Mike Ashley bought Newcastle United so that he could promote his retail empire in the UK and around the world.

The Premier League TV deals giving his brands massive exposure.

However, for this to work, you need fans, not empty rows of seats in front of your adverts.

That is why he chose Newcastle United, rather than say Aston Villa or Sunderland.

However, even Newcastle supporters have their breaking point.

Mike Ashley saw a club where fifty thousand people turned up no matter what rubbish was on the pitch.

The cracks though are now definitely there.

I am fully supportive of any protests against the NUFC owner but I do think that eventually what will rid our club of him, will be when his lack of investment and stupidity in the choices he makes, will end up with such a poor product on the pitch, thousands and thousands will say enough is enough.

When Newcastle play Tottenham the match always quickly sells out, this season the ground wasn’t full.

When Newcastle play Chelsea, St James Park always sells out quickly, not this time – empty seats.

Our away support is unbelievably resilient, yet Cardiff didn’t sell out, nor did Forest, not even Manchester City.

This Saturday we play Arsenal, usually tickets don’t even reach general sale. For Saturday, the tickets have now been on general sale for three weeks and still aren’t sold out.

Maybe the stadium will just about sell out by Saturday for a very rare full house this season (unless something dramatic happens) but the writing is on the wall.

Spurs, Chelsea and Arsenal are all attractive opposition who have all sold their 3,200 away ticket allocations.

Yet Newcastle fans are no longer eager to fill St James Park for these matches, as I say above, we all have our own personal breaking points.

What happens when the likes of Watford and Bournemouth turn up with a minibus full of away fans, what kind of crowds do you think Mike Ashley will have then. Never mind if he gets us relegated for a third time…

I want to see as much pressure on Mike Ashley as possible but I do find it really depressing that even our hardcore away following are finding it ever more difficult to follow the team.

Crystal Palace is always a popular away trip and normally tickets snapped up straight away, it is 11 days away and tickets have been on general sale for a while, yet haven’t sold out as yet.

We desperately need our club back, Mike Ashley to leave and take his Sports Direct signs with him.

A full St James Park was a given at one time and evoked a sense of pride, now we don’t even have that thanks to you know who.

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  • TheFatController

    Let’s see how a home game against Ipswich next season with Wee Gordon Stachan leading the troops sells…

    • Kenny

      Or Pardew 😁

      • TheFatController

        I’d probably turn up to see a Pardew team play.

        More in fascination, like a Victorian Circus Act alongside the bearded woman and muscleman in leopard skin ….

        • Squintytoonarmy

          Nigel Quashie in the centre of mid etc

      • panther

        Never say that again

    • Squintytoonarmy

      David O’Leary says he wants another crack at management – it’s frightening to think what lies beyond Rafa

      • Down Under Mag

        I’m sure there will be plenty like him lining up for a crack at things once Rafa leaves. It is the stuff of nightmares…no doubt they will be on a stupidly long contract as well…

  • Steven05

    We need our club back – so we need to fight for it

    Staying away is one thing we have – don’t go, for the love of your club

    (this would have sounded ridiculous not so long ago, but then the club got cancer, and we have to be cruel to be kind)

  • Gerald Arthur Cooper

    Excellent article and I could not agree more. Ashley has become a metaphor [Jungian archetype?] for the negative aspects of the modern football era [And capitalism generally to extend the context]. My Geordie friends hate the man and simply want the heart and soul to return to Newcastle United Football Club. NB. I post this comment as a lifelong Mack’em – intense rivalry mixed with a healthy respect.

    • Angelswithdirtyfaces

      It’s a different type of Mackem wot talks about Jungian archetypes :)

    • Coble’s Return

      A scholar contributing to the debate – your comments are welcome Gerald.

  • Steve Smith

    He’s going to reduce ticket prices to encourage people back before he leaves.

    • Leazes.

      He did it once before…..

      ……there was a big shift around when the singing section was shifted from level Seven corner, the family section was perfectly catered for at the back of the Leazes middle level but the club decided to shift it to the level 7 Milburn…. and enlarge it…… about 6 thousand empty seats were then sold at £68 per SEASON for 2 kids with an adult….. now that is cheap…that is give away.

      …. and it filled the gaps in the lower levels.

      Previously 3 X tickets were about £1620…. after the walkout and shift around they were less than the price of one ticket…… ~ £500

      ….thats the equivalent of gate money dropping by about 5000 seats but he kept face and continued with the downsizing operation….

      ….it went unreported by the chronicle.

      • Steve Smith

        Similar to what they did at Portsmouth.

        It doesn’t matter if you’ve killed the club, as long as bums are on seats for the event then it’s a “success”.

  • Paul Patterson

    Being the odd hundred of seats down on a match day is hardly going to concern him . .

  • karl thompson

    totally agree with our fans, Ashley doesn’t care about our club, like the pictures show of diss repair to parts of the stadium,ffs when shepherd was o ur chairman at least we had decent tvs around the stadium not the squinty eyed things we have now, you cant even see the screen for sports direct sponsoring,Ashley is just a business man that knows nothing about how to run a football club, and as for Charnley (PENFOLD) well enough said about the yes man.I just hope one day someone somewhere will purchase this great club and take it to the next level, something Ashley has not got a clue about.Rant over

  • Your mum

    Why do you need a full stadium for his advertising to work? It doesn’t matter if the same person turns up each week, if they are a regular they have seen all the adverts anyway, the TV coverage is much more valuable to him and the advertising of his brands. Whether 45000 or 52000 see it on a Saturday afternoon makes no difference to him, it’s the millions that see it via sky/bt/motd and globally. At 42000 people attending instead of a 52000 crowd paying £40/ticket, it would only cost £7.6m. This is peanuts to him and it would not hit his pocket in any way, it would just be seen as a drop in revenue in the NUFC accounts.

  • Elon

    Good, this is one way to get Mike Ashley out of Newcastle, the more empty seats the better, to pressure Asshley to sell Newcastle

  • Neil Martin

    My mate is a manc fan and has bought tickets to see Man U on New Year’s Eve… I have been looking for tickets to the Brighton game in October and they aren’t out yet.
    Why isn’t every game available to purchase tickets at the start of the season ??