If one word was needed to sum up the direction football has gone in, especially in terms of the crazy finances and money leaking from the sport, it would be agents.

Back in April, the latest figures were revealed, which showed the total amount of agents fees paid by Newcastle United over the past 12 months, along with the other 19 Premier League clubs at the time.

The decision was made a while ago by the authorities that all agents fees paid by top English clubs had to be made public in the need for transparency.

The figures released in April 2018 were for the period covering two transfer windows (Summer 2017 and January 2018) and represented all intermediary and agents fees paid by clubs during the specified period via the FA’s clearing account.

Remember, this is money paid to the middle men that is not just necessarily when buying players, plenty of clubs using agents to help sell players as well, plus agents often paid by clubs as well when contract extensions are agreed.

All intermediary and agents’ fees paid by Premier League clubs over the past year (Summer 2017 and January 2018 transfer windows):

agents fees

Thursday though has brought an exclusive from The Times, revealing that the 20 current Premier League clubs were meeting today and are pushing for a ban on clubs paying agents.

An investigation by The Times revealed that four out of every five deals in the Premier League last season involved the same agent being paid by player and club.

The Premier League want to insist that only players should pay agents, to reduce the power of intermediaries.

Today’s Times exclusive also revealed that HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) are looking at these dual-representation arrangements and will be demanding that clubs and agents provide evidence of what has been done for each side.

Last season Premier League clubs paid agents a total of £211m (club by club breakdown above) last year, which was an increase of £37m on the previous 12 months.

There were 541 player transactions (transfers, loans or new contracts)  involving Premier League clubs last season with a minimum of at least 426 of these, 79%, involving dual representation. There was also at least one deal last season where it was triple representation, an agent paid by player, buying club and the selling one!

This was the situation two years ago when Paul Pogba signed for Manchester United, his agent pocketing an absolutely shocking £41m from that single deal.

The Times had this breakdown of those 541 transactions last season, club by club, showing how many of the 426 double representation deals happened at each of the 20 clubs:

agentsAs you can see, Manchester City had a full house of 52 out of 52, both they and the player paying the agent.

West Ham had the lowest proportion, 9 out of 29 deals involving dual representation, whilst Newcastle United were second lowest – 12 out of 21.

Whilst Mike Ashley is by far our overwhelming local (to Newcastle United) problem, it would be great if limits can be put on agents finally.

  • Paul Patterson

    It’s about time this practice stopped.
    It should be brought into law that the player pays the agent through what he gets from the club a week. No club to agent payments. If a player is on £100k a week, the agent gets say £2k a week for the duration of the contract paid for BY THE PLAYER and if an agent isn’t happy with that sort of fee then it’s up to the player to negotiate a higher wage. Lord knows the players get paid enough for that to happen.

  • Kenny

    2nd only to the Fat Rat as scum of the earth

    • Pezza

      Yeah Kenny a rat that’s fat

      • Ron


        • Pezza

          I was agreeing with Kenny. He said Ashley was a fat rat, brilliant don’t you think?

          • Ron

            Apologies – it looked like you were calling Kenny to me!

          • Pezza

            Take the micky out of Kenny’s intellect ? It never occurred to me!

      • BanJones

        Are you still here?

  • Martin Rooney

    So now we know where the cash has gone

    • The BBC is FAKENEWS

      Well 5% of it anyway

      Mike got the rest

      • Ron

        Unless he’s also an Agent!

  • MrShack66

    I really don’t understand why clubs pay agents fees. Surely that privilege should fall to the player.

  • toonterrier

    Maybe the agents should pay the clubs if the players they recommended don’t do what they promise.

  • Ron

    Jobs for the boys – bankers, or at least a word that rhymes with that.

  • Down Under Mag

    FIFA/UEFA need to stamp down on agents, they are the main reason players edge for moves and throw toys out of the prams. The fact players hold all the power these days (which again I think needs looking into given clubs can pay 100m quid plus for a player and watch them leave for free at the end of the contract if they don’t get the wage increases they want), means the agents can wangle players into a move simply to get their cut of the transfer fee etc…it is rarely int he players best interest they work for. Yet more finances ruining the game we all (used to) love.

  • TeessideMag

    So… when the defense of Ashley spending is.. “oh well the figures don’t factor in agent fees, so actually he’s spent more”… we have the 2nd lowest in the league.. so in actual fact we are further down the spending pecking order still?