Jermaine Jenas has paid tribute to the Newcastle United fanbase.

The loyal support that has stuck by the club through thin and thinner.

Not even two relegations in the last eight Premier League seasons have driven the fans away but…

Jermaine Jenas says the situation now though is…’bordering on depressing.’

The former NUFC midfielder ‘can’t see a future’ for the club at the minute, no kind of ‘end goal’ in sight.

After close to eleven and a half years of Mike Ashley’s ownership, there can’t be many people who care about the club who don’t feel the same.

Jenas declaring: ‘All I see is clinging on, survival, or we hope, and that is not what Newcastle United is about.’

Newcastle fans see promotion as champions, riding their luck under Rafa’s experience and then ending up tenth, so then time to build on that momentum.

For proper money to be spent at last in this third transfer window after promotion.

However, Mike Ashley instead insisting on making a £20m profit, refusing to back Rafa, and taking an even bigger gamble than he has ever done before.

The action/inaction in the summer ensured this season would be simply about trying to cling on and as Jermaine Jenas sums up, what is the point of that instead of showing even minimal ambition?

Jermaine Jenas speaking to BBC Sport:

“Those Newcastle fans, no matter what, have always been loyal to that football club.

“Whether they have been relegated, or playing in the Championship, fifty two thousand fans have turned up to support their team.

“I will never forget those moments, walking out of that tunnel and to that atmosphere.

“Looking up at that stadium and feeling that support on a Saturday.

“You used to win games in 15 minutes at times because of the support they used to give you.

“To see where they are now as a football club is bordering on depressing, personally.

“To see where they are and to feel that there isn’t even really…I can’t see a future if you know what I mean.

“That’s what worries me most, I don’t see kind of that end goal.

“All I see is clinging on, survival, or we hope, and that is not what Newcastle United is about.

  • Tweed Mag

    All well and good Jermaine, but when are you and all the other pundits going to pinpoint the exact problem? Why not say Ashley has destroyed the club he bought? It is not a secret.

  • mactoon

    I watched this and was expecting him to defend Ashley so was pleasantly surprised to hear him condemn the lack of investment and hope.

    We need pundits like this to criticise Ashley directly to keep the pressure up.

  • panther

    Alright for that waster, we’re stuck with the club, we made him rich and he barely lifted a finger, such a waste of a talented player

  • graham18

    Just come out and say the FCB is a Pr*ck and won’t invest in NUFC

  • Jonas

    JJ gets it. He already had a tick next to his name,

    He’s one of the very few good pundits, maybe the best, amongst a sea of morons, maybe that’s why he gets it and some dont – for example wolfman who has a clever sounding voice, which lures one into a false sense of thinking he isn’t as stupid as the others.

  • HarryHype59

    Good comments by JJ. Let’s hope the talking heads in the media are starting to grasp Fatty is demeaning the EPL and NUFC.

    • DzAdams