Are Newcastle United a big club?

Like a scab you can’t stop picking and making bleed, it was difficult to switch off this daft nonsense on Talksport.

We (Newcastle United) ended up with Jim White as our great defender, whilst Danny Murphy and a real loser called ‘The Moose’ (otherwise known as West Ham fan Ian Abrahams, who is useless even by Talksport standards as a presenter/reporter).

The ‘debate’ is given below between the three of them…but the very fact that they are (as usual) talking about Newcastle United, might answer their own question as to whether NUFC is a ‘big club’, whatever that is.

Funnily enough, Danny Murphy admits that he has now changed his definition of what a big club is, because his previous idea(s) had ended up not fitting in with something he’d wanted to say, so he’d ditched a regular full stadium so he could now include Aston Villa as a ‘big club’.

It is great with all of these filling air time debates, by the way they speak you would think everybody was walking around Newcastle City Centre stopping any stranger to remind them that NUFC fit in as a ‘big club’.

It is an ideal subject of course for something like Talksport as there is no definitive answer, so it can be a never-ending debate…

Success is supposedly an integral part of being a big part but of course that comes and goes for clubs all the time.

At the minute you have Manchester City with the most expensive and probably best quality squad in the world, they won the Premier League last season setting records on points and goals, yet hilariously they can’t fill their stadium in the Premier League or Champions League. Are they a big club? PSG have the second most expensive squad in the world and just like Man City, they were the beneficiaries of a roll of the dice, whereby they got people taking over the club with access to massive wealth, and via that are now said to be big clubs.

Back in the day, Monaco were very successful, ridiculous funding provided to build the team despite only having a handful of fans.

As a generalisation I would say that to be any kind of a big club you do need at least two things:

Having lot of people who really care about what happens to the club – including those people don’t necessarily get to matches at that moment in time.

Then also, being a club that neutrals take an interest in and talk about.

Newcastle United get two big fat ticks on those two factors but sadly everything else is out of our control.

In the raffle for new owner, we sadly ended up with Mike Ashley, somebody who sees only as the advertising arm for his retail empire.

Newcastle have a decent sized stadium and a manager with an excellent CV, another two factors which you can throw into the big club mix.

However, it is all a non-starter, in terms of success, when you then have an owner that not only has no interest in the health and success of his football club as a separate entity, but actually works against it being successful.

I’m quite happy if anybody wants to say Newcastle aren’t a big club because it is meaningless, though obviously the ‘Moose’s’ infantile comments about Newcastle as a place, are equally annoying/laughable.

A Talksport ‘debate’ as to whether Newcastle United are a ‘big club’?:

Ian Abrahams (‘Moose’):

“Everybody keeps telling me what a big club Newcastle are, like Leeds, at least Leeds have at least won the title in the last 30 years – Newcastle since I was born have won nothing, not a thing.

“Since colour television was invented…zilch. Absolutely nothing.

“So when Jim (White) says Newcastle are re a big club, they get fifty two thousand, yeah well what else is there to do in Newcastle?

“Some smart Alec on Twitter sent me a link to Trip Advisor about what there is to do in Newcastle; I looked at it, there’s one art gallery and a few parks to walk around.

“Whoopee, I won’t go to the footy, I’ll walk around the park.

“Yes they get a lot of people through the gate, I’m not denying that but that doesn’t make you a big club, when you get 52,000 people through the gate, when there’s practically nothing else to do on a Saturday afternoon.”

Jim White :

“They are a big club.”

Danny Murphy :

“You are correct Moose, regarding what you have said.”

Jim White:

“Hang on Dan, are Newcastle a big club?”

Danny Murphy:

“Newcastle are well supported but they’re not a big club,”

Jim White:


Danny Murphy:

“They’re a team that yo-yos between the Championship and the Premier League. How is that a big club?”

Jim White:

“I am absolutely flabbergasted.”

Danny Murphy:

“I got mullered for saying Villa weren’t a big club, I had to retract a little bit, they have been a big club because they won the European Cup and they’ve competed at the top of the Premier League in my lifetime, so actually I was partly wrong there.

“What I meant was, and why I never felt it was a big club, was because every time I went there the stadium was never full.

“So I’m contradicting myself because if the stadium is full, it creates a big club atmosphere, but actually I was wrong about that because the stadium being full or not doesn’t constitute being a big club.”

Jim White:

“So what does constitute a big club?”

Danny Murphy:

“Success and worldwide support does.”

Ian Abrahams:

“Last time I checked, you don’t go to Spain and see people walking up and down the promenade and beach wearing Newcastle shirts. You do with Liverpool and Manchester United, you even do with Rangers and Celtic.”

Jim White:

“You see people wearing Newcastle shirts, yes you do.”

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  • Peaky

    Ian Abrahams ??? No me either…..straight from the Richard Keys school of pissignorant fuckingcunts….and as for Danny Murphy….who gives afuck what he says or thinks….irrelevant little scouser…

    • Kenny

      well put 😂😂 not on a level with leazes though

      • Peaky

        No,Leazes uses longer and more intellectual words and phrases than me….

        • Kenny

          His posts are well constructed, word perfect & correct punctuation.

          • Peaky

            Geordie Shakespeare 😂🤣😂

          • Kenny


  • Cockneytrev

    Is Leicester city a big club?

    • Jezza

      Notts Forest won the European Cup twice back in the days when you had to win the title to qualify.

      These clowns no doubt consider Chelsea to be a big club but I can remember Chelsea getting stuffed at home by Oxford in the second division in front of 8,000 and competing with Charlton, QPR and Crystal Palace for the status of London’s fourth club.

      • Cockneytrev


  • Kenny

    I see plenty of Newcastle shirts in Spain

    • Peaky

      I see plenty of Man Utd shirts….in London,the south east,Belfast & Dublin…none in Manchester mind you…

  • BanJones

    If I was about 13 I might be interested but i’m not.

  • Mike D

    A blue whale is a “big” sea faring mammal. Can you fit 52,000 people into one? Has it won any trophies? It’s still big though is it not?

    • Sickandtired

      And one owns our club… ;-)

      • Mike D

        He’s not won owt. He’s just a little tiddler.

  • Mrkgw

    Abrahams and Murphy are irrelevant as far as I’m concerned. But, thanks to Ashley, this type of nonsensical discussion is invited. Talksport should sack the pair – they serve no purpose whatsoever.

  • Mark

    This big club thing is a meaningless debate as their are so many criteria so I’m not really bothered what some clown says. I do find this idiots comments about the city offensive, clearly never been outside the M25 except for the odd match, as some one thats lived all over England I can say that with out rose tinted glasses Newcastle is greater than most and the equal to the rest bar London.

    I suppose thats what he’s after, he’s not a journalist but tool who gets paid to annoy people.

  • Sickandtired

    Apparently the 18 million who visited our city and region last year, with 9 out of 10 hotel rooms full every weekend and almost as many during the week, do nowt but walk around one of two parks…
    What a F’n coconut!

    • gavnufc85

      The ignorance doesn’t merit any response, at best it’s lazy stereotyping and at worst borderline racism.

      The fan baiting and fishing detracts from actually researching and covering what really should be getting discussed, topics such as ‘where has all the money gone’

  • JohnnyH

    A big part of the beauty of the City of Newcastle is that there aren’t many thick, fat, cockney cnuts like Abrahams who still think it’s grim up North

  • Tony English


    Part of the ‘boring radio topics 101’ syllabus alongside, do UFO’s exist, who remembers orange spangles, what happened to white dog sh it, and who’s best Maradona or Pele.

    Must be a quiet news day.


    • Kenny

      Ah, Swiss Toni’s back

      • Tony English

        Alreet Kendo Grab-a-granny?

        • Kenny


  • Leazes.

    A big club is one worthy of discussion.

  • Jimmy_toons

    Reading this reminds me why I don’t listen to the garbage they churn out. Talkshoite.

    • Carverlier football

      The only time I’ve ever listened to it is when it’s happened to be on in a taxi…

  • mactoon

    Basically the moose is an angry, uninformed West Ham fan who continually opens his mouth and puts a foot in it. His quote was ‘the only reason Newcastle fill their stadium on a Saturday is because there is nothing else to do in Newcastle on a Saturday afternoon. Idiot. (while West Ham add 22% to their attendance figures due to tickets sold as opposed to people who actually turn up)

    The actual fact is that Newcastle fans fill St James Park whether they are in the championship or the Premiership because they love their club whereas West Ham have to fiddle their attendance figures.

    The debate about a big club is a complicated one, in terms of a big club we are massive due to the attendance, massive due to potential but we haven’t had much success (apart from the intertoto cup, did you forget that moose???) When Keegan almost won the title we were the second biggest club in England behind Man United but since Ashley has taken over we are a club with one of the best attendances with the potential to be a big club, but unable to achieve it

    I would say we are a big club with an owner refusing to allow the club to achieve that status.

  • Old codger

    Virtually every other day there is a piece about Newcastle on this station
    Reason is it gets a response, which is the entire point
    Never hear regular pieces about the likes of Bournemouth simply because not many people are interested
    Today’s media are not journalists, they need to be shock jocks to keep up the ratings

    • mactoon

      good point. I listen to talk sport all the time and there is a huge element of shock jock going on. Try listening to Adrian Durham from 4pm. It’s just baiting fans to reply with an angry response. With regards to Jim White’s show they seem to cover Newcastle United every day without understanding what Ashley is doing to the club.

    • Jezza

      Never listen to that horrible radio station myself but the very fact that they’re covering Newcastle every day to boost their ratings is surely proof enough in itself that we’re a big club.

      • Kenny


    • Ram Kishore

      How to get a response?
      Annoy the fans

  • Leicester Mag

    Talkshyte play the same card morning noon and night, play devil’s advocate on the most banal of issues. The spiritual home of the sackless Muppet.

  • Leazes.

    Tea and Biscuits are over now I’d guess.

    • Billmag

      Did you not wire somebody up Leazes.🎧

      • Leazes.

        No need….we’ll find out tomorrow, I can wait.

        • Billmag

          Are you really expecting fireworks or a damp squib.

          • Leazes.

            ….plenty of questions with weasel replies….. or avoidance of pertinent dialogue.

  • Billmag

    Newcastle City Council should take Abraham’s to task over his comments, the ignorant slob

  • Ba ba.

    The fact there discussing if we are a big club or not proves we are.

  • GlasgowMag

    FFS football has really got more than there fair share of ex footballers with limited brain cells!! Mabye they should promote actually letting them finish their education before joining the academy’s it may help!!

  • Big Al 1967

    Just back from the States. Seen a couple of NUFC shirts being worn out there did not see any LIverpool though, likewise you can buy them in the sports shops.
    Ian Abrahams in an ill informed muppet who never goes past the M25, and Danny Murphy is just an idiot full stop.

  • Down Under Mag

    Fans may not like it but it is all true, we are no longer a big club. We are a well supported club with huge potential (something Rafa saw and wanted to see realised) but the way Ashley runs the club means we are about as far away from being a big club as you can get. We can’t even compete with the likes of Fulham, Burnley or Southampton anymore and would anyone say they were big clubs? No. Until Ashley goes we will never even be a competitive club let alone be a big club!

  • SuperDesHamilton

    It’s true, however this fat menace moose says it with a real nastiness about him. We’re a well supported club.

    Teams in this country have a fixation about being a big club I don’t understand why. To me the only big clubs around institutions even are real, Barca, juve, Bayern, boca, Man Utd & Liverpool

    The fact people have to continually go in the media and say we aren’t a big club & havent won anything for year is weird though…it’s like we don’t know ourselves the mugs

  • Rob

    No. Well supported and with huge potential.

    To be a big club you need a history winning and challenging to the late stages of the top competitions.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    The crack about the city needs to be addressed though, anyone from up here who sees him or Murphy needs to give him a slap out of principle

  • TeessideMag

    Who gives a f*ck.

  • BillytheFish

    Premier League City and Fans, Championship club……..

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