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Time for Newcastle fans to stop being victims

3 years ago

Enough is enough. Actually, enough was enough years ago for Newcastle fans and yet nothing’s changed. The lies carry on. The incompetence continues. The penny-pinching prevails. Every other club strives for success as Newcastle United willingly stagnate.

We all know where the fault lies. We all know who’s to blame. And yet, eleven years into his reign, we still find ourselves beholden to one Mr Michael James Wallace Ashley.

There’s an episode of The Simpsons where a young Ned Flanders is brought to see a child psychologist by his liberal beatnik parents, who are at the end of their tether, worn out by young Ned’s hellraising antics. They’re too placid and passive to find a solution themselves and Mrs Flanders exclaims: “We’ve tried nothing and we’re all out of ideas!”.

Well, sadly, as painful as it is to admit it, many of us who live and breathe Newcastle United – who genuinely care for the club and want us to be the best we can be – are guilty of the same. We’ve all rolled over and let ourselves become victims.

We go to games or watch them on TV, we ignore the off-the-pitch lunacy and we lend our support to the players on the pitch for 90 minutes and then head off to the pub to moan about it all. Week after week. Season after season. Ad nauseam.

If we go for a haircut and the barber makes a balls of it, we wouldn’t go back.

If we go out for a meal and are served sub-standard slop, then we wouldn’t dream of going there again.

Why, then, do we all come crawling back for more and more misery at St James Park?

Sure, Newcastle United is a massive part of all of our lives but this current manifestation is not the Newcastle United we fell in love with. Each and every one of us who files our way through the turnstiles, needs to realise that our continued support and silence are only prolonging the misery and exacerbating the problem.

In a classic case of scaremongering, we’ve been led to believe that we must ‘support the team, not the regime’. Allegedly, if the negativity that permeates the club were to manifest itself in the stands or in the form of a boycott, then the Newcastle fans would be to blame for the club’s demise. Well, I’m sorry – I’m not buying it anymore.

Sure, performances might suffer and we could be relegated.

Rafa and our handful of decent players might leave but we can’t live in fear any longer. I’d gladly accept another relegation if it meant getting competent and ambitious owners in to run the club properly. I’m sure the majority of us would accept short-term pain for long-term gain.

Rafa and the players knows the score. They’re all being starved of the chance of success too. Sure, the current placidity creates a safe working environment for them to maybe punch above their weight and finish mid-table again but to what end?

For more than a decade now, Newcastle fans have steadfastly tried to separate our love for the club from our contempt for the man who seems wilfully intent on destroying it, but the time has come to say ‘no more’.

No more silence, no more passivity, no more sitting idly by as our proud club sinks further into the mire.


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