You might remember Endurance, a Japanese game show where ‘contestants had to endure humiliating, painful and often bizarre rituals’, to come out on top.

In this 12th year of Mike Ashley’s reign at Newcastle United, you have to feel that the humiliating, painful and often bizarre rituals, are getting ever more challenging.

Humiliating : When your manager admits that he can’t even compete with Huddersfield and Brighton when it comes to transfer fees and wages.

Painful : Having to watch your manager set his team out in such a negative formation and with such limited attacking options, due to the humiliating limits on transfers set by the owner.

Bizarre : The excuses/reasoning that comes out of the club for the lack of quality signings, most recently via the official Newcastle United Fans Forum minutes.

One of the stand out claims being that the club were prepared to spend way beyond the current £16.8m club transfer record on a number of Rafa’s targets this summer, only for none of those players to be willing to join Newcastle. So not even £10m spent on any single player in summer 2018 by NUFC.

Then to cap it all, hidden away in the Fans Forum minutes, was the gem that stated after the zero ambition transfer window, Mike Ashley took out unspecified millions of the club cash that hadn’t been spent.

So how much more of this humiliating, painful and bizarre treatment can Newcastle fans endure?

Of course it is only a game, a sport, a pastime, not a matter of life or death, but going to watch your football club has to have at least some pleasure and/or meaning.

Most people who walk away from Newcastle United do it quietly, their ‘protest’ is just not to bother going anymore, and sadly, simply find something else to do with their time and money, so that even if things at the club dramatically improved, you often find they are lost for good.

We have laughed at the likes of Sunderland and Aston Villa closing down parts of their stadiums due to supporters turning their backs on the club(s).

You might think that this is unimaginable at St James Park but if Mike Ashley keeps hold of the club, it could well end up being inevitable at some point.

As always though, the silver lining is that we all know it wouldn’t take much to get everybody pulling together and Newcastle United heading in the right direction again. Of course the ‘wouldn’t take much’ would naturally need to include Mike Ashley leaving…but little else.

  • Themoscow72

    He taking out only the loans which he has put in which is a good thing for two reasons. Firstly it reduces the debt and secondly the asking price for the club.
    If we can reduce the loan by say £50m over time the club would be up for sale for as little as £229m. Yes we need to buy players but also pay Mike back for the money he has lent to sell the club. Buzzing for the match on Saturday three points and we will be on our way. Be good atmosphere with up to one thousand five hundred being able to go in the Brighton end.

    • grantham mag

      And next season in the championship.

      • Danimal

        Exactly, Ashley can reduce the selling price of the club by much more than £50m, just by doing nothing and letting it get relegated yet again.

    • drc74


    • Wezza

      More rubbish Monk. Why has the “loan” never gone down? Why cant we compete with Brighton?
      I asked you where you were getting info about how many tickets were left? The club told you that?
      There is no excuse for not backing the manager when the tean needed strengthening. It seems when you can’t answer a question you just ignore it.

      • drc74

        or just waffles bullshxt

      • t00nraider

        Brighton didnt have Shepherd and Hall spending money they didnt have.

    • JohnnyH

      It’s obvious Ashley’s taken out more money than the value of the ‘loans’ over the last 10 years. So why haven’t the loans been paid off or at least decreased?

      What’s with the £50 million you keep banging on about?

      Your little closing sound bites are absolutely nauseating.

    • 45709

      Shouldn’t be a loan. Why buy a club and hold them to ransom?
      If he wanted, he’d of made more money by running it properly. Still least he’s saved “House of Frasier”…. oh he’s blamed greedy landlords for having to close stores… the irony!
      You should read the company accounts

    • WildBill

      There’s always one isn’t there? He’s usually sitting next to me on the bus, then he comes on here and posts this drivvle. Pay ‘Mike’ back…FFS.

      • Big Hairy Man

        I bumped into him in a lift once.

    • Big Hairy Man

      Good old Uncle Mike. We’d have “done a Leeds” if it wasn’t for his generosity. Give your heed a shake. He’s stripped the club bare to line his pockets and turned us into a laughing stock.

  • Leazes.

    Ashley in a mawashi
    wresting rikishi
    thumps his foot to the floor dohyo-iri
    He does a dump.

    I wish I could put the cartoon in but there’s no facility.

  • 45709

    I feel in a few years (10/20 whatever) it’ll come to light he’s a fraudulent 🥔, like all these types of people nothing will happen but that’s what I think

    • Wezza

      Its slowly coming to light, you just know KBA PR Propaganda would be in full swing if the truth ever got out.

      • 45709

        Response is waiting approval… again!

  • Wezza

    ‘When your manager admits that he can’t even compete with Huddersfield and Brighton when it comes to transfer fees and wages.’

    Thing is we can.
    Since the Pardew days we have been told this. Ever since then money has been going missing. I wondered back then why we couldn’t compete with Stoke and Swansea yet we get 52,000 gate. Fact is these clubs have spent and broken their transfer record multiple times. In 12 years of Ashley we have not. Where’s the money gone? In the FCB’s back pocket.
    So STOP going.

    • Geordiegiants

      It’s the only way

      • Steven05

        Maybe it’s just too obvious for everyone to see

    • Ram Kishore

      I don’t really care about breaking the transfer record. I believe we have to do it only when we really have to do it, for bringing the right player.
      Because I would be happy to see if we buy good players for less than our transfer record for 3 different positions each costing 15 m but I expect them to be right buys.
      One thing I can’t accept it is our manager telling that the club is unable to compete financially with Brighton or Huddersfield even after 1 season in PL.
      There are also few other things that we should be able to see.. Brighton’s players earn considerably lesser than what ours do. But seeing our manager going through trauma every window shows that there is something seriously wrong with our club’s heirarchy and management.