Life as a Newcastle fan has many twists and turns.

I have supported the club since 2003.

I can even tell you the actual day/night, it was 21 October 2003.

Newcastle United won 3-2 at Craven Cottage, goals from Laurent Robert and Alan Shearer(2), I was hooked.

It was by pure chance as well, I was into football but didn’t have a team as yet.

Growing up in Kent, you have the choice of pretty much any London club, as with nobody on the doorstep you have to travel to whoever anyway.

My family weren’t into football and I was just lucky, well, kind of.

My best mate happened to have an exiled Geordie as a dad and so when he took him to that game at Craven Cottage, I was invited along.

It was the supporters that really grabbed my attention, the atmosphere was class and there were some right ‘characters’ sitting/standing around us.

I was only 12 and obviously very impressionable at that age, it was so exciting to be in this mass of black and white, once the first goal went in…that was it.

It is almost 15 years to the day and 11 and a bit years of that as been under Mike Ashley.

That 2003/04 season was Sir Bobby’s last and pretty much it has all been downhill since then.

However, it makes no difference to me, I’ve loved every minute of being a Newcastle fan. Right through secondary school, university, and then getting a job, never regretted it.

Obviously, it is a bit different being a Newcastle fan down here, especially one who hasn’t got any direct family link to Tyneside.

I go to all the games in the south and come up at least nine or ten times a season for the home matches.

I have been called a lot of things as a Newcastle fan in these 15 years…deluded, mental, and the rest.

However, this week I had a new one thrown at me.

I’ve just started a new job in London and as usual you get a right mix of people, including as to which football teams they support.

Out for a a few drinks with new workmates after my first day in the job, we got talking about football, as you do.

I told my story about how I ended up supporting Newcastle United and one of the lads called me a glory hunter!

His reasoning was that because Newcastle had finished third the season before (2002/03) I went to my first game, and played in the Champions League that year, I was a glory hunter. That season we ended up fifth under Sir Bobby but that was immaterial, nothing mattered to me apart from my new allegiance, we could have been relegated for all I cared because even that wouldn’t have changed my mind.

If you are a glory hunter, what a team to pick!

The punchline to the story was, this idiot that was accusing me is a Manchester United fan from Reading, he had some rubbish made up tale about why there was nothing wrong with him being a ‘United’ fan.

It got me thinking though, could anybody honestly accuse a Newcastle supporter of being a glory hunter?

Even if you had say got into Newcastle when Keegan was manager in the 90s, surely you would have deserted us by now if you honestly are…a glory hunter.

Most of these past 14 years or so, especially under Ashley, have been pure misery, both in terms of entertainment and/or success.

I think if you are still with NUFC after these past so many years then you are either loyal or totally mad, not a glory hunter.

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  • Scott Robinson

    I am a Glory Hunter. I started attending matches the year after we won the Fairs cup aged 7, fully expecting us to win lots of trophies. Super Mac signed saying it was at the persuasion of Joe Harvey that the club was on the brink of big things. He thought so seeing we had recently won that European trophy.

    I am still a Glory Hunter nearly 50 years later!

  • Paul Patterson

    Yeah, just look at all the trophies we don’t have.. 🏆🏆🏆

    • Leicester Mag

      Won the Japan cup

      • Ba ba.

        Great at days.. 😂

  • Carverlier football

    It was the promotion season in 92/93 when football got its hooks into me… It all seemed so much fun at the time but many’s the time since I’ve cursed my parents (tongue in cheek) for choosing to move to Newcastle when I was 4; if they’d gone to Manchester, London or Liverpool I could’ve been spared a lifetime of misery… Still, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

  • mactoon

    The concept of being a glory hunter is to support a club with which you have no affiliation just because they win trophies and are successful. Any Newcastle fan who was a glory hunter back in those days would have left for pastures greener (or red, or blue😊 ) by now. So the fact like most of us, you are still a toon fan after all this time means you aren’t a glory hunter and that name can’t be attached to us.

    Oh and I am surprised your Man United supporting mate from Reading (who still supports them instead of Reading), knows so little about being a glory hunter, because… he is a glory hunter.

  • Leazes.

    My earliest memory and the thing which got me hooked was the Grandstand teleprinter which hiccuped the scores reluctantly and then in bursts at the final whistle as my granddad did his football pools…..

    NEWCASTLE 2……… LIV…….chachug cachug ERPOO….chachug cachug …. [PAUSE for 50 seconds] L 0

    Exciting stuff.

    • mactoon

      remember when the final score presenter used to give the full time results and you could tell the result by the pitch of his voice?

      • Leazes.

        Yes ‘inflection and tone’ broke the news with surprise or sorrow.

        • JohnnyH

          When they finished reading the scores, Me old man used to roll the copy coupon up into a little ball and chuck it in the fire, swearing that was the last time.
          Happy days

    • Cockneytrev

      Are the pools still going? I remember that’s how Liverpool got their money,,

      • Leazes.

        Littlewoods ….went to the wall after the national lottery and online gaming, but I think you can still do them online.

        Bloke would come around to the door on a Friday, probably pocket the money, massively open to theft.

        Spot the ball that was another load of nonsense.

        • MrShack66

          There were always stories in the papers of people winning jackpots. Only to be let down by the pools collectors pocketing the dosh. The safest way was going to the shop and doing it yourself. Tommy Reppers in Walker was where my grandad put them on.

    • mactoon

      I also used to sell the Pink outside our local social club as a kid and made an absolute fortune off the old geezers who used to come out to buy one after a Saturday afternoon session. Years later after the match me and my mates would be in the Percy and would buy it from the old bloke who used to come in and sell it. The whole bar would just start reading it. I remember the times when Keegan would come on the telly in the Percy for his post match interview, the lad closest to the jukebox would switch it off at the plug and everyone would say “SHHHHHH” and you could hear a pin drop until he finished, then chants of Keegan would ring out from everyone (apart from the Man United fan who was the spitting image of Mungo Gerry sitting at the bar preventing everyone from getting served), the jukebox was switched back on and your Saturday night started, win, lose or draw. Back when it meant something. Happy days!

  • BigHairyDog

    A Boro fan once accused me of being a glory supporter back in the 80’s.

    • Paul Patterson

      Poor fellow. It was probably the fumes..

  • Leicester Mag

    Bit like I am Spartacus 😂😂. I was clearly glory hunting back in 1980 desperate to see the deadly Shinton / Rafferty strike force when I got my first season ticket

  • Billmag

    Not one person no matter where they are from can ever call NUFC fans Glory Hunters, 55+ years and definitely not much Glory just a hell of a lot of heartache, and it’s even worse now under this regime because in the majority of all those years the money wasn’t floating around like it is these days

  • JohnnyH

    No glory ………but the match day anticipation, getting into toon before the rush with few pints in the Bacchus or the Welly, junk food lunch, then the walk up to the ground, the crowds thickening on the way, some of them singing, into SJP to watch the warm up, then hearing ‘Local Hero’ as the teams come out,
    On those rare days we even beat a top club.
    Pure magic

    Keep the faith Will

    • Cockneytrev

      I agree with everything , but “local hero” I think it’s depressing and I think it was Alan Robson who picked it and strted playing,, I wish we would play something else,, I was down Stamford bridge last season and when they came out , the crowd were signing along, it gets them up for it..

      • RAFmag

        Couldn’t disagree more. Written by the truly great Mark Knopfler. Soundtrack to the film about a local hero who refuses to sell out his home town to a souless tycoon who wants to flatten it to build an oil refinery.. Never been more relevant than now. Just a shame Hall was not that hero 12 years ago.

        • Cockneytrev

          Don’t care about relevance ,, it’s depressing,, it doesn’t get fans up for it.
          It only became our anthem in the 90s because Alan Robson was a fan.

          • mactoon

            I used to be walking up toward the ground when that came on, always made me grin and feel a little bit of chest swelling. Love it.

          • RAFmag

            Metallica use “The Ecstacy of Gold” instrumental as an intro at their concerts and it is awesome. It is from “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. Now that is an intro tune. Give it a listen. Still love Mark Knopfler though fills me with pride when I hear Local Hero.

          • Cockneytrev

            Metallica, it’s an instrumental, not for me, the intro song should be catchy, with a lyric the fans can chant along to, get them up for the match.

          • Cockneytrev

            Maybe something like “La Grange ” ZZ Top

          • JohnnyH

            It’s about a Texas whorehouse!!😂

          • Cockneytrev

            😂😂😂,,,,,Maybe Freddie and Douglas should have used it?
            Ok anything but what it is now,, AC/DC, Thunder?

    • Leazes.

      He’s probably not real, like most of the ‘fans around the world’ stuff it seems to be someone who has never posted ….then wham….article….. never to be seen again.

      I think they are all from the same pen of the Mag full time writer behind Smithfield and Porter.

      Just my opinion.

  • Matt Harte

    I’m pretty sure I was there and that was held at QPRs ground Loftus Road….bloody brill match 2-0 down after 8 mins and then Shearer dragged the team to victory. Away end was magical


    I would plead not guilty to being a Glory Hunter but if someone accused me of being a Misery Hunter I would have to plead guilty as charged, Misery and Toon Supporters have gone hand in hand for most of the last 63 years.

  • 45709

    i had a friend from Bradford, that’s all he was about, moved to the area and we became friends for about 15 years. But all of a sudden he decided, he’s an arsenal fan, Bergkamp, platt, Adams etc… (we all know Arsenal went on to become champions) but he loved the fact his “lifelong” team beat Newcastle a few times. Was all he could ever see, he couldn’t even watch games with other teams just for the enjoyment. Always thought it was odd, also he used to say he’s not a glory supporter only man united fans can be that!

  • Lord

    Didn’t fancy supporting Gillingham, Will Short?

    You could have ‘enjoyed’ their spell under Pardew.

  • Colin Brumwell

    60 years through thin and thinner, Iwas a last apprentice the last time we won owt and I retired 3 years ago

  • Steven05

    As long as you know who is here, I fear where the next generation of supporters, memories and story’s will come from…

  • Ba ba.

    Forty years a match going season ticket holder seen them win nowt . Hwtls

  • RAFmag

    Back in the nineties the opposition used to chant “Where were you when you were s**t?” Not surprised I haven’t heard that for a long time.

  • Themoscow72

    A great article and I am proud that you are a supporter who gets great enjoyment
    going to games. For me it’s been a great life supporting Newcastle all over the country and the world. The only thing which spoils it for me are the protesters who I wish would stay away for ever.

  • Toonraker

    10 years old and I went with my dad to see Newcastle v Liverpool at Anfield. My first match, and I didn’t support anyone then. Newcastle lost 5-0. That was it – hooked. 46 years later we’ve still won nowt. How different things could have been had I been a glory hunter…