Chris Stark admits he was a Manchester United for the first five years of his life.

However, the Radio 1 DJ defends it by claiming: But I think you just write that off to ignorance don’t you?”

Deep down he says he has instead always been a Watford fan, supporting his local team rather than been a glory hunter.

He has been the guest of Mark Lawrenson this week, making predictions for the weekend’s Premier League matches.

Watford are of course on of the surprise packages so far and stand sixth in the table, Chris Stark giving a totally unbiased prediction that his team will win 4-0 at home against Bournemouth.

Mark Lawrenson has gone for an easy 2-0 win for Manchester United but Chris Stark has a surprise prediction that maybe surprises even himself.

The former Man Utd fan saying ‘Everything about this game makes me think that Manchester United should get the win here, However I just can’t put that much faith in this Manchester United team at the moment. Newcastle could do with a confidence boost and I think they will get it at Old Trafford. 2-3.’

With only four goals in seven Premier League matches so far, nobody will be more surprised than Newcastle fans if Rafa’s team manage three goals.

Newcastle haven’t actually done as badly as you might expect at Old Trafford in recent times, avoiding defeat on four of the last nine occasions, including a 0-0 draw in the last (2015/16) relegation season.

The four times Newcastle have got a positive result they’ve never scored more than one goal, relying instead on resolute defending as the basis for a point or better. Martins scoring in a 1-1 draw in 2008/09 (when Newcastle were also relegated…), Demba Ba getting a penalty goal in 2011/12 for a 1-1 draw, then of course Cabaye getting the only goal of the game in 2013/14, before that goalless affair in 2015/16.

Newcastle did actually score three goals back in 2012/13, a crazy game they lost 4-3 after leading three times. To compound matters, three days later at The Emirates Pardew’s team lost 7-3 in an even stranger game.

With Rafa Benitez, those kinds of scorelines are very unlikely with is defence so well drilled and disciplined, although last season, with Lascelles missing they crumbled to a 4-1 defeat at Old Trafford despite Gayle taking the lead.

Mark Lawrenson sees Newcastle having no joy on the counter-attack tomorrow despite Man Utd’s recent struggles, time for somebody to step up and start providing a goal threat.

Mark Lawrenson speaking to BBC Sport:

“The situation at Old Trafford is a strange one in many ways and I can’t help feeling that the strained relationship we see in public between Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho and his players is only the tip of the iceberg.

“It is a problem that is not going to go away, either. At the start of September, United won three games – all away from home – but they were still just one defeat away from another crisis.

“Mourinho is not helping matter with what he is saying either. His message seems to be ‘it is not my fault’ but I’m sorry, he is the manager, and they carry the can.

“Ultimately, looking at the way his team is playing at the moment, you would have to seriously question his man-management style and say it does not work in the current climate at Old Trafford.

“If Mourinho does not get on with Paul Pogba and they don’t communicate much, then fine. If Mourinho can still get him to play well on a regular basis then does it matter? No, absolutely not – yet, it seems, with Mourinho, all of that does matter.

“Mourinho might be thinking he can get Pogba out of the door in January but he has still got to manage him between now and the start of next year.

“I don’t think Mourinho’s job is in any serious danger at the moment but I would be very interested in United’s share price at the moment because, if that starts to drop. then the club’s American owners are going to get involved.

“As far as this game goes, it is going to be about whether Manchester United can break Newcastle down.

The Magpies have had a terrible start to the season and, however their manager organises his players, I cannot see them really having much joy on the counter-attack.

“Prediction is Manchester United 2 Newcastle United 0.”

Radio 1 DJ Chris Stark:

“I have been (a Watford fan) for pretty much all my whole life.

“I have got to admit I was a little bit of a Manchester United fan for like the first five years of my life…

“But I think you just write that off to ignorance don’t you?

“No offence to United fans.

“Everything about this game makes me think that Manchester United should get the win here

“However I just can’t put that much faith in this Manchester United team at the moment.

“Newcastle could do with a confidence boost and I think they will get it at Old Trafford. 2-3.”

  • Toontaff

    2 lines on us, with paragraph upon paragraph of how bad things are at Manure. No wonder the crew from under the bridges are on here all the time, pointing out what a great position we’re in! Must be really tough being a Manure fan, at present………….

    • Dillon Tovak

      To be fair, I’m bored of everything NUFC at the moment so god knows what neutrals think of us.

  • Kenny

    3 goals, 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Toontaff

    Maybe Jose should scratch his ear with 2 fingers throughout the game to pacify the fans…………Where’s the money gone, Jose?

    • Toontaff

      Fred 59 , Dalot 22, Lukaku 84, Matic 44, Lindelof 35, Pogba 90, MichaelTerrysnan/Sanchez 35, Bailly 33…….£££££millions…………they’ve only spent 400 million in 2 years…………and we’ve got the Hoss!

      • Philippines

        On goals per millions, Hoss is probably a good buy.

  • Wor Lass

    I see the Chronic have finally put up an article about V-gate. But it`s just Ryder doing his master`s bidding and telling us Fatty denies it all and his legal team are going to be all over the naughty newspapers who are trying to undermine his club. Of course, there was no comments section at the end. Talk about taking the King`s shilling!

    • Viru leckworth

      Ryder gets a hard time on this site. I have read the piece and I can see no toadying. Do you really think Ryder and Douglas think Ashley is good for the club?

      • Wor Lass

        So why is it that this declaration of denial by the fat oaf is the first piece about the V-sign?

        • Viru leckworth

          That is just reporting facts. I believe the Mail said the same.

          • Wor Lass

            The Mail isn`t a Newcastle-based newspaper. Why haven`t they discussed whether or not it was a V-sign to the fans and what the implications of that are? Why aren`t they asking where the money`s gone? They`re scared stiff of getting another ban and have sold out as a consequence.

      • Wor Lass

        So why is it that this declaration of denial by the fat oaf is the first piece about the V-sign? Ryder, Douglas et al constantly spin the Ashley line AND they are incompetent as professional writers. Ryder in particular is a lazy journalist who cuts and pastes from other sources and constantly makes schoolboy errors in spelling, grammar and factual content. There is no investigative journalism on the Chronicle any more and no challenge to the regime.

  • Dillon Tovak

    2-3 is a wild prediction, us scoring 3? Away from home!?
    However a slim win for us I can see on the cards, I’ve got a (hopeful) feeling Man U players will see this as a perfect way to get rid of mourinho.

    On a separate note, if I were Man U I would hook Jose before Pogba any day of the week. A great manager could get so much out of Pogba.

  • Billmag

    If as everyone has read the player’s want him out they will get him out, it happened at Chelsea there was some strange results at that club before he went, now wether we are the recipients of those kind Manure player’s we will see at 7-15 tomorrow night. If it isn’t us it will be another team that brings the curtain down for Maureen, because all the power is with the modern day footballer.

  • MadMag83

    Nonsense. Man Utd have struggled in recent weeks, take the West Ham game as an example, but the likes of West Ham have spent millions in the summer. We don’t have that comparable quality to pose the same threat.

    It will be more of the same, a backs against the wall job ending in defeat.

  • graham18

    Hope the FCB is there tomorrow so we can shout our “usual nice things at him”

  • panther

    What the hell is a former fan?