Andy Gray is quite sure of who has to take responsibility now at Newcastle United.

Yet again, unsurprisingly, the disgraced presenter comes down on the side of Mike Ashley and points the finger at Rafa Benitez.

His argument is that you can ‘blame Mike Ashley all you want’ regarding how much money has or hasn’t been made available for transfers.

However, when it comes down to it, according to Andy Gray, it is Rafa Benitez who has chosen the players who have been signed.

There is a kind of logic to Gray’s comments but it is the logic of stupidity.

As a typical example, when promoted to the Premier League, Rafa was desperate for a quality goalscorer.

Mike Ashley refused to allow this kind of signing to happen and instead allowed £5m to be spent.

That bought a £5m Stoke reserve striker, who wouldn’t even get in their (Stoke’s) Championship team now.

So the Newcastle boss is stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Rafa allowed to buy no players at all in two of the four transfer windows since promotion, whilst in the other two, he has basically had to bring in bodies on a budget to fill shirts.

Rather than being allowed to spend money and improve the team, as every other club tries to do, Mike Ashley instead leaves Rafa bringing in the likes of free transfer Ki,  £3m Schar, £4m Manquillo, £5m Joselu and £6m Atsu. With then loan deals to supplement the minimal spending.

It’s like giving a racehorse trainer ten grand to buy a horse and then having a go at them for not winning the Derby.

In the vast majority of cases you get what you pay for and Ashley has only allowed his manager Championship level spending.

Not difficult to see where that will take you unless you have a very good manager and a lot of luck.

Last season Newcastle had both, this season luck has deserted NUFC.

Andy Gray talking on beIN Sports:

“You can blame Mike Ashley all you want, for a lack of funds.

“(But) In the last two or three seasons, 15 or 16 players have arrived.

“Mike Ashley does not pick the team.

“When August comes around, only one man picks the team, and that is Rafa Benitez.

“People will say that they have played four of the top six…but Wolves got a point against Man City.

“The next seven games Newcastle fans will be thinking they can win them.

“But other teams will be looking at Newcastle and thinking we can win that.

“He (Rafa Benitez) shouldn not have said ‘We have to hope there are three worse teams in the league’, that was wrong.

“You can’t say this to fans.

“He has the responsibility and he is not producing the goods.

“He has to turn it round and very quickly.”

  • BanJones

    He’s about as influential as my goldfish and it died 16 years ago.

  • Kenny

    F##king lunatic, the Fat Rat buys them though & the manager has to sift through a pile of schitt.

  • Wor Lass

    I`d have some respect for Gray if he`d ever put his money where his mouth was and done some managing himself. I think the only job he ever applied for was at Everton but that was just a ploy to get Sky to up his salary. He was a decent pundit back in the day but he blew it all because he thought he was God.

  • Peaky

    Irrelevant fat perverted lech….

    • Kneebotherm8

      Him and his fat fckn mate……..

  • Tweed Mag

    If Gray wants to stir up reaction with daft comments, then he is going to be disappointed. His opinions have been worthless since he was exposed as a sex pest. No one listens to him – Gray and Keys are has-beens.

  • Tino o

    Andy who?

    • grantham mag

      Jock in a frock.

  • Paul Patterson

    “If I keep the club I will have the final say on players. I am the one who has to fund the club.” – Mike Ashley, 2009.

  • Kneebotherm8

    Andy……what an absolute fckn plum you are……..

  • killymag

    Did he make the comments while having his lunch with Garry Glitter , the fat perverted tw#t

    • graham18

      bit like the FCB

  • Lord Portland

    Andy Gray’s a man with pretty limited intellectual capacity. Not worth taking seriously with these silly comments.

  • Superdooperhooper

    Yes thanks Andy I will blame ashley all I want because he is entirely responsible. I’m surprised there hasn’t been an article on Jim white because he apparently made similar comments yesterday on talkshyte

    • Billmag

      Yeah read that about Whitey, yet another plonker on Talkshyte, the Radio station that hand picks people that know jack💩 about the real goings on at NUFC.

  • Billmag

    What’s wrong Gray nobody listening to you out in the desert, no women to pester, so he has a go at Rafa to try and get noticed what a plonker.

    • AbusedCourier

      No haggis for him to shag!

  • FatParosite

    Grey is a direct ar$e pipe from Ashley himself. His utterances are untreated effluent and should be treat as such.

  • Wezza

    Idiot Andy Gray! Obviously he doesn’t know the situation and the bargain bin dips loans and freebie downgrading replacements we got in the summer. Cheaper wages, cheaper transfer fee. Profit.

  • Viru leckworth

    Andy Gray is just jealous that Rafa is a proven successful manager and Andy Gray…… is not.

  • MadMag83

    It’s like Clarko has been unmasked.

    Utter moron this bloke. He uses the example of one team getting a point at Man City, a Wolves side that has seen considerable investment and has links with a super agent.

  • Malcolm Fisher

    No mention of the money wolves spent

  • Leazes.


    ……“You can blame Mike Ashley all you want, for a lack of funds.
    But In the last two or three seasons, 15 or 16 players have arrived”….

    …. thank goodness for that…..15 or 16 had also left.



  • graham18

    He’s another pr*ck as well

  • Big Al 1967

    Here’s another example for the insanely stupid and sexist Scottish to$$er.
    Next year Mercedes say to Lewis Hamilton ‘Your car for this year is a Citroen C1 and it does 70mph tops’
    Andy Gray is firmly of the opinion that it is Hamilton’s fault for not winning the F1 Drivers title and is nothing to do with Mercedes giving him a totally inferior car.
    Trying to stay relevant and showing what an absolute fool he is