Aleksandar Mitrovic has been comparing and contrasting life at Newcastle United and Fulham.

He says that Rafa Benitez and himself ‘just didn’t suit each other.’

The Serbian striker says the tactics didn’t suit him and he ‘didn’t really feel comfortable to play.’

Newcastle could go above Fulham this weekend and potentially climb out of the relegation zone, the Magpies away at Southampton and Fulham home to Bournemouth.

After three points from the first three games, Fulham have only two from the last six, only Newcastle with one point from the last 18 have done worse.

Aleksandar Mitrovic says that he never expected this when he signed for Fulham but a couple of wins will get them out of it, according to the forward.

As for comparing the two clubs, Mitro says the intensity in Newcastle is nice at times but equally he find it nice at times off the pitch at Fulham where you aren’t in a football mad environment.

The former Newcastle player declares ‘Some might say Fulham is a smaller club in the Premier League – but it is a club with big ambition, with a big future.’

Ironic when you compare this to the club he has just left, a big club with….no ambition under Mike Ashley.

Aleksandar Mitrovic talking to BBC Sport:

“It was really hard in Newcastle….it was one city, one club.

“Everybody there was really crazy about Newcastle.

“Sometimes it is nice, but sometimes you want to be quiet and go out with your family. When you are not happy on the field, you just don’t want to think about football, [you want to] have your space.

“In Newcastle, there is no chance.

aleksandar mitrovic

“We (Mitro and Rafa) just didn’t suit each other.

“I didn’t suit his tactics and I didn’t really feel comfortable to play, so he couldn’t get the best out of me. But it is nothing personal – just business.

“We had a good relationship and he is a good guy. Defensively he is one of the best managers that I have worked with.

“I can (now) go to the city (London), I am right on the river, so it is always nice to have real space and time with your family. Nobody can disturb you. I enjoy it.

“Away from football it is just family. I try to spend time with my kids – I have to spend a lot of time away so every time I am at home I like to spend time with them. I am a really nice, quiet guy.”

“I am still the same guy but maybe in the past I spent time fighting with people.

“Now I put my focus on my game, my goals – but I’m still the same way.

“When I play football I try to win the game. That is part of me. That is who I am. If you ask any player they will always say the same. They play to win.

“We didn’t expect this (Fulham to be in relegation zone after nine matches) but we are here in this position and we need to try to get out really fast.

“We have five points but if you can get one or two wins you can be in the top 10.

“Last year, when we made mistakes, teams couldn’t punish us but now every mistake we make is punished with a goal – so we have to play smarter. This is life in the Championship compared to life in the Premier League.

“Some might say Fulham is a smaller club in the Premier League – but it is a club with big ambition, with a big future.

“I’m happy to be part of this.”

  • Peaky

    Much better than we’ve got now…..but the lad isn’t plumbed in right…

    • Ashley-out

      so are more than a few on here

  • Ashley-out

    forced out and look what we have ended up with, a manager needs to adapt as well as the players. bet Rafa thought he was going to get the £22m fee
    he should have known better after 2 years with fatso.

  • Billmag

    Here we go again playing for NUFC is like living in a goldfish bowl good grief he would have lived a stone’s throw from the beautiful Northumberland Country side, today’s footballer’s get well paid for such a short career and are set up for life, unlike the normal man or woman in the street that has to work for 50 years to get the anywhere near a decent life. Mitro went to Fulham because nobody else bid for him, would he have said the same things if he had signed for say one of the Birmingham clubs the answer is probably yes.

  • Wor Lass

    The clickbaiting continues. A refreshingly honest and rather uncontroversial interview in which noone is slagged off is presented as some sort of nufc-bashing rant in the headline.