There are plenty of Newcastle v Brighton tickets left unsold.

Saturday’s game the first of three that will hopefully help Mike Ashley realise where things will be heading if he doesn’t sell the club.

None of the four matches at St James Park have sold out so far but they were still boosted by the fact it was more attractive opposition and that all the visiting clubs brought at least 3,000 fans.

The lowest crowd so far was the 51,523 announced for the Leicester match, although like the other three games, there clearly weren’t as many inside St James Park as the official figure suggests. Not quite of Arsenal proportions at The Emirates but certainly hundreds lower and maybe a thousand or so less than the announced attendance.

There are still Newcastle v Brighton tickets available around the ground, with green areas on this availability map from the official NUFC ticket website showing where you can still get tickets on Friday lunchtime.

newcastle v brighton tickets

However, on top of that, the map doesn’t show that Brighton have failed to sell around 60% or so of the total away tickets that are available.

Only around 1,300 Brighton fans (see below) making the trip, whereas Newcastle make 3,200 available if club can sell them.

In times gone by, unsold tickets that the away club couldn’t sell would be quickly snapped up by Newcastle fans.

However, with Mike Ashley driving more and more fans away, Newcastle look sure to have less than fifty thousand inside St James Park on Saturday.

With Watford and Bournemouth up next at SJP, it looks like another couple of sub-fifty thousand crowds.

This will bother Mike Ashley far more than protesting against him on a matchday, thousands of empty seats and that is without any kind of an organised boycott, just individual fans saying enough is enough.

Brighton fans commenting on only bringing around 1,300 fans to Newcastle via their North Stand Chat message board:

‘Given the distance and cost of public transport in the UK an away audience of 1,300 is not to be sniffed at, and I know our boys there will be loud and proud as ever.’

‘It really is an enormous distance to travel for a football match. Anything close to 1500 seems pretty decent to me.

The view is terrible and you have to climb a seemingly endless staircase just to reach the concourse, before more steps to your seat. Of course absolutely all of that is forgotten if you win, but not everyone wants to take that gamble.

I’m going for the second season running but both times have been vaguely tied in with work and I’m not sure I’d be making the trip twice otherwise. Whilst last year was a valuable point in hindsight, football was certainly not the winner that day.’

‘It’s looking like it going to be a poor turnout at Newcastle this weekend.’

‘We used to take a lot less up north and we’ve played them loads recently.’

Somehow Newcastle has managed to ignore the directive of away fans being pitchside. It’s a long way to travel to watch ants running around.’

‘Second season syndrome and some huge journies for fans of this club at one end of the country. The Albion is not of the size, that takes 2,500 to all PL away games, ad infinitum.’

‘I think it’s just the way the away fixtures have fallen for us before the New Year.

It’s been an expensive few months so far for Albion fans.’

‘Is taking 1300 to NEWCASTLE for our 3rd trip there in 3 years when we’ve not won an away game in nearly a year “poor” ? Not bad for us really, if anything it highlights how much our support has grown.’

  • Leicester Mag

    Mugwumb from the ticket office will be along in a minute to challenge this

    • Westdentoon

      Took exactly 27mins! Dear me he must be getting slow in his old age!

  • mactoon

    And the reports will be that we are plastic fans and glory hunters who are deserting the team in their time of need.

    • Dave Pattinson

      No one can accuse us of that, mactoon, 10 yrs of being exploited…we’re entitled to get slightly pi$$ed off! And on the other hand, if we keep on turning up we’re laughed at for being continually mugged. Do what u think is the best way of getting the Fatboy out.

      • mactoon

        I voted with my feet years ago when he bought all the French players and said he had to bring the summer transfers forward mate. Threw my ticket in and won’t go back. Shame everyone else didn’t do the same

  • Paul Patterson

    If your local shopkeeper abuses you and your family every time you buy your bread and milk, you eventually leave until he sells the shop.
    I’ll give it until next May (my choice before anyone starts?) and then if we’re minus Premier League football and/or Rafa then its goodnight from me.

    • Ron

      You are entitled to your choice – you stuck it longer than I did.

  • Themoscow72

    So we have a staggering 93 seats left for sale in the normal part of the ground broken down as follows. East Stand zero, Strawberry Corner zero, Gallowgate End 20, South West Corner 16, Milburn Paddock zero, North West Corner 24, North East Corner 7 and Leazes End 26. The Family enclosure has 232 single seats left which cannot be sold unless families sit apart. Finally there are 112 seats on sale in the bar areas at £52.00 and 8 for Charvers Corner. So in total excluding Brighton fans a massive 445 tickets left of which 232 cannot be sold leaving a net 213.
    This season every single seat has been sold out with the exception of single seats and a few sixty pound platinum tickets. The average this season is a magnificent 58,807 and with the prices going up the last person who will be worried is Mike Ashley.

    • Rabid Dog

      A magnificent 58,807 average Monkseaton? Not sure that’s true now, is it?

      • Ron

        The Statistics Portal have Newcastle average at 52,297

      • Themoscow72

        Was meant to say 51,807 which is a magnificent average.

        • Wezza

          Where are you getting your numbers from because the ones from the club are different to yours!

          • Ram Kishore

            I just checked the numbers wezza. I think he must have got it from the reports.
            The online wiki page for us this season also has the numbers.
            51700+ for the first two home games.
            51500+ for Leicester match
            52k+ for Arsenal match.
            I don’t know how he gets the ticket details though.
            But for each and every game there is one article in Mag saying that we have record low numbers. If Themoscow is lying , I suppose The Mag is lying and overstating things..
            Just a view.

          • Wezza

            He hasn’t answered twice now I’m presuming he is making it up about how many tickets are left. We will see today with attendance.

          • Themoscow72

            So my figures were correct. We sold every ticket available to Newcastle fans except a few hundred for the corporate area which did not go on sale. We even sold 1,200 for the Brighton end.
            In short Brighton sent two thousand tickets back and there were round 500 corporate tickets not sold.

          • Wezza

            That attendance figure obviously took into account people who didn’t even go!

          • Themoscow72

            Why would I lie I get the figures direct from the clubs website
            and they are spot on.

          • Ram Kishore

            I am not saying u r lying Themoscow. Just read the post again. I am actually defending u saying that The Mag has been lying .And I verified your post by giving Wezza the details and said u were right. Cool?

    • jon

      52 000 capacity, 58 000? What drugs u been taking!

      • Themoscow72

        That was meant to be 51,807

    • GC

      The “average” this season has been 58,807? Meaning that we have also had much more than that?! I’m looking outside my window at the stadium and it looks the same, although that huge crane nearby might have taken advantage of the international break to turn us into the Nou Camp.

      • Themoscow72

        That was a typo 51,807.

        • GC

          I guessed as much, I was just being sarcastic mate.

    • Toon Arnie

      So what is it you’re saying ? We’re looking at 51,000 upwards tomorrow ?

      • Themoscow72

        Should be round that mark as hoping for a 1,000 to turn up on the day to buy Brighton tickets and probably sell 500 on the web tonight and Saturday morning.

    • Wezza

      Where are you getting that information from?

    • Brian Standen

      Now that’s what I call taking the time to count – you must be an accountant!
      However attendance will be prob just over 50k

  • Peaky

    Lose tomorrow….Rafa sacked Monday…..Fat Sham In as caretaker for rest of season Tuesday….

  • grantham mag

    Steve Bruce maybe.

  • Big Hairy Man

    It’s about time the EPL and the FA made it compulsory for clubs to publish the actual attendance ie. people through turnstiles not just tickets sold including season tickets.

    • Brian Standen

      This is not new to NUFC – they did it regularly in 70s and 80s – posted lower crowds for some sort of rateable financial gain!

  • nufcslf

    Ground should be completely empty. Ashley is a total c**t and the football is sh*t because of him. 3 nil Brighton and another dark day at Sports Direct Arena.