It is 52 years ago to the day I made my home debut for Newcastle United, albeit in the Leazes End (at the front I hasten to add).

My brother must have been really bad that week, as his punishment was to take me with his friends.

There is a five year gap between us, so I was told stand at the front and don’t move. He was about 4 steps behind.

True to form we lost, although I got to see the mighty Wyn Davies, who became my hero, and would be for many years until replaced by Tony Green.

I would take either of them today, although both in their 70s they are probably more mobile than some of the current squad.

I have moved all over the ground since then, although had some happy years in the paddock, with like-minded idiots.

One thing after many years of thin with the odd high, one thing I never thought I would do, is not go to St James Park to watch MY team.

However, I have not been this year and have no intention of doing so. The same is true for my son.


There is NO entertainment and hasn’t been for a number of years.

I, like many supporters, only want to see the team try and play good football, but enough is enough.

Who do I blame?

Firstly, Mike Ashley, as he has not invested in a squad that needed investment.

Secondly, Rafa must take his share of the blame.

We are playing boring football. It is terrible to watch.

Will I be back?

Yes, when the owner eventually leaves, and we rediscover what Newcastle United was about.

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  • Wezza


  • Christopher Edwards

    Same here. It is only 29 years ago since i went to my first game and for the majority of the time since I had a season ticket. I have not had one for about 5 years now but went to games anyway but only went to one last year and haven’t been to any this year and don’t plan to. Ashley is 99% of the reason but the way Rafa sets up his team is also of no interest to me. I know he is handicapped by the lack of investment but he could still have a go. I would rather see us get beat 8-3 off Tottenham at home than eek out a 2-1 defeat with negative football. I am not bothered if we even stay up this year as I don’t want to keep watching us trying to defend for 90 minutes against everyone.

    • Kenny

      We all want to see us having a go and we have to in the next 2 home games of we are really in the 💩

      • Peaky

        Both Watford and Bournemouth were outstanding at the weekend…..can’t see us getting a thing from these next two games….

        • Kenny

          Scary, isn`t it

        • Wor Lass

          This is the Toon, though, Peaky! I think you`re right, though …

          • Kenny

            anything can happen with lot

  • Ashley-out

    we have 5 matches before we play Wolves, why wait until then to boycott the games.

    • Leazes.

      Shut up

      • Ashley-out

        get lost, arrogance is your forte, block me for gods sake

        • Kenny

          That escalated quickly

          • panther

            Can’t find the dummy

  • kingfisher

    Spot on John.What motivates the 50,000 to keep turning up is beyond us like minded fans who stay away. The regulars at SJP say that those who have stopped going are disloyal and are harming the team, and they are loyal, and better fans than those of us who are prepared to stop going and giving Ashley our cash !
    RUBBISH !!!

    My first match was ( if my memory serves me well ) around 1968 and throughout the 50 odd years since then, a lot have things have changed, Owners, Directors , Players etc. Lots of situations when I wasn’t happy, but through out it all I never, ever lost my passion until now !


    • Kenny

      We’ll see how that goes but I’m not confident on a positive outcome

  • Paul Patterson

    I still don’t blame Rafa. Ashley had the perfect chance to flush out Rafa. I he had give him substantial money and he’d screwed it up, he would have had no excuses.
    Sadly, with that £25m+ profit, the chance of maximising the teams potential from last season 10th place has gone.
    Owners fault . .

    • Jin Patel

      you will never blame Rafa, he could lose every game and he’ll still be immune from any criticism from people like yourself, glasgow mag, wezza, fat parosite, jezza etc etc.

      the ‘clever fans’ he talks about is people like you, because he knows Ashley will take the fall for literally everything. from signings to tactics to the tea ladies broken fingernail.

      • Gareth Jones

        It is Ashley’s fault though.

      • Paul Patterson

        If you honestly want me to blame a manager who is trying his best to find a tactic that works with a awful attack after being left woefully short by his employer then fine, I’ll blame Rafa.
        Like I said, if the owner gave the manager substantial funds and he screwed it up, it would give Rafa no excuses.
        Until then, owners fault . .

        • Geordiegiants

          With an awful attack? We don’t have any attack!

      • Kenny

        forget everything except the signings, i doubt Rafa has had a 1st choice player he wanted for over 2 years, you dont honestly think he`d sign the likes of Joselu

      • David2211

        MA is to blame for everything that’s why Jin.
        Eleven years of this nonsense. Keep bending over and accepting it.

      • panther

        No, I don’t agree with the negative football, but I understand it, when our players need a dozen chances to even wake up the keeper and the rest of the league only needs one or two chances to go ahead, all down to greed like the last decade

      • Billmag

        Give your head a shake man did you criticise Rafa when we got promoted, did you criticise him for finishing 10th in fact I can’t remember you posting on this forum before.

      • BigHairyDog

        And mugs like you make Ashley laugh himself silly, Bishop’s whole plan to take the heat off Ashley and SD is to get the supporters to turn on Rafa…

  • Rev

    Spot on, Owner starving the club, manager strangling it. Can’t recall it being this bad in 40 years. Even under Mcfaul etc. there was hope. Here, nothing.

    • FatParosite

      It seems the Bishop narrative is catching out those who are hard of thinking.

  • killymag

    Good cop Bad cop situation. Ashley loves the notoriety of been the hard nosed bullying businessman , keeping everyone downtrodden . Raffa plays the downtrodden employee [ look at me he wont get me new tools] while picking up 6 million a year both are in a win win situation the losers been the people that really matter the fans

  • panther

    Why do I have Everton adds all over this page?

    • Kenny

      😂😂😂😂. use Ad Blocker plus

  • Hughie

    Balanced and correct John. 6Worst football since the early to mid 60’s when I was around. Ashley and Benitez must take the blame. We all know about the astonishing incompetence of Ashley, Charnley and co. so why repeat. Benitez has without doubt sorted out the defence. The attack is the worst I can recall since the bleak old second division days of the 60’s. Yes that is a symptom of the hopeless transfer policy, but it is being exacerbated by Benitez selections (eg Perez), tactics and his daft public comments that the team and particularly the attack is not good enough. How would you respond as a player to your boss saying in public that you are a failure? Some would respond by a determination to prove him wrong, but many of todays pampered wimps would think why should I bother putting myself out when he has no confidence in me. My confidence has been shot to pieces. Rank bad management. Rafa is undoubtedly a great manager – the last 2 seasons prove that, but he may well have lost the dressing room with his public criticism of players, selection of useless players, failure to select youngsters- who can remember Foggon and Dyson?– and over cautious tactics. I hope I’m wrong, but have seen it many many times over the years.

  • Billmag

    And exactly what is NUFC all about, exciting all out attacking football, since the sixties you can count the fingers on both hands the amount of seasons where we’ve had great attacking football.

    • Kenny

      I can only remember the Keegan era & Sir Bobby, the rest has been shyte

      • nufcslf

        Definately way above average under those two true honest managers. Even through there has been a lot of shocking years, at least there were very few home losses. The Cashley’s years have been 45 % winning and getting worse. Talk about an ultimate low, this just not worth supporting.

    • mactoon

      For me, exciting all out attacking football is a bonus. What I want as a bare minimum is a team that can compete, a little bit of hope every time you watch the match. What we have been reduced to is a weak squad provided by an owner who isn’t interested and a world class manager who is having to scrap for nil nil draws and the hope we can get a goal against the likes of Huddersfield, Cardiff, Fulham, Burnley etc. Back in the last owners regime Keegan would be blowing those type of teams out of the water. There’s just no hope under this man. Time for change

  • oompalumpa

    Spot on totally agree, pulled the plug on season tickets in the East stand for my son and I. At 12 years old and season ticket holder with me from when he was 6 he didn’t want to go back. Shame that fatty is even isolating the future who may never go back ………

  • mactoon

    The blame lies firmly at Ashley’s door given that when every team is investing heavily in improving their squads, we make a profit. The main purchase is £10 million on Muto who I don’t think is good enough and a loan striker who scores an average of 1 every 3 games. I can’t believe that calibre of striker was Rafa’s first choice, I believe they were the players he was presented with given the budget Ashley provided.

    Having said that, while I agree with parking the bus against the likes of Man City and Liverpool, the Man U first half shows he has no need to use negative tactics against the rest of the teams, just go for it because defending a point for the whole season will not give us enough points to stay up.

    January will be a defining window, if Ashley continues his current policy we will struggle to stay up. If he provides Rafa with the goalscorer(s) he needs, we may have a chance but yet again it will just be papering over the cracks provided by Ashley’s failed approach to running a football club and if we survive it will start all over again.

    The stories coming out about the Leicester owner and how he gave millions to local hospital charities, dragged the club out of debt, gave breakfast to fans, bought gold amulets for all his staff, mixed with the fans and became part of the community and LOADS of other examples really shows what an outstanding person he was and will be a massive loss to football. He demonstrated everything the owner of a football club should do. It just highlights what a travesty our club has become under the ownership of a person who just does not care.

    • FatParosite

      So the miracle happens and we stay up…… What’s the point…?? REALLY… what is the point…?? Benitez gone Puppet in place… same old same old…. I hate SDFC

      • mactoon

        As I said, it will just be papering over the cracks provided by Ashley’s failed approach to running a football club and if we survive it will start all over again.

        It reminds me of the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. He may think that continually running the club like this will keep us in the Premiership but it will only end up with relegation unless he changes his approach, which he won’t. So for gods sake just sell up and go.

  • Tweed Mag

    Those of us who have been going to St James’ for many decades (since 1967 for me) have probably never seen the club so bereft of ambition and hope. It is all down to one man – Ashley. Criticise Rafa if you like (I have no idea why he selects Perez every week) but he is trying to extract the best he can from what he has.
    For those of you wavering about a boycott, think about the future; either send a clear message now, or regret it for years to come. It is just one match, in front of a world-wide audience that provides a great chance to reinforce the message. There is already a generation who have had nothing to shout about, no excitement, no memories to pass on. If you feel any responsibility towards the future of the club, then stay away. A simple act that will make a massive difference. Do it.

    • nufcslf

      Well said and couldn’t agree more. He needs showing up with an empty ground for at least that one match.

    • GeordieZebra

      Bang on. Clear, concise, from the heart.

  • Geordiegiants

    Ridiculous to suggest Rafa should take any blame, he has nothing to work with and has done everything he can to keep us alive.

    • nufcslf

      Very surprised he hasn’t just walked no matter what the penalties are written into his contract or how it would make him look. I just couldn’t put up with Cadhley’s pysh taking and credit to Rafa for doing so. Still couldn’t bring myself to pay to watch such sh*t football all the same. Boycott needed for the right change to happen. Fingers crossed.

      • Geordiegiants

        Even Rafas loyalist of supporters aren’t enjoying the football. There just isn’t any other way to play as we don’t have one single forward.

    • FatParosite

      It shows that even a monumentally incompetent PR engine like KBR are getting a message out. Have you ever heard of a chairman willfully undermining his OWN manager…?? That is Ashley’s class & yet so many braindead morons lose focus on that FACT daily..Only 1 person to blame anyone NOT in line with that understanding is actively ignoring FACTS.

  • KennySamsung

    I would always go and support my team, the club belongs to you, it is your space in your town. It has Geordie nation written all over it, black and white, army, blaydon races, bigg market, strawberry, super mac, keegan, shearer, broon ale, the old ticket lottery that ya bought at the side of the pitch, a forty yard screamer from mcdonald at the leazes end, joe harvey with the cup, the wave of bods from back to front in the leazes end, juventus, inter, barcelona, blyth spartans night in the cup, rangers trying to out muscle geordies, milburn, hughie galagher, queen concert, damp rainy floodlit games with steam coming out the tops of peoples heads, and a man who loved you and me and the meaning of geordie life Sir Bobby who knew what we wanted, we want to see the look on a bairns face when they look up at the stadium and know what being a geordie means.DO NOT LET THIS MAN RUIN EVERYTHING because it belongs to you!!