Brendan Rodgers to replace Rafa Benitez is the claim in the media on Saturday morning.

An exclusive alleges Mike Ashley is interesting in bringing in the Celtic manager if results don’t improve in the next few weeks at Newcastle.

This pretty lame/feeble exclusive comes from The Mirror and doesn’t make any sense whichever way you look at it.

It looks as though it has been prompted/dreamed up after Charlie Nicholas (see below) suggested early this month that a club with ‘big potential’ like Newcastle, could be a perfect next move for Brendan Rodgers if the opportunity came up.

The Mirror:

‘Brendan Rodgers lined up by Newcastle to replace Rafael Benitez – if Magpies can’t end winless run

EXCLUSIVE: Fears are growing behind the scenes at St James’s Park with Newcastle only managing two points from their opening eight games

Five of Newcastle’s six league defeats, though, have come against teams who were in last year’s top six.

And it is their next three games – against Brighton, Southampton and Watford – that are now understood to be pivotal for Benitez and a better indicator of Newcastle’s prospects.’

It is simply stating the obvious that the upcoming games look more winnable than most so far this season.

It is not only the next three games that Rafa/NUFC can seriously target, 11 of the 12 matches before the end of the year are against clubs outside the usual PL top six.

The thought of Mike Ashley sacking Rafa Benitez is simply ludicrous.

For one, he would have to pay him compensation.

Secondly, even the Fat Controller knows that there is nobody else he could attract that would give this underfunded squad a better chance of staying up than Rafa Benitez does.

The Mag – 3 October 2018:

Charlie Nicholas talking to Scottish Daily Star:

“I am not sure Brendan Rodgers will still be Celtic manager come the end of January.

“It looks as if the relationship between Brendan and Peter Lawwell is broken.

“He is a top manager and there would be no shortage of clubs who would be keen to land him if he was to indicate he wanted to leave Celtic Park.”

“Clubs with big potential like Leicester City or Newcastle United could become available, or something even bigger.

“These clubs would be interested in Brendan, and another for me is Aston Villa.

“You may ask why he would leave Celtic for the Championship?

“But Villa are a big club, and Brendan could see it as a major project to go on and create another legacy.”

  • Dillon Tovak

    1. Why would Rodgers consider going from winning every week to losing every week and,
    2. As if the manager is the problem at our club.
    3. What a load of BS.
    4. Ashley isn’t going to fund Rafa leaving and Rodgers coming in.
    5. Oh yeah it’s the international break. 🙄

    • mentalman

      He’s no longer winning every week and has fell out with the owner chairman etc.

      He can jump ship with a nice little bonus, get a payrise in his new job and be in a position where no matter how bad he performs its the owners fault.

      Add to that if he actually does a good job he may land himself a job at a bigger club.

      He’d be a fool not to go for it

  • Peaky

    Overrated egotistical narcissist….looks good in a krap league…..wouldn’t last 5 minutes at SJP without players like Gerrard,Suarez & Sturridge…..

  • Tweed Mag

    Makes you wonder what they teach them at Journalist/Media School these days. Judging by this report – don’t verify anything, print what you like, fill the columns with idle chatter, get the numpties to click on the page.

  • Mrkgw

    Not convinced that these rumours are necessarily lame. Rafa needs points and a win simply must come amongst the run of forthcoming games. No manager can continue without a win, with or without the Ashley factor. Cast minds back to the good old days of Bobby Robson – he was sent packing for much, much less. Ashley has returned to his seat (worse luck) and make no mistake, he won’t like what he sees albeit, he is reaping exactly what he sowed. Nevertheless, his relationship with Rafa is reportedly strained and with no love lost between him and supporters, what is to stop him pulling the trigger? Other than compo, he may well do just that.

    • GlasgowMag

      6million reasons why fatboy won’t be pulling the trigger!! These type of stories will keep on appearing in our workhouse owners preferred media outlet because they are trying to force Rafa to sign a new contract. Basically just like the one about nufc being approached by top managers putting their hats in the ring basically all BS!!!

      • mentalman

        In all likelihood rafas compo will be decreasing over the final year of the contract. It will no doubt get to a point where the compo is less than the golden handshake rafa will get for seeing out his contract so chances are we may see a change soon

    • MadMag83

      I completely agree with what you’ve said mate. But I would expand on two points, firstly Sir Bobby was sacked (harshly) but those were the days when the board targeted the top of the league rather than avoiding relegation.

      Secondly, you’re quite right that Ashley won’t have been impressed by what he’s seen over the last few matches, and that it is all of his own making. However, Ashley isn’t a man who takes responsibility for his own mistakes, it’s always someone else that’s to blame (Agents, inflated prices, greedy landlords, witch hunts, etc). Don’t put it past him to blame it all on Benitez.

  • JohnnyH

    A typical international break page filler

  • Stephen

    This is not really a newspaper in the true sense of the word
    Storylines- Soap Operas, Reality TV,Talent Shows a few half truths a few untruths and worst of all today full of Wedding Photos

    • robbersdog

      Princess Eugenie went to Newcastle Uni and lived in our city for 3 years. For all we know, she’s a massive Toon fan!

      • Angelswithdirtyfaces

        And Newcastle Uni rejected her before they knew who she was…

      • Stephen

        Rugger’s the game old chap

  • robbersdog

    A load of utter bollocks. Even Ashley and Charnley aren’t stupid enough to sack Rafa.

    • Big Al 1967

      To be honest I think if it wasn’t going to cost them money I think they would have no hesitation in giving Rafa the bullet

      • nufcslf

        Oh, yes.

  • Frontier Psychiatrist

    Coke head Charlie Ridiculous should be in rehab, the guys brain is fried, and you can hear it rattling in his cranium every time he spurts out some inane nonsense that no one cares for and that no one is interested in.

    The guy is 55, putting all manner into his nostrils and wearing and earring! Like i said, he should firstly go to rehab to get his addictions sorted out and then he should be sectioned under the mental health act, it’s obvious that the man is not well. Has he got no friends that could possibly stage an intervention, live on Sky Sports, now that would be tv i’d watch.

  • Angelswithdirtyfaces

    Brendan has even more to prove at the Hoops now they ain’t top of the perch and have had a disastrous European run. Selling their best striker without replacing him hasn’t helped. Now that’d be deja vu all over again for Toon fans.

  • Clarko

    I would absolutley take that.

    • Danimal

      I imagine you’re probably the kind of A&E regular who would take anything if it was brightly coloured and sugar coated.

  • Wezza

    As soon as I saw ‘The Mirror’ I stopped reading and it can be assumed it is BS PR.
    In their minds they’re thinking… Rafa had better do a good job soon or we will replace him and threaten the fans too.
    Doesn’t work KBA. Get out of our club.

  • HarryHype59

    Ashley could waive the £6m penalty golden handshake clause in return for Rafa leaving without compo. I don’t see results improving anytime soon. The bulk of the blame 80% lies with the Fat rat. However, Rafa needs to get more out the admittedly limited squad.

  • grantham mag

    Sooner have Brendan foster.

    • Frontier Psychiatrist

      Foster and Allen would be a good pairing for Newcastle. The Toon should enjoy their season in the EPL, see it as a bonus and as a support get to travel to see all the big clubs playing, making friends along the way, the season is short and it won’t be long till the vast toon army are back on their own familiar stomping ground in the Championship.

      • nufcslf

        Toonarmy is all one word, you tit. Only sheep follow this shile of pight ‘Sports Direct Unted’ around. Needs to be completey sh*t on and boycotted, so fatty f**ks off and the likes of you have nothing to feed off.

        • Frontier Psychiatrist

          Is English your first language?

  • Blackburn1066

    The little fat rat put this in the rags it should have headlined ( How to get Raffa to sign a new 10 year contract )

  • Blackburn1066

    What a load of Cr-p

  • magpiefifer

    The bumptious over-rated little Ulsterman is not on Rafa’s level and should stay in Glasgow!!!

  • nufcslf

    Fat c**t needs to replace himself first. How can a thick, clueless, stingy pysh taking moron think it is anybody but his own fault for the pathetic excuse of a football club he has got. Story or no story, Cashley just simply needs to f**k off before I will ever give a sh*t about this anymore.

  • Mxpx

    Brendan is a good manager but I really don’t care who replaces rafa at the end of the season in the championship I care about whether it’s enough to force Mike to sell

  • Leazes.

    This is a regime that doesn’t see itself as the problem….. actually that’s not right…..

    This is a regime which hides and deflects and undermines itself by its own actions and looks to carry on ripping the club apart out of malice.

    Eleven long years ….time to go Charnley and Ashley and your gang of spivs.