Brighton fans have been asked to show their support to Newcastle supporters protesting against Mike Ashley.

If they are heading to today’s match in particular – to join in with the pre-match protests outside the Gallowgate End at 2.15pm.

The overwhelming majority of responses from Brighton fans are pretty amazing.

Amazing in the sense of just how they haven’t got a clue when it comes to exactly why Newcastle fans are so unhappy.

It just shows what a difficult job it is to educate those on the outside, as to just how extreme Ashley’s running of Newcastle United is. Especially when the NUFC owner’s PR people put out so much misinformation to muddy the real issues and truth.

Most of these Brighton fans are happy to portray Newcastle supporters as cry babies, who are just frustrated that unrealistic fortunes aren’t being spent on the squad, and that there is some kind of entitlement to be up towards the top of the league.

Apart from the odd voice of reason, the comments from Brighton fans show them believing that it is Mike Ashley and Sports Direct that are helping/propping up Newcastle United, not the other way around.

Totally missing the fact that since Rafa Benitez arrived at Newcastle United, there has been a net profit of over £40m on transfers in and out.

Also missing the fact that Rafa Benitez had to admit he can’t even compete with Brighton and Huddersfield when it comes to player wages and transfer fees.

Or what about the fact that since promotion in May 2017, Brighton have a net spend more than £110m higher than Newcastle’s?

Mike Ashley renaming St James Park the SD Arena with not a penny paid into the club from SD for that.

As we know, the list is endless, but so so difficult to get the message out to neutrals who rely on the likes of Ashley’s mates at Sky Sports for their info on Newcastle United.

Brighton fans asked (by another Brighton fan) to back Newcastle supporters protesting against Mike Ashley, some pretty astonishing comments on their main North Stand Chat message board:

‘Mike Ashley has been sucking the soul out of Newcastle United

We are a club who have stood up to garbage owners in the past, stand in solidarity with the Newcastle fans and the lads against Ashley.

Make Mike Ashley know clubs are a community not a money making machine.

Think of all the Newcastle fans who made you welcome on an away day.’

‘I’ll stand up against Ashley, just as soon as the season ticket buying, game going, shirt wearing, concession buying, Sports Direct shopping, horse punching Geordies do.’

‘I didn’t think they wore any (shirts) to matches?’

‘I’m all for solidarity amongst fellow football supporters but does this count.

They have a fantastic stadium are managed by one of the best managers in Europe & are currently playing in the premier league.

Also Mike Ashley has said he wants to sell the club but wants a decent price.

I’m not saying that Newcastle fans don’t have good reason to be upset but so do a number of other clubs who don’t have the backing & resources that Newcastle have.’

‘He’s a businessman. Owns a brand that has a very high intrinsic value and so far no-one has coughed enough for him. That’s his prerogative. End of.’

‘It’s like that time in Monty Python’s Life of Brian when they say “What have the Romans ever done for us?” ..

Yes, Ashley may be a characterless fat faced tosser with the social skills of a brown bear, but… you’re in the Premier League, have a top manager, a decent-ish squad, a lovely ground, and he’s shoved £100m in interest free loans into the club, apparently.

He wants to go, too! The club is up for sale, and being a hard-nosed businessman he’s not going to spunk it away either. All you’ll do by sticking a poker in the bee’s nest is make potential buyers walk away. Ashley won’t give a toss if you protest.

The best thing you can do is stay away from the games. Let MoTD show thousands of empty seats….’

‘Good comments. Not up there with the worst examples of owners ruining clubs’

I would love to know where genuine Newcastle fans think they are or should be in the current English football pyramid.

A club that has not won a trophy since 1955.

A club that enjoyed a purple patch during the 90’s.A club that has passionate supporters who travel the length of the country to support their team.

Football in this country & around the world has changed.

The premier league is currently made up of many so called lesser clubs.’

‘I think the Newcastle know that with the right ownership/manager using the revenue generated by St Jame’s Park’s consistent high attendances they could easily be one of the bigger/more successful clubs in the Premier League. I can understand this but don’t really think it is a state of affairs that needs protests etc. Ashley has been trying to sell the club for a number of years and I can’t work out why no-one has taken it on as it seems like a good opportunity to take a club that is at the heart of a community and improve it, all the while making yourself an absolute hero on Tyneside.’

‘Equally Aston Villa has a large stadium and big fan base and their supporters should expect a top 10 premier league finish regularly but I wouldn’t join their fans in a protest about the owners.

Newcastle have a chairman who doesn’t want them but he shouldn’t have to sell for less than their worth. It strikes me as a group of ungrateful spoilt children more than a football club being mismanaged and torn apart.’

‘I don’t remember many Newcastle fans moaning during the season they got promoted with us.’

‘Or the money Ashley put in to ensure they went straight back up.’

‘No not for me on this one! Not as if he is asset stripping the club! Gave the Spanish Waiter millions to get out of the Championship! Anyway, they will all be happy next Saturday with 3 points that we will, no doubt hand, them!’

‘Nope, still not over the gloating when we GIFTED them the Championship title. **** ‘em be very happy to see them relegated. Another club who think they deserve to be better than they are just because they are massive. (Which they are, in fairness)’

‘I’ve been boycotting Sports Direct & USC for a number of years now because of that tw.t but not because he owns NUFC.

He is just a nasty businessman.

I do feel for Newcastle fans as I do for Blackpool & Charlton fans but I really dont think the comparisons can made – Newcastle are a club recently promoted to the Premier League with a massive fan base and an enormous stadium.

He is a locally hated tw.t yes but hardly in the same league as the problems of the others.’

‘The joy of Newcastle will only reach it’s true conclusion when Ashley finally offloads the club to a proper owner.

None of them will ever say ‘i wish Ashley was still here’ but it’ll be written all over their fat, blotchy, Gregg’s smeared faces.’

‘I agree that I wouldnt join a protest about Ashley but at the same time I understand their frustration about the current running of the club. I feel Villa fan’s frustration too.’

‘Ashley has put 250 million of his own money into Newcastle, largely spent on dross by shi.. managers.

If you want to feel sorry for a club in the NE look just down the road at what Sunderland’s chairman Ellis did.’

‘I have no problem admitting to liking Newcastle, I’ve been to see them at St James’ with a Newcastle supporting friend a few times and would have liked to go up there for the game. I can’t afford it though.’

‘They’ve made a profit in their transfer dealings in the past two years so there have been a few good signings too.

I’m not sure it’s Ashley’s own money, he’s probably taken it from Sport Direct’s marketing budget.

Anyway, he wants to generate a huge profit from the sale of the club (much like a DIY mogul wanted a profit from the sale of our ground) and is demanding offers of £350m – £400m.

Worst owner in the Premier League.’

‘I really don’t get why we are being called upon to protest Mike Ashley.

He is, IMHO, a tw.t, but that’s not a reason to protest.

He’s not asset-stripping the club so no reason to protest.

TBH.. they have f..k all to moan about so no reason to protest.

The toon army can all go f..k themselves.’

‘Why should we protest when the Geordies aren’t.

Unless of course you class a March from Sports Direct (after shopping) to take up their seats at St James Park, while wearing replica kit and stuffing their faces at halftime, a protest.’

‘Any club’s fans who are moaning all the while they have their ground and football league future secure can nick off, and Newcastle fans are among the most entitled tw.ts around.

In fact over the past 2 or 3 years, I’ve gone from quite admiring that club, to being vaguely ambivalent about them, to downright hoping they get relegated again.

They’re all too happy to take the pi.. out of Sunderland, whose fans have been through far worse and aren’t making anything like the fuss that Newcastle fans are making, presumably because they realise that having a sh.. team isn’t really the end of the world – we’ve all been there.’

‘F..k ’em.

As others have said the sheer tw.ttishness of their gloating after they needed an entire season, Jack Grealish and Stockdale to give them the title in the 89th minute in a league they thought they’d pi.. all over.

Gobby northern I hope Ashley drives them into the f..king mud.’

‘Mike Ashley is nowhere near a bad owner.

Fans are upset because he’s not ploughing £100M+ into the team but why should he ? They finished 10th in their first season back FFS!!’

  • East Durham Mag

    Who gives a f*ck what the Nancy boys from Brighton think.

  • panther

    They really dont get it, its like they have Merson on their speed dial

  • robbersdog

    None of them will ever say ‘i wish Ashley was still here’ but it’ll be written all over their fat, blotchy, Gregg’s smeared faces.

    Obviously the biggest [email protected] in Brighton.

    • Carverlier football

      In the same way we all clearly wished Pardew was back after he left… Ha!

  • Toon

    Why should they care? How arrogant are the The Mag to bexpect them to support it? Would we if tables are turned, doubt it! Lots of the comments are fair and again if you went and copied and pasted comments about other teams from this site a fair few other clubs would be annoyed. Porter you are a total, sad idiot and The Mag posting stuff like this adds to its joke reputation amongst NUFC fans

  • Leazes.

    That could not have happened without Douglas and Ryder’s collusion with the London press…..

    …. They are the source of misinformation and have been long before Bishop was drafted in to martial them!

    We should put out ten facts about Ashleys asset strip tenure.

  • Dillon Tovak

    I stopped reading after a couple because these comments just reinforce what we know, football fans are opinionated and rarely know what their talking about.
    Fans rarely know anything outside of their own club.

    • Clarko

      ‘Fans rarely know anything outside of their own club’

      😂 😂 😂

      • Pezza

        There is an irony there.

    • Leazes.

      You have to cut the trolls out of the equation, but even so there seems a dearth of inquiry within the paid professional media.

  • Disgruntled

    Agree with most of the comments majority of these so-called Newcastle fans were probably from the 90’s era and think it’s their right to be successful. We had SBR got us in the champions league for a few years, but the fans started onto Freddie Fletcher to sack him we were sitting 5th. Now SBR is a legend fickle fans who should be ignored, this will get blocked as this blog is all against the owner. Never mentioning the fact that Benetiz has brought in the majority of the team and still complains, the only two decent players we have were bought by other managers.

    • Gallowgate Dave

      It’s Benitez, not “Benetiz” and our former chairman was Freddie Shepherd, not Freddie Fletcher. Do your research before you troll Mackem.

      • Pezza


        • Gallowgate Dave

          Haha touché Bobbi, I always thought it was Freddie! Still when someone calls you a KNUT on here I understand what they mean, so I suppose spelling doesn’t always have to be 100% accurate to convey the meaning eh?

          • Pezza

            They do! Tbph, in a forum that lives on inaccuracies, the misspelling of Freddy is one of the milder ones.

            We are unable to post your comment because you have been banned by The Mag. Find out more.

  • Steven05

    If this is what outsiders really think (Ashley being a good owner), then it just tells me that we are doing a very poor job of showing Ashley for what he is

    • Leazes.

      Information doesn’t seem to filter through because it isn’t supplied in the first place…..

      …. these fans seemingly think Ashley is great…..really…. half of them are on a wind-up and the rest malevolently opposed to a resurgence of an opponent…..

      We live in a mass media age without any meaningful inquiry, where you have to wade through fake news and advertising to find out the truth about events, or try and look for it yourself.

      I’m all for using filters and the troll block button, and advertising blockers… it helps trying to stay focussed.

      Ashley Out!

      • Steven05

        All very true – but the attempts to get the cancer gone have to be a lot bigger

        Boycott Wolves!

        • Dave Pattinson

          Thats a must-do. Everyone must do their bit.

        • billofengland

          ALL MOUTH AND TROUSERS, Still be a full house, amazing how all the unknown rats appear now, where were you eight games ago?

        • billofengland

          If you don’t go to matches, how can you Boycott them? Keyboard warrior is all.

          • Steven05

            It’s merely a plea to the people like you. But I suppose at the end of the day, at least you get the club you deserve in all this (hint: it’s not a football club, and you bend over and ask for more)

          • panther

            id rather be a keyboard warrior who doesnt go to the games than a part of the problem feeding the cancer

    • Pezza

      It shows what a laughing stock some fans are making us. Protest, unfurl banners, what does it do.

      When you see marches to London do you think what a great idea or look at those workshy btards

  • DeadToiler

    Why should supporters of other clubs care about Newcastle? How many of us be bothered about what goes on at other clubs? You only want things to go bad for them if they’re one of your closest rivals. Otherwise you’d be indifferent.

  • Sickandtired

    Yeah, we can thank the previous owners for our stadium! And the so called ‘loans’ are as a result of the mortgage + interest which he had to pay off when he bought us – as terms of the mortgage, not because of his generosity. Add to that additional money put in due to his mismanagement resulting in 2 relegation’s – again, not to better the team or club – just to pay the bills as a result of the loss of income..
    Man, I can’t believe how ignorant the majority of the public still is about Fatty.

    • Pezza

      I inherited £140m debt and a business losing £33m a year due to wage commitments. That’s where the debt is from.

      • NoelBlack

        That you fat Mike?

    • billofengland

      You are a new gob on the street. Look to your manager. Again look to your manager, surely you could win ONE GAME. FFS.

  • Carverlier football

    While there are quite a few comments which (deliberately or otherwise) display a complete lack of understanding of the situation here, it was also said several times as to why they should join protests when the majority of Newcastle fans can’t be bothered. They’ve got a point.

  • 501ninedarter

    Great shows how deluded toon fans doing stupid publicity acts are. Find a buyer and stop being pathetic.

    • Pezza

      Exactly, and ironically, what did Brighton fans do when they weren’t happy about the owners? They put their own money in and saved the club.

      • Dave Pattinson

        Put my money in yrs ago when like other mates, we all bought shares in NUFC. Sadly, fckin business laws decreed we were all forced to sell them to Fatso when he bought the club. They meant far more to us than they ever could to him.

        • Pezza

          Lucky you, you’d have got most had MA not come along

  • Pezza

    I wonder if a few contributors on this forum warned that we look an utter laughing stock with these aimless protests.

    • Ashley-out

      our fans are a laughing stock when they protest then 15 mins later fill St James

      • kingfisher

        It would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious.Unbelievable,no wonder we are a laughing stock.(When I say “we”, I mean those who call Ashley but still turn up to support him, not those of us who have actually done something and stopped going until he’s gone).

  • Leicester Mag

    Our problem our problem to solve. Alright to ask other fans for moral support but WE need to act. Arsenal fans voted with their feet last year they didn’t ask for others to chant anti Wenger songs.

    • Dave Pattinson

      Bang on right, Leicester Mag.

    • billofengland

      Exactly how many Gooners voted with their feet, when they have had sold out stadiums all season?

  • Ashley-out

    Our own fans turn up like sheep every game, why ask other fans to do what we won`t do ourselves. every person at the game today supports fatso.

    • Dave Pattinson

      Dead right mate. FFS everyone….stop going! The club is NOT ours . Stop being sentimental & stay away & give Ashley the message. Don’t tell me anyone actually enjoys watching our football anyway…the last few years have been torture. Be honest! Stay away till he goes.

      • billofengland

        You got that one wrong, Its not Football, Its laughable is all.

    • Martin Rooney

      Where you outside the ground before the game….NO

  • kingfisher

    Quote from a Brighton fan when asked to support a protest against Ashley :

    I’ll stand up against Ashley, just as soon as the season ticket buying, game going, shirt wearing, concession buying, Sports Direct shopping, horse punching Geordies do.’
    Says it all really.Even fans of other clubs can’t understand why supporters still buy season tickets.

    • Danimal

      This one says we’re useless because we are not protesting, another one says we are whingers because we are protesting, one says Ashley is pumping in cash, another says he isn’t. In other words a good cross section of ignorance and knowledge. Move on.

    • FatParosite

      Rock hard logic.

  • Wezza

    We are doomed.

    • Danimal


    • billofengland

      Mate, Its not the end of anyone`s world, lighten up, Next season, you might get a manager, then again you might not. But at least the angst will not be there . face it Newcastle will never be a world power, NEVER.

      • Wezza


      • panther

        why do you care?

  • Cockneytrev

    It shows that the information is not getting to opposing clubs/fans.
    We need to crowd fund and hire a top PR company to start putting it out how bad Ashley has been,, standing outside the stadium with a banner that looks like a sports direct advert for half an hour is not going to cut the mustard.
    I’ve not said to other fans that they need to boycott the matches,, BUT WE DO!!!!

    • Martin Rooney

      Yes let’s get together said the people who won’t tell each other their real name???

  • Foggy

    Not surprised, I wouldn’t expect anything else from the likes of them.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Why would a Brighton fan support protests against Ashley?………he’s the reason we’re struggling at the foot of the division and could take up one of the 3 relegation places…..they do need 3 teams to finish below them after all..

  • Hopey

    I agree with all their comments, if you want the owner to leave DONT GO ffs

  • mactoon

    The comments from another club aren’t astonishing given that most clubs don’t know the full extent of how Ashley is destroying our club. What IS astonishing is that we ask other clubs to support Newcastle protests against Ashley when we can’t organise a bloody successful protest involving our own fans!

    We’re now rock bottom of the league with 50+ thousand going to watch the games and the ‘protests’ are getting no publicity. I’m sorry but the whole thing is rapidly turning into a joke. If the ‘Magpie Group’ or the fans want to do something, stop talking about it and do something.

    • Cockneytrev

      Well said,,
      Boycott the fracking games,,
      It’s ridiculous!!!!!

      • mactoon

        And I totally agree with you that we need to get the truth out there about Ashley to counter his positive PR

      • billofengland

        Do YOU personally go to games, I doubt it, you just stir the whatsit,

        • Cockneytrev

          First game in 1966,
          I had 3, season for 18 years, also 1 ticket for 5 , I now go on invite only, a lot of the time away corperate and , have been to three matches this season, I’m going to Watford, all on invite,
          followed them all (unlike you with your team, I think your a Macam troll) , but I won’t put one more penny into fatso pocket ,, enough for you ?

    • Martin Rooney

      Full extent, you lot have lost the plot.
      In August 2017 we had Gayle Mitro and Perez as a front three.
      Rafa has sold one and used £20m to buy two and loan two all booked f them t++D’s that couldn’t looked polished in the championship.
      If you want someone to get shirty at the Spanish waiter is your man

      • mactoon

        for one reason or another he decided not to use those players which is a managers prerogative. So given Ashley’s statement that every penny generated by the club would be available to Rafa he sold them to generate funds for incoming transfers but Ashley simply didn’t make that money available. Therefore he ended up getting rondon on loan because the club thought that was the best deal. You can’t blame a manager who is restricted as to who he can buy.

        Ashley has year on year depleted the squad to the extent where we have a championship squad who are obviously struggling in the Premiership due to a lack of investment (we are bottom of the league!)

        A manager can’t bring a team success if he is not allowed to bring in the players he wants to play for him, and Ashley is not allowing this to happen.

        If you disagree with that statement I don’t think it’s me who has lost the plot.

        • Martin Rooney

          I wish that was true unfortunately if you read the statements of Rafa he has said he wanted Mutu for a long time and was watching him two seasons ago, he also said that Rondon was his first choice and you will remember that nufc’s first bid wasca cash offer not a loan. WBA .did not want that deal, but Rafa sanctioned what hecended up with.

          Those are facts and the players Rafa chose.

          Joselu sliimani rondon Mutu cost and are costing a fortune. He could have bought someone decent still had Gayle and even mitro.

          • mactoon

            And yet I still don’t believe that if Rafa was given the budget he required they would have been the players he would have bought. I put the blame squarely at ashleys door.

          • Martin Rooney

            The budget of Joselu rondon sliimani and Mutu is £20+ and £130k per week that’s worth lot more than we’ve got

          • panther

            from what iv seen of muto, i like him, the others you mentioned ,cant imagine anyone else wanting them

        • billofengland

          Surely, one win, as a manager of supposed greatness, is not out of the question? Rafa has been found out, only you stupid folks don’t recognise the fact,

          • mactoon

            Against the teams we have played so far who have far greater players and squads?

          • billofengland

            Such as Notts Forrest ? Take your blinkers off mate.

          • mactoon

            You can’t bring cup games into the discussion when he would never play his strongest team due to trying to survive in the premiership. I am talkin about having to play some of the best teams in the league early on. He has not been equipped with the players he needs while every team around him has been spending money to make them stronger than us. Ashley is to blame for the weak squad we have due to insufficient investment.

          • billofengland

            Sorry, but your point is null and void, He did play his best team, and got beat, no big deal, that happens, But surely there can be a win somewhere? Rafa has been found out, He has never built a team, only inherited, The players he has bought for Newcastle are at best, not even mediocre, so why would Ashley trust him to spend mega millions to create NOWT,

          • mactoon

            Far as I’m concerned you get what you pay for
            The players we’ve bought like joselu and muto are the quality you get for 5 -10 million. We won’t easily compete with teams spending 3 or 4 times that much on better players.

          • panther

            anything can happen in a cup game

      • billofengland


        • panther

          proper troll love in

  • Martin Rooney

    If call the people who are staying away in protest, protested outside the ground before during and after home matches then we’d see the real vent of REAL nufc fans anger. As most folks going to the game are talking about RAFA

    • billofengland

      New kid on the block or what, Rafa is rubbish. Simple as,

  • Albert Stubbins

    Don’t blame them to be honest. If I were asked to start protesting against the management of another clubs owners I would say the same. Why should we expect sympathy from anyone else? It our club and our mess. We stand alone in unity with fellow black and whites. That’ll do for me.

  • Scoutingfromtherooftops

    I don’t think they are ‘clueless’ or ‘brainwashed’ and there’s some fair points in there unfortunately. Other clubs have had it comparatively worse (Venky’s at Blackburn, the mess at Portsmouth, Sisu at Coventry).

    Our issue and our issue alone.

    • MrShack66

      Sorry I pretty much copied (innocently) your views.

  • TheFatController

    Given we’re odds on for relegation, and won’t come back for a while, I can safely predict Ashley will be gone within 18 months even if we begged him to stay.

    So now I see protests etc as irrelevant, sadly, and I mean no disrespect to the people leading and joining the protests.

    The reason they’re irrelevant is simple – Nobody would want to buy us now even if Ashley asked for a lower price like , say, £250m

    He’ll be gone in about a year and have £150m to show for it. How could it be anything else now ?

    • billofengland

      Dream on

    • panther

      id take a few relegations to see the back of jabba

  • killymag

    We have the cheek to ask other clubs for support when 50,000 geordies fill the Fat Lads pockets every home game

  • MrShack66

    Didn’t read all the comments. But I can’t remember us standing alongside Blackburn and Blackpool fans against their awful owners.

    • Kneebotherm8


  • MAL

    Everyone put £1 in a pot £50,000 would buy someone to take care of the Ashley. Take a lot of time for the police to sort that one out – kidding by the way?

    • billofengland


    • billofengland

      Best you retract that post. fool, I believe it may have legal downfalls, for your stupid self.

    • Realist

      You need locked up in a secure unit where you can’t hurt yourself or others you loon.

    • panther

      ill do it for a pint

  • Ba ba.

    Short memories the Brighton fans was there in 87 empty horrible ground

    • cauldb

      And did they ask you to protest about it?

      • Ba ba.

        There WS no one there to do the asking….. It was empty

  • ‘Why should we protest when the Geordies aren’t.

    Unless of course you class a March from Sports Direct (after shopping) to take up their seats at St James Park, while wearing replica kit and stuffing their faces at halftime, a protest.’

    THis, just ‘this’…all the live long day…..but the truth hurts for too many.

  • billofengland

    Sorry got sick of reading the whinges, Bottom line , Is the manager cannot manage, simple as that. This post will be removed as normal by the in house Mag, as he or she normally does.

  • Realist

    This is embarrassing asking Brighton fans to protest. These protests need to stop on a match day and personally I think there is a hidden political agenda to them also. Socialist party springs to mind. Sad [email protected]

  • Geordiegiants

    The first comment says it all perfectly.!

  • Bob Fenwick

    Time to get the coffin out again and lock the horses up!

    • panther

      why you feeling randy?