at 2-0 and missed other opportunities to make it 3-0. A loss would’ve been the final nail in Jose’s coffin but this just delays the inevitable.

I hope the board are using Jose’s twilight time to find a suitable replacement for when he eventually goes. The way we’re playing it’s only a matter of time until we get an absolute pasting, could be Chelsea, probably one of the Juve games. Hopefully, and hope is the suitable word, this is some sort of catalyst and brings the dressing room together and we can get on some sort of run.’

‘Winning from being down 0-2 is fantastic, but we should never have been in a desperate situation against a woeful side, 19th in the table, like Newcastle. It’s clear as day that we started playing like Manchester United again once we threw the original tactics out the window.’

‘Stadium fans voiced huge support for Mourinho, even at 2-0 down, that cant be ignored either by the board or on here.’

‘It’s heartening to know the local fanbase is more rational and respectful than the online/international fanbase, the vast majority of whom seem to be rabidly and obnoxiously anti-Mourinho. I wish I could figure out why there’s such a difference between the two groups of fans.’

‘Great comeback in the last twenty minutes, but Newcastle should have killed us off long before that; indeed, it should have been over before half time. This is Newcastle at Old Trafford. I don’t know what’s going on, nor what will happen next. We are such a mess right now.’

‘Apart from the last 20-30 min that was a shocking performance -the worst so far.

To concede 8 shots on target against this Newcastle side at home is absolutely inacceptable. The team looked depressed and could not defend at all.’

The support inside the stadium was for United and in a reaction for the late win.

I love how the Jose brigade is somehow trying to spin it into a moral victory for Jose and his actions.

Get this Man out of my club ASAP.’

‘They were singing his (Mourinho’s) name but that doesn’t suit your narrative, does it?’

Newcastle should have had a penalty at 2-0, which would have been game over. Yes, the last twenty minutes were great: it was like the United of old, but we all know it won’t continue into the coming games; not unless we have a new manager. The club is toxic; one great comeback can’t change that.’

‘It’s so easy to criticise sitting behind a computer. I bet half of these ‘hard guys’ would be begging for Jose’s autograph if they met him in person.’

‘I think people can enjoy it but 20 minutes of all out attack against a sh.. team who are sitting back, protecting a lead and inviting pressure does not excuse a) the first 60 minutes horror show b) the set up and subs designed to make a point to ed, not to win the game and c) the last 18 months of crap.

I’m sorry but we won today despite Jose not because of him. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t bouncing around my front room when Sanchez scored.’

‘The result shouldn’t hide the fact that for 45 minutes we were dominated by one of the poorest sides in the PL.’

‘Good spirit shown from the lads in the end but we got a last minute winner against a poor Newcastle side at home after being out played for the majority of the game. Swings and roundabouts.’

‘I know it’s only Newcastle, and we can’t risk everything crazily like this every game. But surely a balance can be found between this awesome attacking fluidity we’ve witnessed and the sheer impotence of the last few games.

It is the manager’s job to find that balance and Mourinho has to earn his wages in this aspect.’

‘One point I think is highly important that it took us after being 2 nil down and 45mins of dire football to start taking risks to try and beat Newcastle (A team in poor form).

If we try to adopt that same approach against a Juve/Chelsea with our 2 CB hugging the touchline, we will get countered silly.’

While it’s nice to get a win it shows how far we’ve fallen when people are over the moon with this victory. We should be beating teams like Newcastle with ease.

Let’s keep this in perspective please…for the majority of the game we were awful!’

‘Just back home after game now, very strange day at OT. Pre match it was so quiet and all you could hear was the sound of Geordie away fans.

Stadium fans voiced huge support for Mourinho, even at 2-0 down, that cant be ignored either by the board or on here.’

‘I would understand the optimism in backing Mourinho if we had destroyed Newcastle by 3 or 4 goals.

I enjoy the result and the comeback for they are but I’m under no illusion. Nothing is solved, we start matches too poorly and we always react. We’re just lucky Newcastle are sh…’

‘This was a winless Newcastle side that is gonna be struggling to stay in premiership and we still barely managed to scrap a win at home.’

‘Newcastle could have been out of sight & were pretty soppy opposition.’

‘I got in late from having a tattoo and this was much more painful. I taped it, avoiding all media outlets etc but I didn’t celebrate one goal, don’t get me wrong the result was fantastic but there’s something that has gone beyond the pale for me.

The only positive I can garner from this feeling is it was the same feeling I had when Ferguson was 4 years in and I was so wrong then.’

‘I don’t think the winning of the game proves much or otherwise because of how ‘not terribly good’ Newcastle are.’

‘When you think of how shi.. the last 5 years have generally been it was still surreal to sit there and see us 2-0 down in 10 minutes at home to Newcastle. Just incredible to see the mess we are in.

It’s been a terrible season so a comeback like that is lovely.’

‘Our defence was terrible in the first half but we’re playing at home against the second bottom team who had scored one away goal this season who had us under pressure.

We should be taking the game by the scruff of the neck at home and scaring Newcastle to death. We never do that.’

‘Mourinho gets no credit for that win. His dire tactics got us in that position in the first place, we don’t want Pogba in a back 3. Leaving McTominay on could have cost us another 2 goals in the first half. It’s only because Newcastle are a poor team that we were able to come back.’

‘I’d really like to say that the first half was the nadir and the second the beginning of a powerful comeback to finally challenge for the top4, but I can’t…

Newcastle is a candidate for relegation, remember that…comebacks are meant for Top Sides vs Top sides…’

‘Let’s not get too carried away….this isn’t the same as the comeback against City last season.

This was at home against Newcastle, the joint worst team in the league so far, who only had 2 points leading into today’s game!

We were 2-0 down against this rabble with 20 minutes to go and only just got a winner right on full time.’


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