Gordon Strachan has been discussing the situation at St James Park.

The former Celtic, Middlesbrough and Scotland Manager identifying major problems on and off the pitch.

Gordon Strachan declares: ‘I think when everything is ok from the top of the club all the way down, then you are ok.’

For Newcastle United of course, the problems START at the very top and cause problems all the way down.

As well as a fatal failure to properly invest in the first team squad, Mike Ashley has also refused to allow the essential cash to be spent on NUFC’s Academy set-up, the training complex and St James Park.

Strachan claims that Newcastle is a club that doesn’t even know itself ‘where it wants to go just now…and that is a problem.’

Mike Ashley’s ‘plan’ of trying to get Newcastle United to exist in the Premier League on the lowest possible spend to give Sports Direct their free worldwide TV exposure and to bank PL revenues, has already led  to two relegations in NUFC’s last eight Premier League campaigns.

The owner’s insistence on a £20m+ transfer profit this summer and the club just being allowed to drift further, means a third relegation in nine PL seasons is looking very likely.

When it comes to how Ashley’s running of the club has created on-pitch problems, nowhere can this seen better in the total lack of goal threat up front.

Gordon Strachan says he doesn’t know who could possibly score the goals in Rafa’s cut-price squad and says that when you have no goal threat, it creates massive problems throughout the team. Players knowing if they concede one then there is almost no chance of getting back into the game, with also a fear for players to get forward when they know conceding a goal will almost certainly seal a defeat.

A desperate situation and only at Newcastle United would you see a striker sold for £22m (rising to £27m) and then the owner refusing to let you buy an even adequate replacement, instead limiting you to a limited loan signing who had only averaged eight goals a season in three Premier League years.

Gordon Strachan talking to Sky Sports:

“What I do know is Newcastle have still got to score goals, but there’s nobody really there as a treat to score the goals, I don’t know who’s going to score goals for them.

“It’s very hard and you can try as much as you want, but if you are not getting that break and a goal goes in, then you know that one is going to kill you (when you can’t score goals yourself).

“You play with a bit of fear then, you step back a bit, you think ‘Well I’d better not go forward because if I lose possession, we have to get back because if we lose a goal that’s a (massive) problem’.

“I think when everything is ok from the top of the club all the way down, then you are ok.

“But I don’t think the club (Newcastle United) itself knows where it wants to go just now…and that is a problem.

“Players will say ‘Well it doesn’t really affect us’…well it does.

“Because it affects the manager, and if if affects the manager  it affects the players, and it’s like a domino effect.”

  • Paul Patterson

    Don’t worry, Ashley knows better.. 💩🏠

  • Mike D

    Fair assessment.

  • Peaky

    Ohfuck no….where’s he come from ?? I think it’s Fat Controller on here who keeps saying he could well be our next manager…..

    • Leazes.

      No problem with what was said…. I have a problem with the chronicle writing articles entitled….

      ….’Former Magpies defender Robbie Elliott urges Newcastle to attack Manchester United on Saturday’….

      I mean…. you know…. come on!

      • Peaky

        Wonder who Jack Lacey Hatton will be rooting for this weekend 😂🤣😂 That should keep you going…

        • Leazes.

          Did you see the photo of him on his web page too?

          • Peaky

            Yes I’ve seen it….

          • Leazes.

            My guess is he’ll be wearing his 2013 AIG Manure shirt….. the Lacey-Hattons are from Derbyshire.

  • Leazes.

    United was always a club famed for its ‘Number Nines’ (its the only area we spent money) even naming its bar after one Alan Shearer and reverting by Ashley’s decree to ‘The Nine Bar’….. ever wonder why?

    Ashley has now stripped the club to the bones and of course we don’t even have the one thing that the club was fabled for…. the ‘Number Nine shirt seller’….

    Ashley knew this…. that’s why he did it!

    Not greed….but malevolence towards the fans.

    • graham18

      Cos the FCB is a pr*ck,that’s why

  • robbersdog

    Yep, we can’t score enough goals because we don’t have decent strikers. Well said Gordon, you’ll get the Nobel Prize for the bleedin’ obvious.

  • Ashley-out

    Die, youfathorriblecunt

  • mactoon

    And therein lies the problem. To win games you have to score goals, to score goals you need a goalscorer.

    Looking at strikers alone here’s the business we have done under Ashley since 2011/12 and the prem goals they scored each season they were here.

    Demba Ba 16, 13
    Papisse Cisse 13, 13, 4, 11, 3
    Remy (loan) 14
    Riviere 3, 0
    Mitro 9, 2
    Gayle 6
    Joselu 4, 2
    Ferreyra (loan) Doumbia (loan) Slimani (loan) Muto and Rondon (loan) all 0 goals.

    A pretty telling statistic here that since Ba and Cisse were sold we’ve struggled massively up front and loan deals just have not worked (Remy’s 1 season apart). Surely Ashley can see that now when we’re in such a bad position is the time to stop wasting money on loans and players simply not up to the task (the players above cost above £60 million) and invest decent money in someone who can actually score the goals we need?

  • Mike

    who is he to talk?#

    • HarryHype59

      The next NUFC manager?

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    theres only one problem

    • porciestreet

      M F A.