How much are the current group of Newcastle United players worth?

Obviously this latest summer transfer window wasn’t anywhere near as ambitious as any Newcastle fan would have liked.

However, what is each individual worth in today’s transfer market?

Transfer specialists Transfermarkt update regularly the transfer market values of all Premier League players and listed below is their current valuation of all Newcastle United players.

Using their own unique algorithm each player’s value is calculated based on a number of factors.

newcastle united playersnewcastle united playersnewcastle united players

As you can see, the total estimated market value of all the current Newcastle United players is £157.23m as per those listed above.

They list the players who are at clubs at a particular time, so of course Salmon Rondon is listed, even though West Brom are still his parent club, whilst it is vice-versa with Dwight Gayle.

Jamaal Lascelles and Jonjo Shelvey listed as the most valuable, which is probably true, though no doubt plenty of debate as to whether £13.5m would be their selling price.

Rondon is listed at £11.7m and then Ritchie £10.8m, only four players given a value of £10m or more.

  • Clarko

    To the author, do you think Lascelles is worth £13.50m? Do you think Kenedy is worth £9.00m? Do you think Lejeune is worth £7.20m? Do you think Dummett is worth £3.15m?

    Because I don’t.

    • Kenny

      you should post your valuations then we would all know their true worth.

  • steve

    I know certain posters on here love to use TransferMarkt to back up their arguments but its become worthless as a tool in the past couple of years since the transfer market went crazy. Lascelles wouldn’t be sold for less than £30/40 million, Kenedy is worth around 20.

    • Clarko

      Transfermarkt is a brilliant site, the best site, but their market valuations as you say are pretty much useless and should not be used in any argument.

      • SuperDesHamilton

        you know what else is useless, you.

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        • Vodkamagpie

          What was des hamiltons squad number?

          • SuperDesHamilton


          • simonjames60

            that’s numbewang

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          • Ron


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          • SuperDesHamilton

            You’re a nonce

          • Vodkamagpie

            You must be really super. Do you ever say anything meaningful, a delightful debate, interesting topic?, something?.

          • SuperDesHamilton

            Ask others, in fact check. I’ve forgot more than you know, fact.

  • Paul Patterson

    A total waste of time.

  • BanJones

    My algorythm works as well as this: think of a number – x by 2 – add £5m and take away the number you first thought of.

  • Ron

    I know it’s electronic but it’s so bad it’s not worth the paper it isn’t printed on.

    • Paul Patterson

      The biggest example of how rubbish it is, can be highlighted by the Andy Carroll affair.
      How much would Andy Carroll have been ‘worth’ before his sale to Liverpool? At least £20m short of the £35m he went for . .

      • Ron

        Exactly, I was thinking a comparison with all of the other PL clubs would be more interesting, but then went out to watch the grass grow instead which would be a better use of my time.

  • robbersdog

    A load of nonsense; it’s like someone has picked the players’ names out of one hat, and the transfer values out of another hat, and randomly matched them up.

  • LEE

    I think its great our players are so underrated, Imagine Ashley see’s there real Value, he would want 500 Million,,

    so shhhhhhhhhhhhhh,, our secret

  • farturdzhan

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    • iazamat10

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  • Gary

    Is Manquillo a footballer