Dermot Gallagher reviews controversial decisions in the Premier League after each round of games, on behalf of Sky Sports, and has given his call on a Manchester United v Newcastle United match incident.

With Newcastle two goals up, they get a free-kick in a great position just outside the box on the left side.

Jonjo Shelvey whips in the cross for Newcastle and Ashley Young clear blocks the ball with his elbow, which has moved to wide of his body.

An obvious penalty.

Dermot Gallagher agrees and his verdict is: ‘Wrong call, it’s a clear penalty.’

The former top referee thinks Anthony Taylor was standing in the wrong position, looking for potential fouls in the box, rather than what is happening with the taking of the free-kick.

Gallagher saying the referee needs to find a place to stand where he can see both the kick being taken and potential grappling/fouling in the penalty area.

What was strange about this one, is that the referee appeared to get distracted as the kick was going to be taken, meaning he wasn’t really looking at anything of importance.

Bottom line is, a pretty shocking mistake to have made in this age of Premier League full-time professional referees.

Dermot Gallagher speaking to Sky Sports:


“With Newcastle 2-0 up at Old Trafford, Jonjo Shelvey whips a free-kick into the box that hits Ashley Young’s arm as he goes to block it.

“Referee Anthony Taylor incorrectly awards a goal-kick and waves away penalty appeals.”

Dermot Gallagher verdict:

“Wrong call, it’s a clear penalty.”

Dermot Gallagher says:

 “It raises an interesting point.

“The referees are going to have to think about where to stand for a free-kick.

“His priority is what is going on in the box – is there going to be a foul?

“I think the learning point is to try and find a different angle so you can see both the free-kick and what’s going on in the box.”

Stats from BBC Sport:

Manchester United 3 Newcastle United 2


Newcastle: Kenedy 7, Muto 10

Man Utd: Mata 70, Martial 76, Sanchez 90

Possession was Man Utd 73% Newcastle 27%

Total shots were  Man Utd 18 Newcastle 13

Shots on target were Man Utd 10 Newcastle 8

Corners were  Man Utd 10 Newcastle 6

Referee: Anthony Taylor

Newcastle United:

Dubravka, Yedlin, Lascelles, Fernandez, Manquillo, Ritchie, Diame, Shelvey, Kenedy (Murphy 68), Perez (Joselu 88), Muto (Atsu 78)

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Clark, Schar, Hayden

Crowd: 74,519 (NUFC Approx 3,000)

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  • Tino o

    Well spotted dermot a truly top referee

  • jinkyjimnufc

    And what happened to the corner kick?

    • molend

      This is an important point. Did all the officials really think that Shelvey just trickled the ball many yards to the right of the Man U goal? Even if they didn’t see the ball strike Young, when they saw it gently rolling out, didn’t any of them think, ‘That’s a funny way for a professional footballer to take a free kick’? Especially when Shelvey immediately protested. I suspect there’s more to this than meets the eye (sorry!) and the FA should certainly become involved.

      • Carverlier football

        I don’t think there’s anything sinister going on, it’s just common or garden incompetence.

      • jinkyjimnufc

        I’m never really hopeful in getting penalties in those situations – it was Old Trafford after all. However, the whole world (Manure on TV) saw that it was at least a corner. The referee should be taken to task – again!

  • Billmag

    His priority is to see what’s going on in the box, well excuse me Young was positioned in the box wasn’t he DG is a dummy and Taylor should be downgraded to the Championship.

  • Tino o

    The question needs to be asked to the fa why is he anywhere near the premiership and why is he refereeing games in his own area. His parents have season tickets at old Trafford ffs . The fa is truly corrupt!

    • Cockneytrev

      “His parents have season tickets at old Trafford”? Is that for sure,

      • Tino o

        Read it on Twitter another said it was his wife’s parents either way

        • BigHairyDog

          The FA are corrupt, unlike UEFA and FIFA they’re yet to clean up their act. I while back I posted something similar on the website Rate the Ref and was reported to the FA!!!

    • Kev-82

      He’s from Wythenshawe a whole 7 miles from Old Trafford. How is that allowed?

      • Tino o

        Fck knows

  • DC1964

    Definitely robbed there! Still hurting from that result!

  • Big Hairy Man

    You don’t get even stonewall penalties against Manure at Old Trafford especially if you are NUFC. Ashley Young could have handled the ball, nutted Lascelles then kicked Fernández in the bollox and the result would be a free kick to Manure.

    • Tino o

      It’s not just manure we don’t get them against until the hoss missed that one last season I forgot they existed

  • Dillon Tovak

    100% thought I’d read his verdict would be corner.

  • Rabid Dog

    And they should have had one our end too. Poor refereeing.

    As a toon supporter I say bring in VAR as we do get the short end of too many decisions. As a football supporter I’d prefer not to see it

  • Brian Standen

    Of course they in my eyes also had nailed on penalty – but ours came at a time when in all likelihood we would have gone In 3-0 up – whole different ball game – gutting!

    • ToonTom

      Their ‘penalty’ is irrelevant. If the ref had given us our penalty then – whether we scored it or not – the game does not then produce their ‘penalty’ incident. Simple as that. We were robbed.

      • Brian Standen

        Think that’s what I said to be fair

        • ToonTom

          LOL :-)

      • Kneebotherm8

        At 3-0 down they may well have collapsed… was just the break they needed at that time…..I think it’s the reason the ref didn’t give the Muto handball….he suspected he’d made a bollox of things with our penalty claim.

  • robbersdog

    What if…we had been awarded that penalty on Saturday, Chelsea hadn’t wrongly been awarded a penalty at SJP and Kenedy had scored his penalty at Cardiff?
    Well, it wouldn’t be all doom and gloom and we might’ve been in or around mid-table.

    I know that playing ‘what if’ is easy, but the point I’m making is that there’s a thin line between success and failure in the Prem, and right now, we’re on the wrong side of that line because we simply haven’t had the breaks. A couple of very poor refereeing decisions and a badly taken penalty have been major contributors to our current plight.

    Luck has been against us and we’re not getting the breaks – and there are two ways of looking at this. Throughout the 2008/2009 campaign when we were relegated, we were on the receiving end of some shocking refereeing decisions throughout the entire season, and it was almost like fate was against us. However, I have seen the opposite happen; this season’s still very young and if we can continue to play like we did in the first half at Old Trafford, and if our luck changes, we’ll soon creep up the league.

    We’ve had an awful start to the season, but it’s a marathon not a sprint, so let’s keep the faith and not lose hope.

    • Angelswithdirtyfaces

      Yep.. its luck.. bad luck… and the margins in the Prem are so tight that any one of those bits of bad luck might cost us another relegation. If things even out over the season then we are due to win a couple of games we might expect to lose, so here’s hopin’

      • Rabid Dog

        VAR is unfortunately the answer.

        • porciestreet

          Why unfortunately….? It’s the best thing for the game long term and will inevitably wipe out so much “bad luck/decisions”.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Exactly……one or two on here have got us relegated already………’s ridiculous….

    • porciestreet

      And let’s not forget the season we finishe’d 5th in which we had so much good fortune.
      What goes round etc……!

  • Wor Lass

    ” .. the learning point .. ” Is he real?

    • Kneebotherm8

      The learning point is VAR…the ref’s only got one pair of eyes……he can’t see everything……they need help…….that penalty would definitely have been given,correctly,with the VAR system…….too many clear-cut decisions not being seen by too many officials…..

  • Peaco

    What is more irritating than footballers being incapable of using the past-tense?

    Imbecile ex-referees being unable to use the past-tense.

    We lost. No matter how much we debate the penalty; it wasn’t given. Focus on the next game and forcing out the fat greasy skid mark.

  • Philippines

    Errr…. what about comment on the Muto handball? Please let’s be balanced in the views expressed here.