After Mike Ashley’s associates Derek Llambias and Graham Carr visited Greenock Morton this week, media reports claimed that the trip was part of a plan to make the Scottish Championship outfit into a feeder club for Newcastle United.

With both of them having been on the Ashley payroll previously, and with many people rightly or wrongly believing they still are, the press story added up in some ways.

However, Derek Llambias has now came out and said that if any move is made for Morton ‘We don’t need Mike Ashley’s money’, adding ‘Morton’s not a very expensive club, is it?….it’s not a huge investment.’

Formerly employed to run Newcastle United for Mike Ashley after previously running a casino, Derek Llambias has also claimed any involvement with Morton has ‘Got nothing to do with Mike Ashley.’

Instead, Llambias claims ‘I belong to a group of high-network individuals. We look at all sorts of things — sports, property. It’s a nice little group of people. They know I’ve gone to Morton. We’re just looking. I’m not saying we’re going to get involved.’

Unless they have had a falling out, it is very difficult to believe that any involvement by Derek Llambias in football, won’t be in some way connected to Mike Ashley.

It is difficult enough for anybody to make money at lower division English clubs, never mind those in Scotland such as Greenock Morton, who are in the second tier and haven’t been in the Scottish Premiership for 30 years. Plus, the latest Morton accounts showed a £2m loss.

Derek Llambias talking to The Scotsman:

“We don’t need Mike Ashley’s money.

“It’s got nothing to do with Mike Ashley.

“Morton’s not a very expensive club to buy, is it?”

“I’ve no idea what the price would be but it’s not a huge investment.

“We were shown round the club, it’s a nice little club, with potential, so watch this space.

“But we’re not committing to anything (yet). The main thing was to look at the reserves and have a look at Alexander Easdale [son of Morton investor and former Rangers chairman Sandy].

“Morton have some good quality coming through. Whenever I’ve got the chance to see a player, I ask Graham (Carr) to come along and have a look. He’s a good friend of mine and he’s got an eye for a player and plenty of experience.

“I belong to a group of high-network individuals.

“We look at all sorts of things — sports, property. It’s a nice little group of people.

“They know I’ve gone to Morton. We’re just looking. I’m not saying we’re going to get involved.

“It’s a nice little club and it’s got potential, but I’m not so sure it will be for us. There’s a long way to go yet.

“We could do it ourselves, there’s not a problem with that. We’re not acting for any group. There’s no commitment from us to buy it.

“We were just up for a couple of days. I was introduced to the manager and the chief executive. We had a look around, that was it.”

  • Peaco

    Does he mean ‘high net worth’ or ‘hi network’. Yohan Kebab – springs to mind?

  • Paul Patterson

    A court proven liar speaks . .

  • Billmag

    Lies, lies and more lies Lambiarse can’t lie in bed straight.

  • Leazes.

    Told yer…./

  • Waxi

    More lies from the MAFIA, They must think we are stupid if they reckon the FCB has now’t to do with it. Leazes i think you could be spot on and it will have a big plot of something they want to get their grubby little hands on. God help Morton.

    • Leazes.

      ….they are making money for themselves….

      …. this ‘nice little group of people’….. are asset strippers, they take land, and copyright, and naming rights…. from business which are selling

      the are….

      ….The London Mafia’

      Its taken Llambias exactly 2 minutes to insult Morton fans, he’s so thick he doesn’t know he’s done it….

      …… or so blasé that he doesn’t care!

      • JohnnyH

        Probably both…
        “It’s only Morton, not like it’s going to cost much is it”

        Ignorance and arrogance, the worst of combinations

        • Leazes.

          They should drive them off with a pitch fork before its too late.

  • Leicester Mag

    Morton must be delighted to get the B team liars

  • East Durham Mag

    Yet anotherlyingtwat

    • Leazes.

      Llambias?….. no he’s not…..

      ……he was very honest when he said ‘you don’t know how nasty we can be’……and he’s just said he’s looking to plunder some other poor beggar!

      Too honest for his own good at times.

  • JohnnyH

    Seeing him resurface again makes me want to puke.

  • toonterrier

    Llimparse and Knackarr working together is a match made in hell. Come on me bonny scots kick the bugggers out.

    • Leazes.

      Carr is there to make it look as if it is football related….. it isn’t….. the Llambias gang are asset strippers.

  • Mxpx

    So they’ve been told that the club isn’t for sale to Mike Ashley and are now trying to pretend there isn’t a connection good for morton

  • Fisherking


  • Leazes.

    Ask yourself the question….when you listen to anything said by the ‘nice little group’ of Llambias Jiminez, Ashley, Barnes, and the rest……

    ….’Do they sound more like Mafia than Businessmen or more like Businessmen than Mafia’?

    ……A more crooked bunch you won’t see…. well you certainly wont see them when they’re in hiding….or in prison.

    Why does Charnley hide?

  • Wor Lass

    “I belong to a group of high-network individuals.” Roughly translated , means, “I am an egotistical [email protected] moving in circles too rich for me”.

    • Leazes.

      I think they are excluded from high circles, when Ashley bought a house in Florida he held a party for the rich and famous, Champagne at £3000 a bottle and a bill for the whole bash of three-quarters of a million dollars….. the invites didn’t get reciprocated so he went down the pub.

  • graham18

    they are all a bunch of pr#cks

  • robbersdog

    Dodgy Derek sounds like a wannabe big shot in a B movie. [email protected]!

  • Lord

    I don’t know how nasty he can be, can someone fill me in?

    • JohnnyH

      “They dont know how nasty we can be”

      Must be weally weally nasty. Like spiders or snakes and stuff

  • Mr wobert

    Legend in his own mind, I can see ashleys hand working this puppet

  • Jonas

    i absolutely hate these bar-stewards
    seems like MA has got the idea having a feeder club means he wont have to pay the going rate for PL players if we can nurture them (in a ridiculously inferior level).

    thought of him staying at NUFC is so grim it doesn’t bare thinking about, its suicidal.

    if the current concerted efforts fail, NUFC is dead in all but name.

    • Phildene

      Each and every fan still paying into Ashley’s coffers by buying their increased value season ticket is playing straight into the FCB hands so no wonder he’s laughing at us!

  • Down Under Mag

    Obviously Ashley is going to keep a distance given the fiasco when he tried to take over Rangers, even if he is behind the deal. He can buy them, get them to the Scottish top flight, milk off some money by essentially loaning/selling players from NUFC.

    Just think, he continues his “buy anyone who is cheap and hope for a Cabeye or Sissoko” mentality here and now, rather than have to keep those players and pay their salaries without them playing he can send them up to Scotland and actually get return on his investment.

    The biggest worry is that all these cretins (including Carr) are still skulking about, it does suggest Carr is still involved in transfer dealings at NUFC despite not being in the role any more.

  • Stephen Paylor

    What a tosspot he is

  • Pezza

    Did you really type “ high-network individuals.” Twice? Did he not say ‘high net worth’? It would make more sense.

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  • Leazes.

    Don’t touch this guy with a barge pole Morton fans!


    There must be development land up for grabs or its a tax dodge.. Dig deeper Morton fans something is up

    • Geordiegiants

      Something is very very wrong!

    • graham18

      the next thing the Morton fans will know is a huge Sports Direct and HoF store outside their ground and possibly any other store the FCB’s got his hands on.