A new protest group has been set up against Mike Ashley.

As things go from bad to worse under this owner, Newcastle fans in London and the south of England are now organising.

As no doubt you already know, there are huge numbers of Toon fans down in the south, especially those who are in exile after moving for work.

Any Newcastle away match in the south east is always well supported by ‘locals’.

Announcing their presence (see below), the London Magpie Group are asking fans to go HERE for more details and to register.


‘We are the London Magpie Group – a newly formed collection of passionate Newcastle United fans based in London and the south of England.

Our aim is to support the club on and off the pitch, and to organise & assist various peaceful protests and demonstrations in collaboration with other NUFC fans groups both in Newcastle & elsewhere to help rid our once-great club of our disinterested and disrespectful owner.

We’re experiencing the culmination of 11 years of neglect and we just cannot sit back and allow this to happen. Enough is enough.

Newcastle United is a huge club with legendary support a rich history of passion both from the supporters and great managers like Kevin Keegan,  Sir Bobby Robson and lately Rafa Benitez.

The fans are spread far and wide with a huge number in the nation’s capital and we exist only to provide an outlet for those fellow exiled fans to show their support for the club that means everything to them.

Alongside other supporter groups, we are united in the cause. We will not stop until Ashley and his associates are gone from our club’

  • Kenny

    Kranking up the pressure.

  • Tweed Mag

    Well done.

  • Phildene

    It’s good news and can only benefit all fans everywhere.

    Re-that meal-We also heared from a good source that the so called ‘team bonding meal’ at that restaurant was a right sham with Ashley sitting at one end of the table and Rafa at the other, with not a word spoken between them. Also when one player asked Ashley ‘why aren’t you putting any money into the club’ was told by Ashley, ‘because I don’t have to’! This is shocking – and from a greedy owner who is creaming the money off-no wonder players are playing with their heads down!

  • Ashley-out

    #ifRafaGoes WeGo.
    season ticket holders, #if RafaGoes WeStay #nufc

  • Andrew

    Monkseaton will be choking on his beans on toast after reading this.

    • Paul Patterson

      Spat his tea out from his s****s d****t mug. .

    • Themoscow72

      Another useless shower they will be just like the group in Newcastle. Please see my comments above. Was spaghetti hoops actually as times are hard as had to buy some extra train tickets via Reading to get to Southampton.

  • Paul Patterson

    Anyone seen the new S***e D****t sign up in Milburn reception? Awful.

    • Leazes.

      Are you saying that he’s not selling…shock!

      • Billmag

        See fatty’s won his case against Rangers for breaching SD merchandise terms, fatty’s lawyer’s £280tho, Rangers lawyers £147tho, the judge said the legal bills would have to be assessed as the SD legal bill was unusually high so Rangers might not have pay the amount stated. And some people reckon everything is above board at our club with top lawyer’s backing him no chance.

        • Leazes.

          Problem was Rangers wanted him out at any cost…. Morton beware these people are London Mafia!

          • Billmag

            Oh so true.

        • Paul Patterson

          Cut a long story short- How bad is it for Rangers?

          • Billmag

            Just shows what sort of leach he is.

  • Wor Lass

    Every little helps.

  • Leazes.

    Go for London Journalists online… just post 10 facts about Ashleys reign….. hit them all.

  • graham18

    Brilliant keep it up.well done

  • Geordiegiants

    Well done lads!!!
    Everything and anything to get at him.

  • Coach Clagnut


  • Themoscow72

    Be another useless shower two men and a dog protesting outside Sports Direct in Oxford Street. Like their counter parts in Newcastle a group with no strategy or ambition. Be another long haired hippy on his Megaphone shouting Ashley out.
    They have a nerve to call themselves the Magpie Group. Remember meeting some of the original members of the Magpie Group in the Summer of 1989 in the Hotspur and the plan from day one was to contact wealthy people buy the shares and take over the club. Out of this meeting also came a group called United Supporters for Change which the Magpie Group distanced themselves in public but not in private.
    Still see the odd one on the train to away games but these blokes were a proper Magpie Group.

  • Carverlier football

    Good work, it’s all stepping in the right direction