Elias Sorensen is making headlines.

A Newcastle United striker with 11 goals to his name already.

Monday night saw the NUFC reserves hammer Aston Villa 5-2. The Newcastle United second string going a goal behind but coming back to grab an excellent away victory.

Key to the success was a 30 minute hat-trick from Elias Sorensen, the Danish striker scoring in the 25th, 34th and 55th minutes to set United on their way.

Villa saved from further punishment when Sorensen was subbed on the hour mark.

This made it 11 goals for the season in all competitions for the young Newcastle forward, having also scored a hat-trick in his last reserve league game against Fulham – although some at the match put one of his three strike down as an own goal.

No matter, when the first team has managed only six goals in nine PL games so far, is it any wonder some Newcastle fans have reacted to last night’s performance by asking what’s there to lose by giving youth a chance, especially when full of confidence?

Elias Sorensen turned 19 only last month (18 September) so it is asking a lot BUT alternatively, would there really be any harm in even giving him a place on the bench at Southampton on Saturday?

Just look at the age of many of the players who have made their debuts for England in recent years and/or at other Premier League clubs.

Rafa Benitez doesn’t really make it a habit of giving young players a chance at such an age, even in the Championship season young players were conspicuous by their absence, the manager going for experience pretty much across the board.

On Saturday, Newcastle were desperate for some inspiration against Brighton but neither manager nor fans were keen on anybody sitting on the bench.

Rafa eventually gave Joselu 16 minutes but didn’t trust the likes of Atsu or Murphy to make a difference.

Even leaving aside Elias Sorensen, what about Callum Roberts and Sean Longstaff?

Winger Roberts scored his sixth goal of the season for the reserves last night and at the age of 21 it is surely a case of he gets a chance soon or is let go?

As for Sean Longstaff, he turns 21 in a week’s time and scored many spectacular goals as he notched nine from midfield when on loan at League One Blackpool last season.

Neither player was even on the bench on Saturday and they haven’t played a Premier League minute between them.

Watching the embarrassment that was Ayoze Perez sauntering around the pitch against Brighton, I would far rather one of these young players was given the chance to see what youthful enthusiasm and desire could do.

We all sympathise with Rafa Benitez because this mess is totally down to Mike Ashley BUT maybe it is time to look at other options.

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  • Lewis SG

    All three will have their chances next season when we are relegated.

    • HarryHype59

      Alas true!

  • East Durham Mag

    Rooney set the Premier league on fire at 17 years old. Give him a go. However if he started smashing goals in he would instantly become a saleable commodity to Fatty.

  • Billmag

    It’s a massive jump from reserve team football to Premier League football.

    • Salty

      Other teams manage to promote players through the ranks- Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal spurs at the top end and Everton, Burnley, etc at the bottom so why not us?

      • Billmag

        Possibly not good enough at this particular time in there careers.

    • WildBill

      Of course it is. On the other hand how many goals would the hos score in the reserves? Or league one? Or league two? He’d never score successive hat tricks in any football. Give the lad a spot on the bench I say. Something is better than nothing…..we’ve got nothing better up front.

      • Billmag

        You’re talking rubbish, if Rafa put the boy in and he flopped big time you and a few others would be the first one’s to call Rafa for hanging the kid out to dry, something is better than nothing eh what a sort of statement is that we are not playing video games this is reality, bottom of the league reality, it isn’t the time to bring a boy into the team the position we are in.

        • WildBill

          Reading must not be your strong point mate, no one said put him in, I’m not giving him the number 9 shirt, all in saying is I’d rather have him.on the bench than the hoss. That’s because I’d rather have ANYONE on the bench than hoss. I don’t even have to have ever seen the kid play, it’s impossible that he would be worse than hoss? I wouldn’t jump on Rafa for giving him 10 minutes at the end of a game for that reason alone.

          • Billmag

            The boy has only scored at reserve team level and you would like him on the bench before a lad that has scored at the highest level, you are on about reading is not my strong point please tell me where I mentioned the number 9 shirt, I know as well as anyone that Jos is poor but to actually come out with a statement like “it’s impossible the kid can be worse than Jos without even seeing the boy play” is ludicrous.

          • WildBill

            It’s ludicrous at face value, granted, but seeing Joselu is possibly the worst forward I’ve ever seen its not that much of a stretch to say he has to be better. Hoss is beyond poor, there maybe a worse forward playing for someone but I’ve not seen him. As far as the Toon goes he’s worse than Billy Rafferty, worse than Pingle, worse than Billy Whitehurst, in 45 years watching the Toon I’ve not seen anyone as bad as this guy. You could pluck any kid from the lower leagues and stick him in and the worst he would be would be the equilivant of Hoss. Don’t underestimate how bad he is. He deserves no benefit of any doubt. He’s that bad.

          • Billmag

            Been watching the toon nigh on sixty years and seen plenty of shyte down the years and it’s my opinion he isn’t worse than the player’s you have mentioned, but there you go we have different opinions that’s the nature off the game today and how far we’ve sunk as a club.

  • Mrkgw

    Get him in the side. Has to be a better bet than the current offerings.

  • JohnnyH

    Worth giving them a run out, I think Perez in particular could do with a spell on the bench, if we’ve got options in these two.

    • Themoscow72

      Perez could do with a good player a long side him and will come good keep the faith.

  • HarryHype59

    Give the lad a chance. He can’t do any worse that the current strikers.

  • Leazes.


  • kingfisher

    I think the main problem with Rafa is that he relies to much on tactics, percentages, working things out to the smallest detail.These things may work with world class players, but with the journeymen at Newcastle it may be different.

    It may go against all of his previous experience,but why not try something different and take a chance on some of the younger players.God knows they couldn’t do any worse.

    • Kenny

      Boycott all the games, get Fat Rat OUT

      • BanJones

        It’s unrealistic to ask season ticket holders to boycott all the games, targetting TV games has a much better chance of being effective.

        • Themoscow72

          Boycott no games keep the faith.

          • Kenny


          • Andy Mac

            I cannot believe there are fans who maintain we should keep the faith when the owner is sucking money out of the club ? Money which could have gone to buy a player perhaps ?

            #FatmanOut however it happens

        • Kenny


          • BanJones

            Great opinion there Kenny! you know yourself how effective an overall boycott would be at least limited boycotts can show that it can be effective to the doubters – in short it starts with one….

    • Themoscow72

      Wolves tickets on sale Monday 29th I am buying six to boast the crowd. Bought two extra for Watford and six extra for Bournemouth but at least this time they were only thirty four pounds each not sixty two. Rafa has asked for the fans to stick together so no boycott for Wolves important match where we have chance three points. Also a boycott will not find us a buyer.

      • Viru leckworth

        It will make a point though.

    • mentalman

      I’ve said a few times on here rafa is by far the best manager we’ve had in a long time but i don’t think he is the best manager for this team

    • Viru leckworth

      Agree boycott the Wolves match. Listen in Radio Newcastle or watch on tv.

  • mactoon

    Interesting that he was hooked after 60 minutes and I would love to see him on the bench. I don’t see 19 being a problem, it wasn’t for Owen when he held off two Argentina defenders and smashed it past the goalkeeper. Rafa has already said “Players with experience and a good mentality can help this team,” when asked about playing youngsters but for me, get him on.

  • Kenny

    half the teams not worth a nut, may as well try a few young players,
    Perez & Diame plus Hoss should be 1st out the door in January,
    maybe Gateshead will take them

    • Themoscow72

      I like Perez just Rafa got rid of Gayle and he has had no one up front a long side him who is any good.

      • Kenny

        he is f##king useless

        • Themoscow72

          His goals last season got us 13 points when it was the decisive marginal goal he just needs some one good a long side him and will come good. He should get two on Saturday which will make the journey home rather pleasant.

      • Big Hairy Man

        Gayle is prolific in the Championship as he was for us but it seems that is his level. No disrespect to the lad but he isn’t strong enough for the Premier league.

    • Malcolm Fisher

      What have you got against Gateshead? Why punish them?

  • Tino o

    I scored 3 goals in a whole season 25 years ago! I think I’m worth a shot ahead of our strikers

  • killymag

    Rooney , Owen , Fowler ect played in teams that had good players to compliment there natural ability to play the lad with the current set of sh#t will drain the confidence out of him. It may be best to wait until next season and blood him in the Championship .

  • Salty

    We have a dreadful record of bringing kids through in recent years which is why we lost the young centre half to Everton recently as they’ve brought through likes of Davies, Calvert-lewin and holgate . We’ve also lost Tavernier and Mbabu who are better than Manquillo and will also lose Woodman as I’ve heard Rafa doesn’t rate him.

    • Andy Mac

      I genuinely cannot believe Rafa doesnt rate Woodie. However I do believe he’ll be gone by the end of this season. The lad has had enough.

      • Salty

        All I can say is that came from one of our current first team squad.

        • Andy Mac

          Wow ! 🤔 Rafa didnt fancy Mitro, Baboo or Arma either while Gayle’s off and he replaces like for like ?

          Real danger here is that this gets out of hand and the slagging starts (again). Maybe one day we’ll get to hear what is really going on inside the Fatman’s palace ?

      • Kneebotherm8

        Who’ll be gone by the end of the season?…..

  • mentalman

    What would be the point, he’d have an ok game and never be seen in the first team again and we’d be back to the 3 amigos up front

  • robbersdog

    He’ll end up at Man City.

    • Andy Mac

      Can see that happening just as Woodie will leave this season following Lewis Gibson out the door

  • Wor Lass

    Seems like a no-brainer to me but the club doesn`t seem to want to bring young players on nowadays. being the biggest club in NE England (that`s Yorkshire to you, Leazes!) we should be fighting off great young talent not struggling to find it.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Yeah Perez not doing his defensive duties when Brighton scored their goal……….exactly as he did against Man C in a very similar position when Walker scored the winner too……defensively he’s a liability……..

    • Rich

      Some of your comments are alright, but this one is silly. We don’t want Perez to track back, we want him to shoot the ball into the bloody net.

      • Kneebotherm8

        Defending set pieces the best defender we ever had was a bloke called ………Alan Shearer………..all forwards have defensive duties,especially at set pieces and Perez is no different.

  • Gallowgate1982

    Firstly the use of the word Reserves in this article is misleading..He plays for the under 23 team which is now known as the development squad. Having watched several U23 games the standard is p#ss poor and fast tracking this boy to the first team and premier league football will expose him in the worst possible way. Imagine the boy missing an open goal in front of the state that is our home fans at the moment ? I know Rafa would not put the kid in that position unless we were winning a game by a few goals. It is a none starter and the desperation shown by people on here and elsewhere to get this boy in the 1st team because he is scoring goals at a level equivalent to semi pro Saturday football shows the absolute lack of football knowledge on this site and many others including Twitter

    • Kenny

      the standard of strikers we have is p1ss poor

    • mentalman

      so MA is right to scrap the academy then?

    • Andy Mac

      I’m sorry but I disagree. I dont suggest we should start the lad but why not bring him on for fifteen minutes when we’re losing as usual ? He cannot possibly be any more of a waste of a shirt than wor Jos ?

  • Andy Mac

    “Newcastle’s form has coincided with the arrival of new coach Neil Redfearn with the former Leeds boss working closely with the Toon’s younger players. Dawson said: “It’s great to have Neil as a sounding board and to be able to discuss things as the game goes on but also on the training field.

    “He has made a real difference in the time he has been in.”

    Redfearn arrived Oct 1st (officially joined on the 2nd) and we havent lost since. Many of us have been saying for a looooooooong time – employ suitably qualified professionals (not PB) and these lads will thrive on the expertise, knowledge and talent that they bring.

    We all know why Beardo was in charge of the stiffs for so long but eventually the penny dropped with the Fatman or maybe it was dropped on him from a great height ?”

    Copied from the Chron

    • Andy Mac

      and the fkr leaves because he’s guaranteed a better deal elsewhere ? Only at NUFC could this happen ?

  • BigHairyDog

    When KK came in during the ’92 season when things were exactly the same, only we were then a league lower, he made a change. What KK did was replace or put to one side inexperienced players like Andy Hunt, Steve Watson, Alan Thompson, Lee Clark, Pavel Srnicek and Robbie Elliott. He brought in Killer and Kevin Sheedy, brought back Ray Ranson, Tommy Wright and Mark Stimson to play alongside Killer, Sheedy, David Kelly, Micky Quinn, Kevin Brock and Bjorn Kristensen. The only inexperienced players who made up the backbone of his team were Kevin Scott and Gavin Peacock and they were hardly novices from the juniors.

    KK knew young lads playing in such a desperate and highly charged environment could be disastrous, they could crumble and it could damage them. But these were players who’d at least experienced the atmosphere of St James Park, what people are now suggesting is to throw in kids who’ve play in front of 100’s, into an atmosphere of 50,000 fans boiling with anger and on the verge of full scale revolt.

    With the exception of Sean Longstaff, the rest are far from ready, able and prepared to face the battle.

    • Damon Horner

      Agreed. Example being Arsenal this year, blooding a young forward… in the Europa League… when the games won. You bed them in not throw them in.

      It didn’t work out but even Rafa knows this when he played Findlay, Barlaser and El-Mhanni in the early stages of the cup.

  • Philippines

    Matt Busby wasn’t worried about age when he fielded the successful “Busby Babes” in the 1950’s. I say give him a shot in the first team.

  • 5floorshigh

    he could score a hat-trick every time he plays but if he don’t fit the Rafa system he wont get chance……Rafa out

    • Viru leckworth

      And bring in who? Nugget.

      • 5floorshigh

        never heard of em ?

  • DeadToiler

    We should give Sorensen a chance why would it harm his prospects if he didn’t score? Playing in the first team may inspire him. Same with Longstaff. How many players have gone out on loan to never return. I doubt either will get a chance expect in the FA cup as part of a greatly weakend team. Rafa sticks with the same group of players irrespective of how well they’re playing. Maybe he’ll get a chance in the Championship with a different manager.

  • fistsofsteel2

    Course you have to give him a chance……..he can’t do worse than our current options, and he may be feeling confident after finding his scoring boots.

  • Dave1992

    I’m sick of us wrapping promising players in cotton wool. Have some belief. Didn’t do Fowler, Owen, Rooney etc any harm being debuted 2-3 years younger than this guy. What about those U20 world cup winners? Half of them are playing for Liverpool, Arsenal etc. Ours (Armstrong) is playing for Blackburn.