The question we are asking today is: ‘Would the Newcastle United 11 who played Arsenal get instant promotion from Championship?’

Lascelles, Yedlin, Dummett, Diame, Hayden, Ritchie and Perez all played on Saturday and were also regulars in the last (2016/17) promotion season.

Against Arsenal: Martin Dubravka, Jacob Murphy, Federico Fernandez and Joselu made up the rest of the NUFC starting eleven.

I don’t think it is a bad shout to think that this is the kind of team Newcastle would have next season, if the worst happened and we dropped back into the Championship.

So would it be good enough to get instant promotion straight back to the top tier?

Obviously there is no right and wrong answer, it is just opinion.

However, interesting to see what Newcastle fans think.

Has the Championship got better or worse in the meantime and would that Newcastle United team be good enough?

Hopefully it doesn’t come to that (needing to get promotion yet again!).

  • Leicester Mag

    Will it cattletruck

  • Milburn_Taylor

    I said in an earlier post that the current Newcastle squad would struggle in the championship and they would not be promoted as Rafa would be gone

  • 1957

    The Hoss wouldn’t score in the Championship, its a league too high for him

  • David2211

    No. Gayle’s not here.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    The championship is absolutely garbage, so probably

    • Kenny

      with Pardew or Moyes ?

      • SuperDesHamilton

        I’m not that much of a sicko I can even think about that yet

        • Kenny


        • Ram Kishore

          Mick McCarthy?
          Mick McCarthy.. i rate him as a good manager at this level.. Just look at his work at Ipswich, with no money or little he made them into a sold championship team and the players he brought were excellent..His time at wolves was good too..I mean wherever he had managed he never had money or his better players were sold to bigger clubs and he was expected a lot ..I would say he is a good choice..Not a yes man if u guys may ask.. has great adaptability too.. but we need patience..

          • SuperDesHamilton

            Thing is if we had any ambition at all he’d be the last person we should go for. Plus a think a lot of fans wouldn’t accept him since he’s ex mackem

          • Ram Kishore

            I think the ex mackem thing has been decreasing because Yedlin, Manq, Jack and even Moyes(most of them.are suggesting him) have been at Sunderland .. the rivalry should be very very high but it’s almost impossible to avoid few things that would improve us

          • SuperDesHamilton

            No one really wants moyes etc..though haha. It’s just how bad we are and how the fans feel that we have dropped so so far it’s depressing

          • Ram Kishore

            His stock was really good until the MUFC year ig. Even after the sacking at Manchester ( which got him a big payout ig). His stock got badly hit with Sunderland. He can do well with a championship club ig

          • SuperDesHamilton

            He’s damaged goods. He was totally clueless at real sociedad no tactical nous & refused to learn Spanish. Also upset the media there and bought some garbage

          • Ram Kishore

            Yep.. i remember the matches we played against Manchester united .. he struggled with us tactically just making Antonio valencia put in lot of crosses and they did nothing else

      • Ram Kishore

        Mick McCarthy? A good manager ig

  • BanJones

    Yes easily, no sorry, I mean nee chance probably.

  • Philippines

    My goodness, we are scraping the barrel for articles now. How about a vote to see if we would stay up if Milburn was playing?

    • Steven05

      I vote no

    • Ron

      I vote yes (If it’s Jackie). (Not Milburn Taylor – no offence intended)
      How about a vote if we pick the best starting line-up in living memory?
      But who would they be (there’s another article)
      What if we picked the best squad in living memory then added randum injuries (wow yet another article)

      There’s so much that could be written about – what about really going into the land of make believe – What is Mike Ashley sold S D and ploughed the proceeds into NUFC and said to Rafa buy who you like. Great article that.

      I’m going to have to stop drinking at work – nice single malt – Dalwhinnie on offer at Tesco’s – very nice. Tried it yet Kenny?

      • Steven05

        What if we had a football club again

        • Ron

          The articles can’t be too far fetched otherwise no one will read them, but a great idea.

      • Kenny

        yes, i bought a 20ml bottle at Morrisons to test it out

        • Ron

          Well try Highland Park

  • Jezza

    No chance. Wouldn’t even make the play offs.