Jose Mourinho is under pressure.

After the performance at West Ham on Saturday, Paul Scholes said he was surprised the Manchester United manager wasn’t sacked.

Ahead of Tuesday night’s Champions League match, Scholes added the opinion that Jose Mourinho was ’embarrassing’ the club.

Never one to accept fault easily, after drawing 0-0 with a very average Valencia side, Mourinho claimed that his team ‘don’t have the technical quality to build out from the back.’

Considering Jose Mourinho inherited some top class players AND has spent around £400m in these past two and a half bit years since he arrived at Old Trafford, that was a startling admission.

To match Manchester City’s spending and yet have such a limited team, surely there is only one person to point the finger at…

Whilst Jose Mourinho has a net spend on players of around £315m since arriving in May 2016, in the same period Rafa Benitez has actually made a net profit on transfers of some £25m+.

Yet certain sectors of the media want to give Jose Mourinho an easy ride and not challenge his excuses, whilst at the same time asking why Rafa Benitez isn’t doing better with his severely underinvested squad.

The two teams meet on Saturday and based on Manchester United’s form, Newcastle should have every chance of getting something, but with such a stranglehold from Mike Ashley and insistence of transfer profit, the options at the front end of the pitch are woeful for Rafa.

The last four matches have seen Manchester United lose 3-1 at lowly West Ham, draw at home to Valencia (14th in La Liga), lose at home to Championship side Derby (on penalties) and draw with Wolves at home.

Since winning on the opening day of the season, Jose Mourinho has seen his team fail to win a match at Old Trafford in any competition, an eight week period.

There appears to be a feeling that Jose Mourinho might want to be sacked and that a growing number of Man Utd fans want to see that happen, maybe a Newcastle away win can make everybody happy…if Rafa’s team can discover a goalscoring touch.

Jose Mourinho after drawing 0-0 with Valencia:

“We tried to play but in some crucial positions in the building up phase, we don’t have the technical quality to build out from the back.

“Some improvements in our performance. I accept the result as a fair result. I told last season to finish second was phenomenal and I don’t say more than that.

“The players they tried, they raised the level of their effort and intensity.

“I don’t need to know what he (Paul Scholes) said.

“He said what he wants to say, I’m not interested, honestly, I’m not interested.

“Freedom of speech, free country, you can say what you want.”

  • Andynufc

    “I would luv it if we beat them, luv it”

    • Dave Pattinson

      Ha! Happy Days!

  • Big Hairy Man

    Come on Jose! £400m? You should try building out from the back with a net spend of nowt in 2 years.

  • Paul Patterson

    How the other half live . .

  • Bowlsey

    Jose’s always been a cheque book manager. Can you imagine a guy of his ego managing in the Championship like Rafa did with us? Would he f*ck!

    • Derek

      How? He won the Uefa Cup and the Champions League in back to back seasons with Porto.

      • With a team he was allowed to build as he was in Inter. I’m pretty sure in Real and now Man U he has little to say in which players are coming in. Clubs want to sell merchandise and don’t care about winning games.

    • Ram Kishore

      Idk whether he’s a checkbook manager because of what he’s done at Inter and Porto. But I do he he would never take a step down to manage like Rafa did. Why would he actually?

  • Leicester Mag

    Just think how lucky we are to be sheight at a fraction of the cost 🤔😏

    • JohnnyH


  • JohnnyH

    Spent £400million and still has Phil Jones in the squad?
    Worth sacking for that alone.

  • Billmag

    For the Rafa doubters out there if he was given just half of Maureen’s budget and the football didn’t improve I would be with those that doubts his managership.

  • Wezza

    Diddums. Some claim Rafa should shut up and get on with it but what about Jose?

  • MadMag83

    An “average” Valencia team? They finished in the top four last season! Yes they’re 14th at the moment but the season has hardly started.

    Mourinho has been in decline for a while now. He wants to come and work with Ashley, see if he can win a match with a transfer budget in minus figures!

  • Philippines

    Alex Feguson openly admitted that in his early days at Man U he was within one more game to getting the sack. This might be Mourinho’s one more game. On the other hand, as a student of Sir Bobby Robson, he will be joining exalted company.

  • Superdooperhooper

    What can you say about Jose? Vain arrogant egomaniacal ? Sacha distel in a tracksuit? A total refusal to accept responsibility for himself ? And his critics are less kind…….

    • Paul Patterson

      Serial winner.

      • Superdooperhooper

        Serial whiner

  • ZinUru

    It doesnt matter how bad Man U are, the fall guys are in town. Need a result? Striker on a drought? Call Sports Direct FC they can roll over for you no problem.

    • Ram Kishore


  • I belive Mourinho didn’t have a say in most of the players coming in and he is proving it now. Sure, money was spent on some areas but some were heavily neglected and it was more a case of putting all your eggs in the Pogba and Sanchez basket and we all know they are nowhere near their valuation.

    • Ram Kishore

      Sanchez.. fiasco surprised me.
      Even Manchester city has a wage structure and limit and didn’t want to sign him