Jamie Carragher has been talking about the situation at Newcastle United.

The player turned pundit was with Rafa Benitez at Liverpool and thinks the NUFC manager’s calmness, will be a key factor.

Carragher says that at times Rafa has been criticised in the past for not getting too excited/emotional when things are going well, but believes that a refusal to get too carried away with things whether when positive or negative, helps in the situation Newcastle find themselves in.

Last season, Rafa’s experience and expertise definitely helped towards that 10th place finish, a run of two points from nine games before Christmas saw him telling everybody to calm down and keep their focus.

However, there a worry amongst Newcastle fans that the team/squad has gone backwards, or at best stayed the same, whilst all of NUFC’s competitors have strengthened. The money spent by the promoted clubs also adds to the level of competition.

Jamie Carragher though believes that the quality of the squad is good enough to stay up, whilst not surprisingly he points to Rafa as another reason as to why the Magpies will stay up.

As well as that, Carragher is of the opinion there will prove to be ‘three worse teams’ than Newcastle United.

In terms of team/quality, I think there is a case for saying Huddersfield and Cardiff might be weaker than NUFC but I struggle to identify another.

As a supporter, you do feel that if Newcastle are to survive, it will be all about Rafa’s contribution.

Jamie Carragher talking to Sky Sports:

“Newcastle have had the most difficult start in the Premier League .

“But the big problem is there have been games where Rafa Benitez and his staff would have looked and thought ‘We know it’s a difficult start but look at Cardiff, Crystal Palace, Leicester and Brighton’ – forget about the results,they haven’t scored one goal in those games you would expect them to pick points up in.

Rafa isn’t stupid, he knows it has been a tough start but there is no way he would have envisaged two points and bottom of the league.

“That is the huge worry for him because you’re talking about the fixtures coming, nine where they don’t play the top six, well they’ve had four of them already and not scored a goal.

“It’s not time to make a change (though), the big thing is they have a manager who as one of his biggest strengths has calmness, and sometimes he has been criticised for that….when he’s doing well he doesn’t show emotion, doesn’t celebrate goals.

“But on the flipside that helps when Rafa is in this position.

“Every manager in that position will be under pressure, so of course Rafa Benitez will be under pressure.

“But talk of Mike Ashley making a change…I saw Brendan Rodgers got linked with the job last week…well this is a manager (Rafa Benitez) who was there last season, knows the Premier League well, knows the squad well and has this calmness under pressure.

“I still believe there will be three worse teams than Newcastle.

“I think they will stay up because of the manager and the quality they have.”

  • Paul Patterson

    Wish I had his confidence.
    Its a long way to 20 points, never mind 30 or 40..

    • Kenny

      its along way to 10 points with those players

      • Bowlsey

        It’s a long way to f*****g 5 points when we can’t score goals at home against Brighton!

  • There is zero doubt they will be relegated. In order to get 38 more points, they would need to beat the top six clubs in all their remaining meetings. It’s too late.

    • Ram Kishore

      It’s a long season and u never know what happens..

    • steve

      …..no they wouldn’t.

      • Of course they would. They would need to not only beat West Ham twice, but they would need to beat either Arsenal or Chelsea in London. NUFC is looking at must-win upsets at this point.

  • Kenny

    Rodgers at Newcastle, the man is not an idiot & only an idiot would follow Rafa so Pardew will be waiting for the phone to ring, as for relegation, we will go down with this squad

    • Paul Patterson

      It won’t be Pardew. I think Ashley will give us a Brucey bonus..

      • Kenny

        Bruce isnt that daft, Pardew is

        • Peaky

          Although it won’t happen there’s nee one,absolutely nee one,dafter than McClaren…

        • Paul Patterson

          Pardew is stupid but he won’t want the stick he’d get. Bruce would relish it.

          • Peaky


          • Kenny


          • Peaky

            FatTwat will make Penfold do it for an extra fiver a week….

    • Mxpx

      Surely we know already its allerdyce

    • Wor Lass

      My son told me about an on-line quiz where you read a series of “quotes” and have to say whether they`re made up or actual quotes from Rodgers. I couldn`t crack it – they were all mental!

      • HarryHype59

        Fat Sham all the way. He is a perfect Ashley choice;

        1: He has a good record at saving relegation threatened teams from the drop.

        2: He is availble – so no compo.

        3 His appointment would send the NUFC fans ( who Ashley hates) wild with fury.

        • Wor Lass

          Is he available? I thought I`d read that it would take about £9 mill in compo. Or did that include the £6 mill to Rafa? Either way, it sounds like a load of b0ll0cks

          • HarryHype59

            He’s out of work at present! I did read about him taking legal action for unfair dismissal against the FA.

          • Wor Lass

            We`re on crossed wires hhere, m8. I`m talking about Brendan Rodgers – are you talking Pardew?

          • HarryHype59

            Crossed wires bud, I’m talking about Sham. Ashley would never pay £9m compo to get Rogers.

        • MadMag83

          Didn’t Ashley sack Allardyce? I’m sure he still feels animosity towards the club.

          • HarryHype59

            He did! However, Ashley has stated he regrets sacking Sham too early. He is a “specialist” relegation battler, who is available and could be appointed short term to try massage the TV cash cow. Sham would jump at the chance to prove he has “unfinished business” and raise his profile and bank account.

          • MadMag83

            That’s the thing thought, would Ashley agree to the kind of severance payment Allardyce would insist in his contract if he has to pay £6m to get rid of Benitez?

            Irrespective of that, Allardyce teams struggle to score goals. We have that problem already so it’s not going to make a difference. Ashley needs to gamble on a few stellar January signings.

          • HarryHype59

            Sham would be offered the job until the end of the season to avoid the risk of severance payments. I agree on the point about goals. I, like 99% of the fans would be livid at his reappointment. It is however, the type of of twisted action Fatty may take.

        • Viru leckworth

          Wild with fury but staying away.

    • Dave Pattinson

      Jokin Ear? Hopefully past it by now!

  • killymag

    one quarter of the season is gone and we have the magnificent total of 2 points , relegation looks a certainty. A realistic challenge for the remainder of the season is to secure 19 points as not to be humiliated by the great unwashed and hope for a Helicopter crash in the vicinity of Shirebrook .

    • Bowlsey

      It’s happy thoughts that keep us young.

    • MadMag83

      Fatty in a helicopter crash, imagine the crater!

  • Down Under Mag

    I do think we are right up against it and without investment in January I think we will go down (and I don’t think there will be anything spent in January so there you go).

    However, looking at the league table we are only 2 wins away from mid table, that is how poor this league actually is once you take away the top 6 teams.

    The one ray of hope is that we are actually keeping games tight and creating chances. If Perez get’s his usual second-half-of-the-season injection of form and/or Rondon finally makes it onto the pitch for more than a few minutes and finds some touch then we could scrape a few wins together. It’s a lot of if’s but’s and maybes so will have to wait and see. Surely fatty either needs to invest or take the rest of his money back and sell the club to someone who cares. if he thinks it will be as easy coming back up this time around he is greatly mistaken.

  • MadMag83

    It’s nailed on relegation. Benitez gone by Christmas with Ashley pinning the blame on him. A new half wit manager brought in and given a tiny January budget and a few loans to try and beat the inevitable drop.

    Lascells, Shelvey, Dubravka all sold in the summer. Ashley takes the club off the market again.