The sold out signs will be shortly going up on Tyneside ahead of Saturday’s football.

However, it is the Dunston v Gateshead match that is the hot ticket this weekend.

Whilst at St James Park, tickets all around the ground remain unsold for the Newcastle v Brighton match, with NUFC heading for their lowest attendance of the season so far. None of the four home matches played at St James Park have sold out this season, despite all four clubs bringing 3,000+ supporters – Brighton not expected to bring  anything like those numbers.

Over at Dunston, only 500 tickets remain on sale and these are expected to go quickly, priced at £6 (£3 concessions), these are on sale from Dunston’s ground on Wednesday (5pm-7pm), then if any remain, they will be sold on Thursday, also between 5pm and 7pm.

Gateshead quickly sold their 500 tickets and it is looking a guaranteed 2,500 sellout on Saturday.

The match is a fourth qualifying round FA Cup match and guarantees that at least one of the two local clubs will be in the FA Cup first round proper in November.

Good luck to both clubs and may the best team win.

The 12.30pm kick-off will allow fans to watch the Dunston v Gateshead match before then getting over to St James Park for the 3pm start of Newcastle  v Brighton.

The tie will also be streamed live on the BBC Sport website and app and Connected TV from 12:20 BST on Saturday.

Former Newcastle players Steve Watson and Mike Williamson are now with Gateshead, Watson as manager and Williamson signing on as a player this summer.

As well as the glory, whoever wins Saturday’s tie will then be guaranteed a minimum of £25,000 in prize money for progressing.

Dunston official announcement:


“Due to unprecedented demand our FA Cup game against Gateshead FC on Saturday 20th October will be an ALL TICKET MATCH.

“We have 500 tickets remaining which will be on sale at the UTS ground 5PM until 7PM Wed and Thurs.

“You will not be able to pay at gate on the day.”

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    It should be a cracking afternoon and brilliant atmosphere at Dunston on Saturday.

    • WildBill

      Whoever wins could draw the mackems in the first round proper, that would be alright. Would they switch the game to St James or just forfeit home advantage and play the game at the Stadium of plight?

      Might as well talk about things that’ll never happen, like fatso breaking transfer records or phantom new owners.

  • Themoscow72

    More rubbish from the Mag. We have 165 single seats left in the normal part of the ground, 261 in the Family enclosure of which only 20 are together, 131 in the bar areas and 19 tickets left in Charvers corner. So a grand total of 576. In addition to this we have started to sell returns from Brighton where 200 tickets have gone on sale.
    When you say thousands I despair. You are from the Dean Wilkins, Chris Holt and Jane Clark training school. The attendance for Saturday Brighton fans pending is sure to be over 51,000. The only seats left this season have been single seats in the family enclosure which you cannot buy approx. 250 per game and some in the Platinum club priced £55.00 to £66.00. The box office has actually turned away thousand of people for the four games this season. Hopefully this Saturday these people will get in thanks to Brighton returning tickets which is very kind of them so thank you.
    This article is Journalism at it’s worst.

    • relaxed

      All your mates not going then ?
      Oh I forgot you don’t have any mates do you

      • Kneebotherm8

        Just call him Billy from the ticket office.

        • Leicester Mag

          Or Billy from his bedroom

          • Themoscow72

            That’s where you will be Saturday afternoon very sad.

          • Kneebotherm8

            Probably right…..

      • Wezza

        He certainly doesn’t. He once claimed everyone knew him in my local but the fact is nobody has heard of him lol.

        • Themoscow72

          You have not got a local as you never get in. Perhaps New Years Day. Try asking the manager Lee if people know me in there.

          • Wezza

            “You have not got a local as you never get in.”

            and what the heck would you know all the way in Manchester?

          • relaxed

            You change your name that many times a week Lee wouldn’t know what your name is anyway

    • Tweed Mag

      If Ashley left, there would be a sell out every week. Do you want him to go?

      • Themoscow72

        The season before Ashley came the average attendance was 50,686
        and we were five points off relegation in freefall. Crowds Bolton 48,145, Charlton 48,642, Portsmouth 48,743, Reading 48,182, Watford 49,231 and Villa 49,201 were the order of the day. Have the Magpie Group found a buyer or bought them yet as I am sick of the protesters spoils a good day out.

        • Tweed Mag

          Well urge Ashley to go then. Just think, no more protests, a fantastic atmosphere, a well supported Manager and team, no more daft PR stunts, professional Chief Exec, honest accounts showing where the money has gone. What have you to lose Monk?

          • JohnnyH

            Free ankle socks

          • Themoscow72

            Big problem and you need a buyer but not just anyone as we have very little money to spend probably £20m per window at tops. By the way the Accounts are honest but will be checking in March to see how much of the £19m provision for wages has been used, the cash balance and the loan repaid and will report back.

          • Tweed Mag

            Waffle. If you cannot answer a straight question, how on earth are going to convince anyone Ashley is doing a good job? Join the optimists Monk, you will feel so much better.

          • Wezza

            “By the way the Accounts are honest”

            As honest as Mike Ashley, a court proven liar?

          • Pezza

            Urging him to go is not the point. Urge someone to buy or get involved in raising money within a fans investment group

          • Tweed Mag

            The point is genuine fans have been doing both – urging Ashley to go and encouraging a new owner by showing the positives. Would you prefer him to stay or go?

          • Pezza

            Depends on the alternative, the previous senior management (2003 on) were worse in my opinion. I’d welcome the mega rich owner just as much as the next fan but I have my doubts over some .

            Changing owners is a two way street, Ashley wants out and has done for a few years so shouting at inanimate objects will do nothing. Nor will making up lies to get angry about.

            Get a buyer or help with a fans buyout will sort out the demand side. Proving to a new owner that We’re not an over demanding bunch of freeloaders would not go amiss.

            We are unable to post your comment because you have been banned by The Mag. Find out more.

        • JohnnyH

          The second season 08/09 after he came he got us relegated for his first time as owner. Talk about selective journalism.

    • Big Al 1967

      If you hate this site so much why do you continue to contribute Monky?

    • Pezza

      Spot on.

  • mentalman

    How about selling out all gateshead home games as a protest

    • Themoscow72

      Gateshead get 600 and a couple of dogs and always will.

  • Paul Cannell

    Is Gazza playing ?

  • Blackburn1066

    who cares

    • Whickhamrobbie

      I care two local non league clubs head to head it is better than watching the toon bore us to death at the moment and its more fun than shouting at shop windows