With Newcastle United bottom of the table after nine games, Alan Shearer hasn’t held back in pointing out where the blame should lie.

The NUFC legend says he finds it ‘incredible’ that anybody could identify Rafa Benitez as the problem at the club.

Instead, Alan Shearer declares ‘I think everyone is aware of what the problem is.’

The former number nine saying that Rafa Benitez is being forced to shop at ‘Aldi’, whilst every other club is backing their managers.

Shearer points to the likes of Fulham spending over £100m this summer as Newcastle were making a profit on transfer deals of £25m.

A perfect example being Southampton spending £13m on a reserve keeper this summer whilst Newcastle paid £10m for a new centre-forward in Yoshinori Muto.

That actually being by far Newcastle’s biggest signing this summer, with the others being a free transfer, two loans, and £13m in total spent on the other three players brought in.

Despite Newcastle finishing tenth last season, Alan Shearer is clear as to how serious the situation is: ‘I would take fourth bottom now, there’s no doubt about that.’

Alan Shearer talking to Coral:

“Newcastle were very poor against Brighton, they created chances but weren’t clinical enough to take them.

“There are one or two people talking about Rafa and his future, which I find incredible, Rafa is not the problem at Newcastle United.

“I think everyone is aware of what the problem is.

“If they were to bring a new manager in, he would have exactly the same problem that Rafa has and what other managers have had beforehand.

“The problem that Rafa and Newcastle have got, is that he is shopping in Aldi, as other teams in and around him…Southampton spent £13m on a reserve goalkeeper, Newcastle have spent £10m on a centre-forward.

“That’s the problem that Newcastle United have got, we still go back to Michael Owen as the record transfer from 2005.

“When you look at the market Newcastle United are competing against, as in the other football clubs: whether that is Brighton, whether that is Bournemouth, whether that is Southampton, whether that is Fulham who have spent over £100m…Newcastle are actually making £25m, not spending that, this summer.

“That is why it is very difficult for Rafa and Newcastle United, Rafa Benitez is not the problem at Newcastle and I think most people understand that.

“Relegation is going to be a huge issue, they are up against it, no doubt about that.

“Rafa’s contract runs out at the end of the season, which is another issue.

“It is going to be tough, it is going to be a hard long season.

“We talked last season about what an incredible season it was t finish tenth, I would take fourth bottom now, there’s no doubt about that.”

  • Leicester Mag

    Yet again though out trots the but Ashley has put in £200M line. He bought Newcastle to be the shop window for his grubby tat shop. Never paid a penny for this. Who knows how much tax has been offset. He’s a cancer and no cancer was ever cured by hope.

    • Wezza

      Correct and when people say ‘he put in 15M’ when we were relegated is also false. Parachute payments are conspicuous by their absence in the accounts or anywhere else. These parachute payments are used as a smokescreen to try and make it seem the FCB has ‘invested’ or ‘put in his own money to gain promotion’ is absolute false. Then the Penfold, instructed by the FCB says add this ‘loan’ to the debt… another series of lies about our ‘debt’. Again, another excuse to disguise the fact he is taking a substantial sum each season. This last summer has been the most he has taken whilst asset stripping even further down and reducing the wage to 43M – lowest in a long time!

      Remember… EVERYTHING that comes out of the club is lies.
      ‘Ashley took 10M this summer’ – That is only half the truth or 1/10th of the truth as he took 100M at least.

      • Leicester Mag

        Fans been robbed every way definable and let still they go. No wonder he sticks up 2 fingers , our beloved pound shop Philip Green.

    • GlasgowMag

      I was watching on football focus when Keown came out with the 200million line rubbish!! Mike Ashley had bought a football club so it is an investment not a charitable donation!! He has had plenty of opportunity’s to sell and earn a tidy profit but the benefits of the free sponsorship for SD with global exposure and tv money are to great to let go!! I actually think he has already made his money back but he won’t stop until every asset has been stripped from the club god help us all!! Ashley out!!!

  • Rich Lawson

    I can believe Rafa shops at Aldi,all those boxes and big metal things they leave in the aisles must be where he got the ”park the bus” strategy from ?

    • Billmag

      Needs must sometimes.

  • Kenny

    King Rat has not put 1p in since he bought the club, Rafa continues to spin the plates & in his own words hopes there is 3 sides worse than Nufc, yet on match days it’s like f##king Zombie town as they head towards St James Park.

  • FatParosite

    Staying up GUARANTEES Ashley stays longer. Careful what you wish for….

  • Leazes.

    Martin Keown just said on Football Focus that Ashley had put in £200m of his own money INTO the club…

    martinkeown5 is his twitter address

    The Journalists have to be correctly briefed before they go on air.

    Ashley bought the club and has taken money out. via a number of sources taken free advertising and merchandising, sold off development land, the strangulation has already reaped 2 relegations, and now he’s going for a hattrick.

    We need some twitter input into the campaign.

    • HarryHype59

      How much TV money has flowed into the club over this period. North of £500m, despite two relegation seasons. That is one hell of an income stream.

      I wish these dim pundits would grasp this!

    • BigHairyDog

      Well someone should contact Shearer, if he doesn’t put his colleagues right who can?

  • magpiefifer

    We are the only club ‘shopping at Aldi’ – most of our competitors are ‘shopping at Harrods’!!

    • Simonmartin Dodgson

      totally agree

    • BigHairyDog

      We’re shopping at Poundland and Bargain Madness, we’re lucky to get the odd player from Aldi and Lidl now.

  • Jonas

    The spend difference between the long-time top-flight paupers Wimbledon and the rest was a fraction of the differential of Newcastle to other PL clubs.

    Really were lucky to be there with this owner, nevermind play entertaining football.
    All spend thrift clubs eventually get relegated. Very rarely does one last a season playing open football (think Swindon – 100plus goals conceded in 93/94)

    Some have been comparing Pardew favourably to Rafa lately – I wasn’t a huge Pardew detractor, I’d have liked to have judged him without the saboteurs restraints, but they were right – look what he’s done since, without the excuses.

    How he managed to make West Brom more shambolic than they already were is anybody’s guess but he did it.