Comparing and contrasting the Premier League table after 10 games, with how it looked last season at the same point, gives us some interesting pointers.

Of course the most glaring thing for Newcastle fans is that after losing 1-0 at Burnley on 30 October 2017, NUFC had 14 points from 10 games.

This compares to the paltry three points from 10 matches Newcastle currently have.

Difficult to look past that massive negative BUT there are reasons to be feeling, if not exactly cheerful, at least positive that Rafa’s team can get out of trouble.

2018/19 Premier League table after 10 matches:

premier league table2017/18 Premier League table after 10 matches:

premier league table

As you can see, of the bottom eight at the minute, Newcastle have played three of them. All the games were away from home and Newcastle are unbeaten against these fellow relegation strugglers and haven’t conceded a goal against Palace, Cardiff and Southampton.

Looking at last season’s Premier League table after 10 matches, it is also a positive that none of the three in the relegation zone ended up going down. Instead it was the teams in 14th, 15th and 17th after 10 games who were relegated.

Newcastle United have been poor this season but they are not alone. Last season the bottom eight clubs had accumulated 69 points between them after 10 matches, this season that figure is only 47 points.

At the moment, Newcastle are only two points off fourth bottom, last season if they’d had only three points NUFC would have been already five points adrift of safety.

This season NUFC are only five points off 13th after 10 games, whereas last season it would have been a nine point gap for any club with only three points.

Yesterday was a terrible match at Southampton and difficult to take many positives, with not a single shot on target.

However, looking at the info above, I do think there is room for optimism that Rafa Benitez can get Newcastle out of trouble.

We are one of eight clubs from West Ham down, that could all potentially go down.

Four points or better from these next two home games against Watford and Bournemouth would do wonders.

They are both doing well but if Rondon can get fully fit by next Saturday and the whole team step it up, there is a clear path towards heading for safety.

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  • killymag

    i dont know where the writer of this article drinks on a Sunday , but i wouldn,t mind a gallon of what he has been drinking

  • magpie0722

    Above statistics prove one thing – Goals conceded means nothing it’s points that win prizes. This time last season relegated clubs showed – Stoke -9, West Brom -4 and Swansea -5, while Crystal Palace -17 and Everton -13 survived. Hope Benitz takes note of above and stops parking the bus and lets the team play to win instead of his boring playing not to get beat tactics.

  • DeadToiler

    Clutching at straws

  • Toontaff

    We’re due a bad run, soon, like last season! Watford, Bournemouth, Citeh, Leicester, Everton, Brighton, Swansea, Burnley – all at home – no wins 3 draws 5 defeats! With my glass half-full, of course!

    • tom

      Errrm we are on a bad run. Worst in clubs history.

      • Toontaff

        My remark was in keeping with the article!

  • Realist

    Still way too early to panic rafa needs to be abit more adventurous if we are to stay up.

  • Leazes.

    I would have used the figures to show the truth of the situation rather than invite ridicule….

    …. if we win the next 4 games we will be where we were last Halloween….. but we will almost certainly be into December by then….

    ….and we would have to win them!

    Looking for ‘positives’ means looking for Lies!

  • tom

    This article is comical

  • magpiefifer

    We all need a bit of optimism supporting NUFC,BUT we also need a dose of realism – we are in big trouble!
    We can’t score goals,and if that continues we will definitely be in the Championship next season – again! Thanks to Ashley,our squad is no better than last season while most of our rivals have improved theirs – and Rafa can’t keep performing miracles.
    The prognosis isn’t too great!!!

  • Toontone100

    Good analysis – keep calm people & Let Rafa do his job – Just Support. We can do nothing about the quality Rafa has to manage but support will make it easier & get the ebst from them.
    And keep up the pressure to get rid of Cashley !! Key to any real future !