Always worth listening to Kevin Keegan, especially when it is Newcastle United he is talking about.

It was January 2008 when Mike Ashley sacked Sam Allardyce to the relief of the Newcastle fans and then to their elation, he offered the job to Kevin Keegan.

When the chance came to manage NUFC for a second time, KK says that it ‘seemed like the ideal situation’ on the surface.

The Newcastle United legend declaring ‘I knew the club, knew what the fans wanted, the man in charge we thought had money to spend, it looked like a dream ticket.’

Once he got the measure of the squad, he got the same players Allardyce was failing with, playing some very good football.

A late season run saw Newcastle go seven unbeaten with five wins and two draws, including a 4-1 victory at Spurs and 2-0 home win over Sunderland.

Hopes were high for Kevin Keegan and the Newcastle fans that there was a great chance of once again building something special but instead it quickly then became apparent to Kevin Keegan that it was a ‘nightmare’ instead.

Indeed, he says that it has been a nightmare now for the past 10 years and Newcastle supporters won’t disagree.

Like the fans though, Keegan knows that one day Mike Ashley will leave, with hopefully better luck on who buys him out, saying ‘You ave to choose carefully who to sell the club to’, although of course Mike Ashley won’t be bothered, despite Sky Sports’ bizarre claim earlier today, that Ashley would only agree to sell to someone who had the means to bring success to the club.

Kevin Keegan speaking to BBC Radio 5 live:

“When I went back to manage at Newcastle United it seemed like the ideal situation.

“I knew the club, knew what the fans wanted, the man in charge we thought had money to spend, it looked like a dream ticket.

“But it was a nightmare.

“And the nightmare has continued for 10 years now.

“It has been a difficult time but the club will be there when the man’s gone.

“It is a real lesson in where football is going.

“People come from afar who don’t always get what the club is, they are buying a brand,

“You have to choose carefully who to sell the club to.”

  • Paul Patterson

    “I look forward to the day when Newcastle is free of the man who has lurched from one bad decision to another, run an empire of self-harm and handed money and power to people who deserved neither.” – Kevin Keegan, 2018.

  • Andynufc

    “You have to choose carefully who to sell the club to” If only John Hall had of waited just a little longer for the Man City owners to come knocking, if only indeed.

  • Rabid Dog

    “The club will be there when the man has gone”

    God I hope so Kev, but what remains will be a shell compared to when he took over.

  • 1957

    If Hall had been more careful we probably wouldn’t have Ashley here now… sadly Thatcher’s favourite ‘business man’ saw the money pit drying up and was hypnotised by Big Mike’s money.

    • Alex

      You can’t blame Hall for selling – that’s too romantic a view.

      If anyone wants to buy my house for the price I want, I don’t investigate the buyer to see if he’d be a neighbour from hell for those who live next to me.

      It’s just unfortunate that the money was right but the buyer turned out to be a monster. Similarly, if we get to the situation, Ashley won’t care who buys NUFC as long as he gets the money he wants.

      • Kneebotherm8

        Ashley would sell the club to Genghis Khan if the money was right……..

        • MrShack66

          Temujin is my favourite conquerer and would’ve ran our club much better than Ashley. Although all our rivals would cease to exist.

          • Kneebotherm8

            William wasn’t too bad either…..

          • Alex

            He was a bit too left wing for me, mind.

  • wheyayeman

    If Ashley would rather get hammered than sell to Man City’s owners. The club is absolutely not for sale.

  • Ashley-out

    Ok for Kev he is well out of it, our only chance is if the fat oaf dies

    • MrShack66

      He’s a fan so is not out of it.

      • Kenny

        We are in the City we have it 24/7
        KK does not

        • MrShack66

          There’re a few out of towners who regularly comment on here who would disagree with you.

  • Steve Smith

    Hindsight is 20/20.

    How was Hall to know how things would turn out?

    You’ve got a self made British multimillionaire businessman who is on the up financially, is expected to understand what a club means to a city and is making himself out to be a fan of the club, will drink with the fans and makes all the right noises about getting Keegan back in etc.

    You’ve then got a rich Arab who will one day run out of oil, probably doesn’t know who the entertainers are and may well get bored of his new plaything quickly because money really doesn’t mean anything to him.

    I don’t think we can fault Hall that much for Ashley. None of us knew we’d be where we are after a decade.

    • Kenny

      Hall was a business man he must have known the reputation Ashley had
      End of story

      • Down Under Mag

        Hall wouldn’t have cared…you said yourself, he was a business man and was doing the deal to make money, the interests of the club probably never occurred to him.

    • MrShack66

      Hall stripped the club of hundreds of millions of pounds for a relatively small investment. Although I do agree he couldn’t foresee how things would pan out with Ashley.

    • Leazes.

      Crooked Johnny…. sold his soul to the devil and the club to a Chelsea fan…

    • panther

      shepherd already admitted he knew what jabbas motivations were

    • Down Under Mag

      Hall didn’t care – he just saw the cash and is just as culpable as Ashley in all this.

      Shepherd, while far from the golden child of owners he is often made out to be these days, he didn’t have much of a choice at the time and was completely usurped when he was in hospital.

  • Kenny

    Don’t get your hopes up, the Rat has been trying to sell for 8 years, or so he says

  • Leazes.

    I see Tony Cascarino has had a go at Rafa…..guess what

    He was at Chelsea (another Chelsea link) at the same time as Dennis Wise….

    ….isn’t that a coincidence!

    Report came from the Express whose previous owner Richard Desmond sat in with Staveley for the ‘Curry House’ photo opportunity…..and currently owned by Ashley’s media partner Trinity Mirror….now that is spooky!

    Dennis the Menace.

  • Gareth Jones

    Even if he was to sanction a £200 million January spending splurge, I’m past caring – I want him gone.

  • Leicester Mag

    What is beyond my comprehension is that aside from Ned Ludd and the other WUMs is why season ticket holders stomach this. Premier league prices to watch mid table Championship players with no prospect of change, no prospect of progress. This is worse than the late eighties when Waddle/Beardsley and Gascoigne were flogged off. At least we saw decent players. What are fans paying for? It’s not decent football or exciting players, it’s not the hope of a cup run, what other than habit is it?

    • kingfisher

      Once again, spot on Leicester ! A lot of fans who post on here advocate a stay away (for at least 1 game) protest, and we can’t understand why 50,000 keep turning up. I know some go with family ( i.e young sons) and they don’t want to deprive their kids of seeing their football team, which is fair enough, but they must be a small minority, and as you say, it is a habit which they find hard to break. If ( when) we get relegated, they will still turn up and get their football fix despite what ever division we find ourselves in.

      A lot of die hard fans recognize that the only thing we haven’t done in trying to get Ashley out is a complete boycott of a high profile televised game, just 1 game, 90 minutes to show the football world that we are not sheep and we are not prepared to just sit back and let Ashley walk all over us, is this to much too ask?

      • Down Under Mag

        I understand the frustration but to some this may be the one time they get to spend with their old mates, their kids or other members of their family. I think for some going to the match is less about the football and more about the people they go with. I totally get what you say though and showing an empty stadium on national TV will be certain to get more publicity than a full one and a few hundred protesting outside the ground/shops. It’s just getting that organised is going to be a nightmare.

        Wouldn’t it be good if the pubs of the region could get behind it and those already showing the game could offer half-price drinks for the match to anyone with tickets…the fans would stay, the pubs would still make more than if they were at the ground and the fans could still watch the match.

        • kingfisher

          That’s a great idea about the pubs Downunder ! I’ve mentioned on previous posts that (as you say) it’s all about the whole “match day experience” not just the 90 minutes of football,but people could still have that full day experience by following their normal routine i.e meeting friends and having a few pints before and after the match by protesting outside SJP instead of entering the ground.
          I can’t see how it would be a nightmare arranging a protest i.e:

          1) Choose a televised match to boycott and give details of where to meet/protest
          2) Use all the social media platforms and local press to get the message out.

          But no matter what arrangements are made,there will still be thousands of supporters who will refuse to miss one game,and the sad fact is that these fans who do nothing will reap the rewards that actions of others who are prepared to actually do something bring about.

  • robbersdog

    It has been a difficult time but the club will be there when the man’s gone.

    Yep, we’ll survive Ashley; one day he’ll just be a bad memory and the nightmare will be over.