Newcastle fans are sick of it.

The entertainment this season is on a par with the results.

To put it into perspective as well, these results are the worst start to a top flight NUFC season for 120 seasons.

Whilst it is undeniably shocking at the minute, I think we also have to accept that this is not really a massive surprise, if we are honest with ourselves.

To actually this summer do the opposite of investing in last season’s poor squad, meant it was odds on that we would be facing a total mess of a season this time.

The £20m+ profit generated on summer transfer deals put the block on any real hope of entertainment or decent results.

Ask yourself, how many matches last season did you really enjoy?

Yes, we all took satisfaction that Rafa Benitez had somehow edged us into 10th (could have been as low as 15th if results had been different on final matchday) at the end of the season – but it was a season to be endured in reality, when it came to the actual football.

Going through last season’s games, I would say the team played really well on three occasions, the wins over Man Utd, Chelsea and Leicester.

Then we had a little bit below that the home win over Arsenal and other games such as the wins home and away over West Ham, as well as Bournemouth away – Newcastle ended up drawing 2-2 but had played really well until the final 10 minutes.

After that you had the wins home and away over Stoke, then a home win and away draw against Southampton.

That to me adds up to 11 matches where there was half decent entertainment/football.

After that though I thought the other 27 matches had to be endured to greater or lesser degrees.

Even the 1-0 wins over Swansea, Palace and Huddersfield were tedious as games of football, as well as the other six points we gained in draws against Liverpool, West Brom, Swansea, Brighton, Palace and Burnley.

The other 18 games were defeats and apart from odd 10 minute spells in a few matches they were all instantly forgettable.

My point is though, that last season was one where we were prepared to take a hit.

Yes the football wasn’t great to watch but stabilising in the Premier League was worthwhile, before then pushing on the next season…

To be honest, even if we had fluked a few better results so far, I would still think this season was a total disaster so far.

We don’t expect Champions League level spending or league placing but we do expect to try and sign some better players and to try and play better football.

This summer was a shocker, anybody who thought we were going to get decent results or football with this squad and new signings must be delusional.

I obviously don’t blame Rafa Benitez for this mess but I do wonder what he was doing putting up with that latest nonsense from Mike Ashley in the summer.

One thing is for sure, Kevin Keegan wouldn’t have put up with the lies, deceit and broken promises.

Rafa Benitez is trying to do his best in impossible circumstances and I’m not sure whether I should be grateful for that, or whether to be a little but angry that he didn’t walk out and do Mike Ashley for constructive dismissal in the summer.

If Ashley is still going to be here regardless, as he promises/threatens, then I’m not even sure I’m that bothered if we are relegated.

The idea of somehow fluking survival with this group of players, only to go through it yet again next season…?

Football is all about progression, striving to improve on and off the pitch.

At St James Park we don’t know what to hope for now, apart from seeing an end to this nightmare under Mike Ashley.

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  • Roblee07

    I agree. You do have to wonder though what is ashley thinking? He always seems to be 1 step ahead. I reckon everything he does is pre planned possibly a year or two in advance. Maybe he has even been shocked at just how submissive we have been in his 11 years to the extent he knew he could do what he did in the summer. Even now some fans STILL go and will not boycott. As a fan base we are bent over the table with our undies around our ankles!

  • BigHairyDog

    Finishing 10th was the worst thing that could happen other than being relegated, Ashley’s warped logic and total greed overruled all football sense. If we’d finished 15th, Ashley wouldn’t have demanded Rafa make a £20million profit.

  • toonterrier

    We’ve been awful for years under the fatmans ownership and until he goes we’re going nowhere other than relegation or if we’re lucky survival but with football not worth watching and definitely not worth forking out hard earned cash to help the FCB buy more stores. The bloke is just taking the pee and we’re accepting it without any proper protests. Stay away lads and lasses and spend your money on other things then when he does go join the queue and get your season ticket back as a lot of us will.

  • nufcslf

    Well said and very true. The back of the fat [email protected] is the only thing that will see any change. The damage done to date is not going to be easy to correct even if the fat slug does f**k off to let new owners take over this deflated excuse for a football club.

  • Geordiegiants

    I don’t think even the most passionate Rafa fan likes what’s on offer football wise, but he is still 100% out best option as manger.