Interesting stats published on Premier League clubs so far this season.

The official Premier League website giving the figures for completed passes made by all 20 clubs.

Stats can be used in all kinds of different ways but maybe no coincidence that the three (Huddersfield, Cardiff and Newcastle) with the lowest number of passes are in the bottom five of the Premier League table.

Newcastle United are the very lowest of all with only 1,109 completed passes so far, an average of only 277 in each of the four games.

At the other end of the spectrum, Chelsea are at the very top with 2,995 passes, an average of 749 per match, almost three times as many as Newcastle.

Rafa’s players have of course had a tough start and three of the clubs with the highest pass totals have played against Newcastle United.

Much debate about Rafa’s negative tactics but hopefully as games against lesser oppositions come along, the manager will feel he can be more ambitious in the team play.

No surprise as well that when it comes to possession, Newcastle are also very bottom of the table.

Stats via the BBC Sport site show the following stats for Newcastle this season:

40% possession v Tottenham

49% possession v Tottenham

19% possession v Tottenham

22% possession v Tottenham

This gives an average of only 32.5% per match.

However, just like the completed passes stats, this average will shortly increase.

Completed passes so far for all Premier League Clubs, as published by the official PL site:

premier league clubsAs you can see above, interesting that Fulham rank so highly in fourth, reflecting the amount of money spent this summer to bring in the quality that allows them to play on the front foot, which has clearly benefited Aleksandar Mitrovic who is join top PL scorer with four goals.

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