I couldn’t get down to the match yesterday, so next best thing was watching on the dodgy foreign satellite at my local.

The game wasn’t too bad early on, Newcastle marginally the better team than Palace, though I didn’t make much of the commentary, Arabic I think.

Then not far into the game, the picture cut out.

After some fast work before any punters decided to try elsewhere, the match was back, only on a different channel and with English commentary, result!

As you’ll know by now, the game wasn’t the greatest, Newcastle fading badly and by the end a bit fortunate to take a point. Though the defence did canny.

However, the big talking point with me and my mates wasn’t the forgettable football we were watching, instead it was the expert commentator.

Having swapped channels we didn’t have a clue who it was and tried to work it out.

No surprise it was a cockney, about par for the course. Newcastle v a London team equals somebody who definitely won’t be biased to the Magpies.

The longer it went on, you thought this had to be a former Palace player but couldn’t think who. The voice seemed a bit recognisable AND getting more annoying by the second.

Not only/necessarily some Palace connection but somebody who clearly didn’t like Newcastle United.

Anyway, the game finished and we were still none the wiser.

Sunday morning though I have found out, wasn’t looking for it but came across it on Twitter.

Other Newcastle fans talking (see comments below) about how pathetic Tony Gale had been on the stream they’d been watching the match on.

Yes, Pardew’s best mate/defender was the one who’d successfully spoilt my Saturday afternoon more than the Newcastle tepid performance.

Tony Gale was laughable on the commentary, the referee was giving Palace pretty much every decision, including a lot of free-kicks in good positions, whilst Newcastle were getting nothing. Yet Gale still questioned anything  Newcastle did get and had nothing to say negatively about the home side.

Turns out Tony Gale did play for Palace, checked up and he joined then late in his career and only played twice due to injury problems before retiring. Amusingly, having looked back last week, I found Palace fans on Twitter saying it was obvious how much Tony Gale hated them! They reckon (see below) that he has some kind of grudge against them for some unknown reason.

Gale had last week said that Wilfried Zaha should stop moaning about lack of protection from referees because it is just ‘niggly fouls..not leg-breaking ones.’

It summed it up yesterday though, that whatever he thinks about Palace, he hates Newcastle and their fans a lot more!

Zaha had moaned a few times already in the match, despite getting every decision and seeing Yedlin booked, then in the second half Fernandez came across and put a great, but fair, tackle in (see photo above). He didn’t even catch Zaha, yet the player then went and made a show of himself and argued with the linesman, before the referee was forced to come over, and instead of booking the Palace player, Andre Marriner did nothing and simply let Zaha hold up the game for a couple of minutes.

Tony Gale didn’t say a thing! This despite him last week telling the winger to just get on with it. It was a perfect example of what Tony Gale had claimed.

Contrast this with Ayoze Perez who took a couple of challenges, including an elbow catching him. He did make too much of it but was caught and yet didn’t even get a free-kick. Tony Gale then going on about seemingly every challenge after that, mocking the Newcastle players.

As well as all the pro-Pardew stuff, I also came across this, Tony Gayle getting a couple of digs in, especially about Newcastle fans, at the start of our Championship season under Rafa.

Tony Gale speaking on Sky Sports after Newcastle 4 Reading 1 – 18 August 2016:

“They stood out in terms of result and played well to a point…but I still have reservations.

“I don’t think they are going to go up automatically because they can’t handle it when things go wrong.

“The crowd gets on their backs and things will go wrong in Championship, (it will be) an up and down season.”

Here’s the stuff on Twitter I found, enjoy. How on earth do people like Tony Gale keep getting work in the media? Surely they don’t have to keep scraping the barrel this deep?

Newcastle fans react to Tony Gale on Twitter during and after Palace match:

Mr Batistuta:

‘I think Tony Gale is only employed as a 3pm commentator to help combat online streaming, the crap that spatters out his mouth is enough to force anyone away.’


‘Tony Gale having a go at Perez when Ayew and Zaha have been throwing themselves at the floor all game. Typical cockney bias in the media.’

Ben Holden:

‘If I ever hear Tony Gale’s voice again it’ll be too soon. Complete and utter waffle out of that man’s mouth for 90+ minutes.’

Ghosted G:

‘Tony Gale an idiot, cries when Zaha goes down easy, yet calls Perez after getting elbowed in the face though.’

Ian Nelson:

‘Trying to work out when we upset him?? Killed us for 90 mins ffs.

Ben Holden:

‘That’s what I was like! Would’ve thought one of us had chinned his horse.’

Ian Nelson:

‘He was embarrassing…..didn’t once reflect on the fact CP were at home and didn’t look great or that we defended superbly.’



NUFC Threat Level:

‘Going to have to get to the bottom of Tony Gale’s anger, like.

This still can’t be all about nasty words being shouted at Alan Pardew. It’s been years now and he’s probably called just as bad at family events.’


‘Tony Gale absolutely hates us, some of the most biased commentary I’ve ever heard.’

Imagine my surprise when I check out tony gale and realise he played a couple of times for palace at end of his career. Embarrassingly biased commentary.’


‘Listening to Tony Gale dribble down a microphone for 90 minutes whilst watching a 0-0 draw is not how i wanted to spend my Saturday.’

Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead:

‘Tony Gale will burst into tears if Newcastle score here.’

Crystal Palace fans last week on Twitter after Tony Gale said this about Wilfried Zaha complaining about supposed lack of protection from referees: ‘I think he’s got to grow up a little bit…they’re niggly fouls, not leg breaking challenges.’:

‘Tony Gale has hated Palace since his brief spell with us in the mid 90’s. Massive agenda.’

‘What a knob. Once again Tony Gale showing his hate towards Palace.’

‘This is why Tony Gale doesn’t have a proper job in football. Complete div.’

‘Tony Gale is anti-Palace and is an idiot.’

‘Think Tony Gale is still bitter after his brief spell with us, should join keys and gray in the desert.’

‘I remember him on capital gold, hated us then. Just another bang average old journeyman the media wheel out for an “opinion”.’

‘Seem always to get Tony Gale as a commentator on “streams” / pundit and he never says anything positive about Palace.’

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  • Paul Patterson

    Clearly says things for effect . .

    • Geordiegiants

      95% if so called experts, talks utter garbage, whether it’s about NUFC or anyone else.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    A waste of oxygen. Jobs for the lads crew, everytime he’s on Sky sports he slates us. Gotta think his lass must of ran off with a Geordie to hate us this much

  • Leazes.

    Sort of a proliferation of Londoners running Newcastle United and Commentating on it….without empathy or knowledge….

    ….. add to that the clickbait London media sites who run headlines like ‘Geordies dribbling at the mouth over the thought of £3.4 million Ace and the ‘Local’ press who are obsessed with the failures of the past and nostalgia for Malcolm Macdonald and Gazza!

    Who is sticking up for United?….. it wasn’t the Chronicle or MOTD, it wasn’t the Three Legends…..its not the boys at the Pink Palace or Tyne Tees…… there are few United fans there!

    A club run by remote control, downsized, controlled, job done!

    Jamie Redknapp whose family are/were close friends of the Ashley’s can be our savior surely….nah!

    Its not Newcastle United anymore is it….. its a bunch of Londoners congratulating themselves on the disaster they’ve conspired to turn into an annual game of kick the Geordies.

  • panther

    aye the star bottled putting on the match , and at £3.50 for flat weak lager we went elsewhere

    • SuperDesHamilton

      We had it on in my club. £2:70 a proper pint

  • Waxi

    Best way to watch these links is with the sound turned down to make your own decision on the game. It is a bit strange sitting in a pub with no sound on the telly but i would rather that than miss it and give Sly any money. Joselu should have had a pen and yes Perez did take a few hits but that ref Mariner hates us as well so nothing given. Gayle is a right t0sser and his best mate is Pards who he once said was a brill manager and Newcastle fans would not get any better.

  • Billmag

    Yep I heard his gob also but turned the sound off after Tompkins challenge on Perez, the man is another in long line of NUFC haters.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      For a team who’s won nothing and isn’t big supposedly plenty of people talk us like don’t they

      • Billmag


        • SuperDesHamilton

          Tony gale played one season outside of london in his career. A honestly think he thinks we all work in the mines & wear flat caps still

  • Whitehurst

    I’d love to hate him…but the bloke used to sort me out free tickets for toon games in London back in the 80’s!! He was annoying yesterday tho!!

    • Dillon Tovak

      Why would you love to hate someone who sorted you out with numerous free tickets?

      • Nart

        Because of his bias against Newcastle maybe?

        • Whitehurst

          Aye spot on! At least someone has read my post properly? 🤜🤛

          • Dillon Tovak

            I’m just saying if Richard Keys or some other schmo sorted me out with free tickets numerous times I wouldn’t care what he thinks about Newcastle as it’s irrelevant in reality.

      • Whitehurst

        Ehh? See above mate! 🔝

    • SuperDesHamilton

      So it’s your fault he hates us then 😂😂

  • Wor Lass

    Don`t get me wrong – Gayle`s a complete bell end but where`s the evidence that he made a fool of himself? Just some mention that he said nothing about an incident with Zaha? Haven`t you got anything better to do ? That article must have taken quite a while to put together – what a waste of time. You could have been watching some paint dry.

  • BanJones

    From memory – he got himself sent off at St James’s for two fouls on Ginola in a minute – not the brightest.

  • Chris

    He was on our feed in Canada…it was truly awful. Reminded me of baseball broadcasts in the States with homer commentators. Difference is, at least you know it when listening what you’re in store for.

  • Phil Yare

    he belongs on the list with owen, souness and wise

    • Phil Yare

      and andy gray and richard keys