Comparing Lee Charnley with politicians and weather men might be taking things a little far…but maybe not.

Mike Ashley’s fall guy is paid a pittance compared to those people who really run Premier League clubs elsewhere.

Penfold is the convenient stooge to blame when anything goes wrong at the Newcastle United.

Which considering just how often things do go wrong at St James Park, Charnley actually deserves far far more cash, despite his lack of authority at the club, as the likes of Justin Barnes really pulls the strings for Mike Ashley.

However, one place where  Lee Charnley is sent out to take stick is the official Newcastle United Fans Forum.

Charnley put up as the supposedly senior figure to represent Mike Ashley’s corrupt regime.

Back in 1938 Neville Chamberlain assured a worried UK population that he had guaranteed ‘Peace for our time’ with Adolf Hitler.

Then in 1987, weather man Michael Fish assured us not to worry…just before the UK was battered by massive storms.

September 2018 saw Lee Charnley assure supporters at the Newcastle United Fans Forum that ‘We’ll do better when we play the lesser teams.’

On this evening of 20 October 2018, Newcastle United are rock bottom of the Premier League, having not even scored a goal when playing four lesser clubs (Cardiff, Leicester, Brighton, Palace) outside of the big six.

Neville Chamberlain – 30 September 1938:

“Peace for our time.”

Michael Fish – 16 October 1987:

“Earlier on today apparently a woman rang the BBC and said she had heard a hurricane was on the way.

 “Well I can assure people watching…don’t worry, there isn’t.”

Lee Charnley – 24 September 2018:

“We’ll do better when we play the lesser teams.”

Stats from BBC Sport:

Newcastle 0 Brighton 1


Brighton: Kayal 29

Possession was Brighton 32% Newcastle 68%

Total shots were  Brighton 8 Newcastle 27

Shots on target were Brighton 2 Newcastle 6

Corners were  Brighton 2 Newcastle 10

Referee: Andre Marriner

Newcastle United:

Dubravka, Yedlin, Lascelles, Fernandez, Dummett, Ritchie, Diame, Shelvey, Kenedy, Perez, Muto (Joselu 74)

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Atsu, Murphy, Schar, Hayden, Manquillo

Crowd: 50,329 (Brighton approx 1,300)

(Can these statistics from Newcastle 0 Brighton 1 be misleading? Read HERE)

(Instant NUFC fan/writer reaction to the defeat HERE)

(Match ratings of all NUFC players v Brighton HERE)

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  • FatParosite

    wtf is this article….??

    • Micky

      A waste of oxygen to read and a waste of something to publish.

    • Toontaff

      The poor lad’s sizzled!

  • BigHairyDog

    I wouldn’t believe Lee Charnley if he was pumped full of sodium pentathol and wired up to a polygraph machine. How can someone who isn’t qualified to deliver charity leaflets through letterboxes can keep his position as Managing Director of a billion pound business, he must be one hell of an a**licker.

    • FatParosite

      He needs pumped full of Sodium….

    • TheFatController

      You could waterboard him whilst he wore an orange boiler suit at Guantanemo and he’d still be elusive and full of it ….

  • Toontaff

    He must mean the lesser teams in the Championship or maybe League 1?

  • toonterrier

    What are those brown marks on his thumb. Don’t tell me or I’ll be scared to go to sleep tonight.

  • Foggy

    I assume he has parents and maybe kids. Imagine how embarrassed they must be having this stooge for a son or father. I bet they deny it.

    • Ram Kishore

      That’s harsh. U did cross the limit

      • panther

        no it wasnt, it was entirely accurate

        • Ram Kishore

          Yeah telling that his parents and his family will be ashamed of him?
          Come on man get a grip. Direct your criticism to him as much as possible but there is a limit to what one is saying. By saying his family is ashamed because of his running of the club. He’s only the employee and not the owner, what do u expect him to do. He’s doing what he’s instructed to do. Yes he’s not doing a good job.

          • panther

            grow a spine would be a start

  • Danimal

    Who’d have thought Neville Chamberlain, Michael Fish and Lee Charnley would occupy the same article. I could almost understand if it was Chamberlain-Hitler-Ashley.

    • Mr wobert

      Don’t forget Tojo

      • BigHairyDog

        How did he not mention Bill Clinton?

  • Mr wobert

    We will do better when we play lesser teams, what kind of fukwit would say this…
    Thanks to fatty and his cronies we are now the lesser team.FFS

    • Clarko

      – Newcastle’s starting eleven cost €67.70m vs Brighton’s starting eleven cost €48.75m (fees for Kayal and Stephens undisclosed)

      – Newcastle’s starting eleven cost €55.50m vs Cardiff’s starting eleven cost €21.44m (fee for Zohore undisclosed)

      – Newcastle’s starting eleven cost €45.40m vs Nottingham Forest’s starting eleven cost €18.73m (fee for Lolley undisclosed)

      • TheFatController

        If you look at the figures for today, that was reflected. We dominated the stats for shots and corners, and possession, and neither team had a quality finisher in their squad.

        The winners had a deflected goal from a dubious corner and held on for a win.

        So yes, your excellent figures do confirm that we, like Brighton, are a lesser club in the PL.

        For Brighton, almost relegated to the 3rd tier 3 seasons ago, they have momentum. We have inertia, we’re actually regressing across all aspects of the club.

        So Brighton have that huge advantage of momentum, despite the slightly inferior squad spend (that is without two undisclosed fees)

        Nothing else needs saying other than Brighton have successful owners and a great manager, and we have a great manager.

        I presume you intended your figures to highlight how we are now among the Brightons, Cardiffs and Notts Forests of this world ?

        • Clarko

          I think if you looked at the cost of the six teams fielded, the four managers salaries, the amount of money each of those four managers has spent on players since March 2016 and the three results/performances through the eyes of someone with an IQ of above 80 you would have a completely different view of the situation…

          Imagine trying to use the line, ‘Brighton, almost relegated to the 3rd tier 3 seasons ago, they have momentum’ as a way to excuse Benitez’s performance as a manager…

          • BigHairyDog

            Whilst we have no momentum, a toxic atmosphere that the owner is unwilling to deal with. He’d rather be relegated that accept that fans in the ground matter, to him they’re no more than punters. We’ll never get any momentum because the owner isn’t interested in anything but staying in the Premier League as proven by the lessening net spends of the last three summer transfer windows.

            Funny though, the winning manager today was once manager here…what idiot would’ve sacked a man who can keep a team up on a shoestring?

          • TheFatController

            That last line is genius. Only a man of Clarko’s undoubted genius can beat that I am sure .

            Over to you Clarko, make me laugh Moreno than that last line from BHD did.

            Don’t fail. Remember Clarko – you’re the genius among us…

          • Clarko

            – Newcastle’s starting eleven cost €67.70m vs Brighton’s starting eleven cost €48.75m (fees for Kayal and Stephens undisclosed)

            – Newcastle’s starting eleven cost €55.50m vs Cardiff’s starting eleven cost €21.44m (fee for Zohore undisclosed)

            – Newcastle’s starting eleven cost €45.40m vs Nottingham Forest’s starting eleven cost €18.73m (fee for Lolley undisclosed)

          • TheFatController

            That makes no sense whatsoever.

            I have no idea what my IQ is sorry. Have 4 A levels and an Honours Degree. FYI.

            You seem to want to play the ‘biggest victim’, and need to prove that status by having an attitude of ‘i have to suffer people on here with IQs too low compared to my genius’.

            Surely if that were the case, your high iQ would help you decide this site wasn’t for you and you’d leave us all to it.

            You’re the odd one out. But feel free to carry on in your splendid high IQ isolation, Billy no mates.

          • Clarko

            ‘That makes no sense whatsoever’

            😂 😂 😂

          • Danimal

            Sorry, ‘excuse’? What planet are you on? Came within a whisker of saving us from certain relegation. Stayed on, made a huge profit in the transfer market whilst hastily throwing together a team capable of instant promotion (unlike the teams who went down with us). Had F all to spend upon return to the PL but somehow managed a top half finish. Then, final insult, instead of a budget to spend, was duped into making a profit on transfers ahead of the second season back. And, no surprise to anyone apart from you, you idiotic cretin, we are struggling. Crawl back into your cave and take your vile, zero hours, fireplace vomiting, lying, worthless scum hero with you.

          • Clarko

            ‘Came within a whisker of saving us from certain relegation’

            No, it wasn’t certain relegation, he had 30 points to play for including games against against Aston Villa, Sunderland and Norwich City. He was brought in to avoid relegation and failed. Stop lying.

            ‘Stayed on, made a huge profit in the transfer market whilst hastily throwing together a team capable of instant promotion’

            No, he spent €63.75m on players during that summer which at the time could’ve bought Brighton’s entire squad. Stop lying.

            ‘Had F all to spend upon return to the PL’

            He spent €51.30m in the first season back in the Premier League, with a net spend of €42.90m. Again stop lying.

      • GToon

        Forest had a bloke who cost £13m in their team. Were the rest free? The two Brighton forwards cost £32m. Try and use £. It gives your argument a sense of realism and puts the spending of our multi billionaire owner into context.
        Btw how come you are still awake? Harry Potter is finished. Next week it’s Harry Potter and the Golden Dog Egg. Make sure you stay up and watch it.

        • Clarko

          Can you read? I’ll copy and paste the same comment again just in case you missed it:

          – Newcastle’s starting eleven cost €67.70m vs Brighton’s starting eleven cost €48.75m (fees for Kayal and Stephens undisclosed)

          – Newcastle’s starting eleven cost €55.50m vs Cardiff’s starting eleven cost €21.44m (fee for Zohore undisclosed)

          – Newcastle’s starting eleven cost €45.40m vs Nottingham Forest’s starting eleven cost €18.73m (fee for Lolley undisclosed)

          • TDog

            I’m looking at the Newcastle Lineup and getting to a value of c. £47m. I think your figures are the wrong way round?

          • Clarko


          • TDog

            Abstract response. What does that mean?

          • Clarko

            Did you try Google at all? Or did you not bother?

            Transfermarkt, the very reliable database where I sourced the transfer fees for the line up costs. You should check it out.

          • Danimal

            How about our starting eleven vs Man Utd’s starting eleven?

      • nufcslf

        Takes a stupid c**t to know one. You are the wnner….

      • Mr wobert

        I don’t think you got the point I was making clarko, read it again.we played a lesser team and couldn’t win,and unless fatty puts up cash in January we are without doubt a lesser team. In the championship league ( again)

        • Clarko

          No, I got your point, you’ve missed mine. Ashley shouldn’t need to put any more money in to beat the likes of Brighton, Cardiff and Nottingham Forest…

  • Superdooperhooper

    Penfold the pinhead

  • Hopey


  • Carverlier football

    Dear Mike Ashley.

    I anticipate communications from the club. Communications about how we need to be united. About supporting the team. About how it is necessary in order for us to survive.

    These, of course, come from a position of your desire to protect the income and exposure of the sports retailer that shall not be named.

    Maybe if we stop the protests and focus “positive energy” behind the club it would provide the impetus for survival.

    Maybe sacking Rafa and appointing new blood would provide the impetus for survival. Given the pool you’d have to choose from, I won’t hold my breath…

    But it would be the tiniest sticking plaster over the most gaping of wounds.

    We would just be back here again in one or two seasons.

    Only one thing, Mike Ashley, will properly fix this mess of your making.


    And we intend to make you.


  • Hopey


  • Wezza

    Lesser teams? Mighty Brighton were unstoppable today.

  • Ashley-out

    Die you [email protected]@t along with fatso

  • Mrkgw

    Well, we can put that one on the wall. Disgrace, the whole set up.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Where the fck is he sticking that thumb?………..

  • TheTradge

    What an utter c**t, it’s that attitude that got us f**king relegated three years ago, he should be saying “we should have signed better players in the summer”!

  • nufcslf

    Stupid, specky, mindless, knows f**k all about football c**t. Just f**k off.

  • Ram Kishore

    There is nothing as lesser teams outside the top 6

  • Paul Patterson

    In Managing Directors terms, he’s on below minimum wage. Might as well just bin him off as he’s still on too much for doing nowt.
    If his role is to deflect attention/criticism from Ashley, then he’s not fit for purpose.
    If his role is to sign the best players possible for the club, then he’s not fit for purpose.

  • Phil Yare

    I’m sure if we dig up the archives we will find a whole load of BS and contradictions spouted out over the years. In recent times most notably by Mr Pardew who used to blame getting humped on the players needing a rest, only to have a rest and get humped again 2 weeks later.
    Likewise, we know penfold is paid to think of excuses to deflect the death of the football club……results, lack of investment etc

    • Leazes.

      The chronicle seem to delete there old works or art such as

      ……’95% are right behind you Pards’…..

      Covering the crime and their tracks of backing the regime.

  • magpiefifer

    Charnley is as big a joke as his lord and master!
    It’s back to the Championship again then!!!

  • Scottie Chugger Dearden

    How embarrassing and disrespectful!

  • graham18

    “We’ll do well against the lesser teams” says Harry Hill.WE ARE PROPPING UP THE PREMIERSHIP.there no lower than us in this league.
    We are paying for the stubborness and no investment from the FCB.
    3rd time relegation looking good for the toon now but I hope we go down even further to get rid of the FCB and his croonies.Sorry to the regulars on here when I keep going on about dropping a couple of leagues to get rid of Ashley but honestly it is the only way unless somebody comes from planet Zog and buys the club and chases the FCB out of our club and city and never to return

    • mactoon

      I’m confused. Do you think Ashley would sell the club for a massive loss if we were relegated?

      • graham18

        Wot’s the answer then?

        • mactoon

          The only way to get rid of him is to find a buyer who will offer Ashley what he wants. For me the answer is for The Magpie Group to actively seek out potential buyers, interested parties/consortiums and promote the club to them. Prepare a presentation showing all the good things about the club, the heart of the city, the passion of the fans, with interviews of genuinely passionate fans, the atmosphere of the ground, the history and potential of the club, our romance with the famous No. 9 shirt and goalscorers, Hughie Gallagher, Milburn, Shearer, Wyn Davies, Super Mac, Quinny, Sir Les, Andy Goal, Shearer.

          Bring together the local celebrities to contribute. Imagine Shearer talking about his homecoming, pulling on the No. 9 shirt, playing in front of the fans, why he chose us instead of Man U. John Hall talking about what he achieved, how we backed him and what it meant at the time, Show them Sir Bobby Robson talking about the club with tears in his eyes, Keegan being passionate about the club and the fans.

          Show them what the club means to us and how we would back them if they were to buy it. Better than just staying away don’t you think?

          There is so much inaccurate press surrounding the club and the fans, hire a PR business to get an accurate picture out telling the public what is actually going on with the club and the fans instead of the tripe you get from TV pundits and ex managers/players who actually know nothing about the facts yet paint Ashley as our saviour.

          The Magpie Group is perfectly placed to organise this.

          • graham18

            Point taken but where and what have the Magpie Group been doing since Ashley has been incharge?
            And if for arguments sake they meet Ashleys demand he will most likely move the goal posts even further as he has done in the past.But I’m with you on most of it

          • mactoon

            not much apart from demonstrate outside SD shops which is attracting interest but there is sooooo much more effective things they could be doing.

            Hand out stickers so those going to the match can put on the front of their shirts saying:

            “NO AMBITION
            NO FUTURE
            ASHLEY OUT”

            That way the fans can attend the match, support the team AND protest at the same time. Cover the SD pitch side adverts, all this will be picked up by TV.

            With regards to the sale of the club, we need to make such a persuasive case to potential buyers that they are willing to make Ashley an offer he simply cant refuse. Everyone has their price and regardless of what it is, if this club was run properly it would be worth 10 times the price they pay within a few years.

          • graham18

            Yes the fans can play a major part but most potential buyers all ready know how much potential NUFC has got and yes it probably would be worth 10 times or more if it was run properly.The question is though who and when?

          • mactoon

            That’s the question we should be asking the Magpie Group. They have formed with the intention of removing Ashley, I say they should be attracting a new owner by showing how good a purchase this club can be instead of protesting in an effort of removing an owner who doesn’t have a buyer. If Ashley doesn’t have a buyer he cant sell so identify a buyer, force his hand.

          • graham18

            Ideal world yes but the toon are propping up the PL at present and quite possibly going down for the 3rd time.The Magpie Group will have to be going somewhat to do it in a very limited time.Ashley has made false promises from the day he took over for reasons we all know.

          • mactoon

            That’s why they need to do it NOW instead of pussyfooting around with game protests, flag waving and such like. They need to stand by their convictions and do something that will attract a buyer while we are still a club worth buying instead of protesting outside SD shops which does nothing to attract someone who can remove Ashley.

            Is there ANYBODY from the magpie group reading this? It’s time to stop waving flags and actually do something!

            Feel free to divulge what you are doing to get rid of Ashley because your current strategy simply, isn’t, working!

          • graham18

            You’ve hit the nail on the head

          • mactoon

            If only they were reading this and we’re taking it on board. Anyone listening from the magpie group?

          • graham18

            they will be reading this no doubt but the bottom line is that they cannot get the investment to get rid of Ashley.It is simple as that

          • mactoon

            They don’t need to. They just need to attract people who can afford to get rid of him
            That’s why I say they should be showing them how good a deal buying newcastle is. At the moment they are focussing thelir attention in the wrong areas.

            I actually doubt they are even reading ideas like mine.

    • MadMag83

      Surely the time is approaching when Ashley must make a choice. Invest in the squad to try and stay up, or accept relegation and lower his asking price. This team are relegation certainties without proper investment. They’d probably struggle in the Championship if the result against Forest was anything to go by. Even if we did return straight away, who would pay £300m for a yo yo club?

      • graham18

        that’s my point.The FCB cannot go on like this forever

  • NUFC17

    Did he mean in the Championship next season?

  • Malcolm Fisher

    What lesser clubs?

  • MadMag83

    And if we don’t we’re doomed! Just shows you the mentality of the regime. Not here to compete, just to survive each year so Ashley can take his dividend.

  • jinkyjimnufc

    Would it be frightfully naughty for me to suggest that someone just kills Ashley? Job done me thinks