The Talksport ‘Super Computer’ has predicted where Newcastle United and the other 19 Premier League clubs will finish this season.

Call me Mr Sceptical but I get the feeling that this ‘Super Computer’ might not exist.

Surely it is just like when men’s magazines do their list of the most beautiful women in the world. Not any kind of scientific analysis, just two blokes sitting in an office deciding who they fancy the most.

Likewise the Talksport ‘Super Computer’, judging by their predictions below, it looks more like a human touch than any computer generated prediction.

The current Premier League table is also below, this shows that 18 of the 20 clubs end the season in a predicted place no more than two positions away from where they currently are.

It looks even more dodgy when 11 of the clubs are moved just one place, a token move to suggest that the current table hasn’t just been reproduced.

The only two clubs to move more than two places from where they are now, are Wolves dropping four positions from 7th to a predicted 11th, whilst West Ham go from 12th to 15th.

As for Newcastle United, Talksport have us rising one place from the current 19th to 18th, not enough to avoid relegation.

What I think is true, is that the bottom six predicted below, are the ones who will fight out the relegation spots.

I reckon Huddersfield and Cardiff are nailed on for the drop and for Newcastle to avoid it they will have to finish ahead of at least one of Fulham, Brighton and Southampton.

  1. Manchester City (Premier League champions)
  2. Liverpool (Champions League qualification)
  3. Chelsea (Champions League qualification)
  4. Tottenham (Champions League qualification)
  5. Arsenal (Europa League qualification)
  6. Manchester United
  7. Bournemouth
  8. Leicester
  9. Everton
  10. Watford
  11. Wolves
  12. West Ham
  13. Burnley
  14. Crystal Palace
  15. Brighton
  16. Fulham
  17. Southampton
  18. Newcastle (relegated)
  19. Cardiff (relegated)
  20. Huddersfield (relegated)

talksportWith 11 of the remaining 12 matches this year being against clubs outside of the ‘big six’, you have to think these 2018 games could well decide Newcastle’s destiny, starting with Brighton at home. Here’s hoping.

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  • Peaky

    Bet it’s there or thereabouts…

  • Mrkgw


  • Rev

    one way to prove it wrong, play attacking football against these supposed lesser teams. A few wins, lift the players, lift the fans. Don’t park the bloody bus Rafa. Please.

    • nufcslf

      Don’t have the player’s. It really is sh*t as has looked all season so far with nothing changing any time soon.

  • Paul Patterson

    Looks about right to me..

  • Leazes.

    There’s no such thing as a supercomputer, only in the minds of the script writers of James Bond films or Professor Branestawm.

    I remember my professor commissioning a program to do a set task statistical analysis, and he was perplexed to find I had the results without him showing me how to use it, I said I did it using a pocket calculator…. he hit the roof after spending thousands.

    I think the program is the main thing anyway as processing speed isn’t required to do the maths….you can look at probabilities, but they are going to be based on past results, so it is a bit stupid to suggest a computer can predict this type of thing based on unknown limitless variables….. before the January window!

    ….far easier to look at the squad value of each team and and say well we are 15th and failing with unknown events to come…

    …..sufficient to say we aren’t heading to Europe anytime soon, and that I can say with certainty with 99.999% probability.

  • Kneebotherm8

    We may just scrape to safety by May……but that’s as much as we can hope for……..and Ashley will be kicking his height…..objective achieved…..

  • Gallowgate1982

    This computer is clearly sh#te there is no way we will get to th heady heights of 3rd bottom…going down without a trace this lot. And lack of spondoolies in January will compound it…goodnight vienna this season and quite frankly deserved thanks to FCB.

  • Paul9

    It doesn’t take a super computer or a super human to predict that in fact any idiot can see we’re going down at this rate

  • HarryHype59

    Cardiff, Newcastle and Hudderfield.

    Ashley makes it a hat trick of relegations. Meanwhile deluded Ashley sychophants, claim he is still a great owner and we are lucky to have him at SJP.

  • nufcslf

    ‘Super Computer’, ‘My Rse’, it is dead right and could have as thick as shyt. What a joke. Bet Brighton are just sh*tting themselves about coming to Sports Direct Arena a week Saturday………