Some interesting views from Morton fans after claims Mike Ashley looking to takeover as feeder club for Newcastle United.

So many people have an opinion on both Newcastle United and Mike Ashley…

Intriguing views below.

Morton fans comment via their Morton Forum message board:

‘Feeder club? Who in their right mind would want Morton as a ‘feeder’ club when we haven’t produced a player to play at the top of level of football in nearly 30 years.

We are hardly at the level of Auxerre in the mid-1990s.’

‘Argument collapses though on the premise that Newcastle United – the Dundee of English football – would be well-placed to judge the competence of other football clubs.

Our record pales in comparison with their basketcase setup, as Kevin Keegan’s recently serialised account of his last spell in charge makes clear.’

‘I spoke to my friend from Newcastle about this, I thought he would laugh at me because I’m always winding him up about Ashley and the shambles that Newcastle is, so I fully expected him to take great pleasure in getting his own back after years.

His words to me were “I wouldn’t wish that cancer on any club. Its hard to know how bad this guy is without him owning your club for ten years. The press don’t report 90% of the stuff he’s done”

Sounds promising!’

‘I can’t speak for your mate of course, but what has Ashley actually done to Newcastle? Do the Newcastle fans in general not have ideas above their station?

He hasn’t put them in financial peril, but his crimes seem to me to be taking their profits for himself (which he’s quite entitled to do) rather than investing them in the squad and not letting the fans tell him how he should run his business.’

‘I’ve always kind of thought the same but the level of sheer hatred Newcastle fans have towards him means there’s probably more to it than meets the eye. Legends like keegan and shearer wouldn’t hate him because he’s making a profit for themselves, and they’ve both worked under him.

The Xisco and Gonzalez deals are obviously one that’s gotten out in the press, but who knows how many other dodgy things have went on that arent widely known in the public.

There’s so many occasions in football where opposing fans on the outside see things one way and don’t see why a clubs fans feel that way about a manager/owner etc but the fans of the club who are entrenched in what goes on at the club know what is really happening.’

‘Does a guy who is worth 4billion really give a feck about a club in Scotland who struggle to draw 2k a week and in general make a loss year on year.’

‘Newcastle have been relegated twice in Ashley’s time there, and it’ll be three sooner or later if he hangs around.

I think it’s especially the lots of little things (being patronising towards fans and staff, not particularly caring, falling out with highly regarded Newcastle players/mangers, etc) which all come back to the main problem: he runs Newcastle United for the success of Sports Direct and himself, not for the success of Newcastle United.

I know this means that he hasn’t stretched them beyond their means, but they know their owner isn’t terribly bothered if they win a trophy or get relegated, as long as they keep plodding along.

It would be like us keeping Jim Duffy as manager for a decade or more, even if he relegated us a couple of times, because he would see us float back up each time without financial disaster. And add in him surrounding himself with his mates (who are mostly not very nice) and him being a bit of a tool himself, and things will get toxic quickly.

Bottom line is that fans hate it when they know the owner doesn’t care if the club is successful but only that the club continues to float around a financially viable level.’

‘A Newcastle feeder scenario at least has a logic to it that ‘youth-based sustainability’ has completely lacked from the beginning.’

‘Every Scottish club aspires in some sense or other to be a feeder club to the English Premiership and Championship.

It’s not the ‘wee’ clubs alone, Celtic have made huge sums (by Scottish Football standards) selling players to England and elsewhere.’

‘That’s aspiring to sell players, not being structured to help another team regardless of results for us.’

‘Not a huge fan of the wait and see approach when there’s a track record of dodgy behaviour and a massive club with passionate fans that has had the life sucked out of it.’

‘PSV, Vitesse and Antwerp all seem to have done well – especially Vitesse who owe their current status to Chelsea loanees.’

‘PSV: not a feeder club

Vitesse: small number of Chelsea loanees from the cream of their academy

Royal Antwerp: suffered probably the worst spell in their history with well over a decade outside the top flight (but at least they had Ronnie Wallwork!)’

‘Getting a couple of players on loan per season from a club due to a friendly relationship between both clubs is a completely different scenario than the club being set up to replace Newcastle’s youth academy due to dodgy links between the clubs.

To use the Celtic and Man City model that was mentioned earlier, Celtic have the power to have Arzani play in the reserves if he’s deemed not good enough for the first team, whereas if we have five Newcastle loan players at Morton and only one of them is good enough or the first team, we will still have five Newcastle loanees playing every week in the first team.’

‘If you read the article on Newcastle youth, they appear to be scrapping it so maybe they want their prospects playing competitively before going to their under 23 squad? Bridge the gap a bit.

Celtic are a feeder club for Man City, not doing them any harm. Rangers will all be a feeder for Liverpool.’

‘If this happens and our sole purpose as a football club is to develop players for Newcastle then you can stop calling it Morton. It won’t be Morton. Call it Newarkcastle or something and put them in black and white stripes.

I’ll accept the argument that teams are already developing other sides players by taking them on loan, but this doesn’t sound like taking a couple of good prospects to make up the numbers.’

‘I’ve been watching Morton for over 30 years, but I’ll have nothing to do with this.’

‘They signed players on loan at Newcastle with no intention of playing them as favours to agents etc, I’m sure they’d find a way to make their money back by whatever means necessary.’

‘So is being successful meaning that we help a team like Newcastle develop their young players, or we provide an avenue for avoiding tax, or what? Their definition of success might not match ours. It certainly didn’t match Newcastle’s or Rangers’ definition of success.’

  • Alex

    They’re all pretty sceptical. I wonder why?

  • Cockneytrev

    Some quite acceptable responses,, perhaps the football community are finally realising what has been happening at Newcastle,
    The fact Shearer and Keegans names have been mentioned , shows the power of the media, we need more hi profile, explayers , pundits etc speaking out.

  • Peaky

    Mark my words Greenock fans….the devious lying fatcunt will be up to something here that has fuckall to do with football…..

    • X,WHY,Y MAN.

      Huge S****S D****T Superstore where Cappielow Park used to be I fancy !

    • Derek Osborne

      exactly right

  • Waxi

    Quote, ‘I’ve been watching Morton for over 30 years, but I’ll have nothing to do with this.’ This is what the FCB does to a club, he is killing what we have had at our club for many years 50 odd in my case and i’m starting to feel i don’t want to go anymore all through his hatred of us and his money grabbing ways.

    • X,WHY,Y MAN.

      He’s actually picking off the fan base before he has even taken over lol

  • Leazes.

    I’ve never heard of a feeder club having a feeder club….

    ….the original story was NOT about United acquiring another club it was about two people who are asset strippers with connections to Ashley looking for booty.

    These aren’t people with an interest in football other than what they can plunder…..

    …..have Morton got some development land attached by any chance?

    • Peaky

      My thoughts exactly…nowt to do with football..

    • GToon

      I think we get to eat them. That’s all really.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    One of their former youth players developed into a quite successful actor called Martin Compston who many will have seen on their screens.
    In his debut “Sweet Sixteen”, The memorable scene is the one where he is robbed by three junkies who take his stash.
    He then proceeds to keep on following them despite 3 onto 1 to retrieve his booty with the line : “Where’s Ma F***in’ Gear” ?
    So you cannot say their players haven’t any bottle…
    If nothing else Ashley can improve their acting skills to send them out to lie for him lol

    • Wor Lass

      He was fantastic as Peter Manual in “In Plain Sight”. I`d only seen him in Line of Duty before so, at first, I was thinking, “What a stonking Scottish accent”. It`s just as well he was a good actor because he only made two appearances for them. I wonder if he won any pens ….?

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        Watch Sweet Sixteen it is a good film if you like that Ken Loach type of thing.

  • Themoscow72

    Remember going up there August 1982 with the old bender squad we took a bus to Glasgow then got the train from there. There were only two thousand at the match but half must have been us. We won three one and the great Imre Varadi scored. Had an eventful night in Glasgow to say the least with most of us ending up in a bar called Bonkers. A few black eyes among us on the way back with several people missing. How I miss those days.

    • panther

      cant imagine why anyone would want to give you a black eye

    • Danimal

      We know you’re far more interested in reminiscing about hooliganism than you are in Newcastle United having some pride or even some success. The list of people you admire is very revealing Monk.

      • Themoscow72

        A family man who has taken his son and daughter for the last twenty years. Now they have grown up my mate bought a box twenty three seater the biggest in the ground so watch the match from outside there.

        • Danimal

          Yeah, in your younger years you thought it was clever to hero worship the hooligan scum who almost destroyed our game. Then you got older, had some kids with some unsuspecting woman, got yourself a bit middle class, then started admiring the likes of Mike Minimum Wage Ashley. You have very low standards Monkseaton Moscow. Anyone remember the scumbag posing for a selfie with Ashley after Carver’s last match v West Ham? I bet that was you Monk.

          • Themoscow72

            Not me do not do hero worship at all. Been with the same lass since we were fifteen so she always knew the score that going to matches will always come first. The people I respect is people who go to every match as that is what life is about not big houses, flash cars. I judge people solely on how many matches they go to. As for trouble it’s always been self defence with me mainly in the old days.

    • glassjawsh-got-banned

      you are old and gross and weird. go away.

  • Let’s go

    Easdale brothers made there money from drugs and money laundering. Previously chased out of glasgow rangers with liombias and Keith bishop and Justin Barnes all of whom are paid to lie for mike scumbag Ashley. I hope for Morton that they get nowhere near there club. But it would be interesting rangers v Morton because rangers supporters won’t forget what Ashley easdales Barnes bishop liombias done to the club. Everyone one of them took money from our club and ever one of them are lying scum

    • SuperDesHamilton


  • GToon

    God help Morton if that piece of vermin takes control.

    • Dave Pattinson

      Be afraid….be very afraid!

  • Down Under Mag

    So given Newcastle are basically set up as a selling club now as they search for the next Cabaye or Sissoko, how does it actually work if we have a feeder club that produces the talent? Who actually gets the mone….oh wait, silly question. We all know where it will end up and it certainly isn’t with either of the clubs involved!