Kevin Keegan proved himself to be a brilliant manager at Newcastle United.

Revolutionising both team and club in the five years he was at St James Park in the 90s.

A transformation that took a failing club and team with one foot in the third tier, to one that came within a fraction of winning the Premier League and bringing Champions League football to St James Park.

Spending relatively very little money until established in the Premier League, KK’s record reads for the seasons he was at NUFC:

Saved from relegation to third tier, champions of the second tier, third in Premier League, then sixth, second and second.

At both Manchester City and Fulham he then also did an excellent, if less stellar, job.

On the other hand, people’s reaction on hearing of Tony Jimenez would be ‘who’?

Somebody with no track record at all in the top level of English football.

A man who was a participant in one of the most disgraceful periods in Newcastle United’s history.

When reminded of exactly who he is, people would just shake their heads that any reputable media would give him such a platform as The Times did today. If you’re not sure, just go away and Google exactly what Tony Jimenez has been up to in his ‘career’…

However, the problem, to an extent, is that once something is out there in the media these days, such as this Tony Jimenez nonsense, it gets repeated as simply a story/report, indeed as fact by many other newspapers/websites. Indeed, even our own local north east newspapers are guilty of now putting  his quotes up as a ‘news’ story, rather than just something that should be ridiculed.

Matt Hughes at The Times has a shocking record of putting up pro-Mike Ashley stories/reports with regard to Newcastle United (see here).

In his interview today, Tony Jimenez mocks/belittles Kevin Keegan and makes claims about how KK supposedly acted when being interviewed by himself (Jimenez) and Dennis Wise for the job as Manager at Newcastle.

This is interesting…because Kevin Keegan got the Newcastle job (under Ashley) on the 16 January 2008, yet Dennis Wise and Tony Jimenez weren’t announced (by Mike Ashley/NUFC) as joining the club until 29 January 2008.

So why wasn’t Matt Hughes asking Jimenez why exactly he was interviewing Keegan when he wasn’t even employed by Newcastle United???

When the announcement was made, Dennis Wise had the title of Executive Director (Football), Tony Jimenez named as Vice-President (Player Recruitment), as well as their other mate Jeff Vetere as Technical Co-Ordinator.

Matt Hughes’ interview with Tony Jimenez is about as good as David Craig’s embarrassing effort with Mike Ashley on Sky Sports in August 2017.

Also in this Times interview, Tony Jimenez is not challenged at all when he talks about it being as normal as anything, that Newcastle United signed both Gonzalez and Xisco simply as a favour to agents, as part of a sweetener for also arranging the signings of Coloccini and Gutierrez. Jonas and Colo did ok at Newcastle but the club still paid around £20m in transfer fees for the pair, it wasn’t like we got them free because of the Xisco and Gonzalez deals!

It is quite ludicrous to suggest that it was normal for Newcastle to be tied to a deal worth £20m+ (£6m transfer fee and 5 years wages at £3m per season) for Xisco (back in 2008!), simply as a favour.

Tony Jimenez has also then bizarrely claimed that actually, his appointment as this transfer expert guru was actually just a front, because Mike Ashley had supposedly recruited him to sell the club, because he was (in his own head!) this major mover and shaker who could sort out a buyer for NUFC.

The more you hear from and about Tony Jimenez, the more he sounds like the kind of bloke with no mates, who when he goes in the pub everybody suddenly finds they are really interested in something or somebody else, to avoid being nabbed by him and being subjected to his imaginative stories.

When you look at the kind of people that Mike Ashley has been happy to surround himself with, it is a miracle that Newcastle United have had ‘only’ two relegations in the nine Premier League seasons whilst he has owned NUFC.

Matt Hughes talking to Tony Jimenez in The Times:

Jimenez portrays Keegan as a diva-esque figure who signed up to the club’s business plan of targeting young players before making impossible demands to sign household names. He allegedly threatened to resign when he did not get his own way, even walking out during his job interview, which he says was the result of being offered a contract with a 12-month break clause.

“Kevin was told at the interview that this is the job, these are the financial constraints — don’t take it if you don’t want it,” Jimenez says. “Go back to Glasgow and run your Soccer Circus rather than creating a circus in Newcastle, which is what he did. He just said yes to get the job.

“The minute you questioned him he lost the plot,” Jimenez says. “During that window we offered him the players that we were working on when we thought Harry Redknapp was coming as manager — Jermain Defoe, Peter Crouch, Lassana Diarra — and he said none of them were good enough. The other player we were really keen on was Daniel Sturridge. He said he’d had him as a kid at Man City and that he wasn’t good enough for League One.

“He didn’t want Hatem Ben Arfa or Karim Benzema either. We asked Kevin for a list of players for every position, bearing in mind he had £25 million to spend. Our list included Benzema and Ben Arfa who were young players at Lyons, as well as Samir Nasri.

“Kevin took one look and called them all chancers. His list was David Beckham, Frank Lampard, Ronaldinho, Kaka among others. We added their transfer value up and it was £399 million, plus £100 million in wages.”

The final straw for Keegan came when Newcastle signed Xisco and Ignacio González in August 2008, as detailed in his book extracts this week, but Jimenez suspects that he had been looking for a way out for some time and that the sale of James Milner to Aston Villa that month was just as significant.

“He has made a lot out of Xisco and González, but they were part of deals to sign Fabricio Coloccini and Jonás Gutiérrez, who were also players he didn’t want who did well for Newcastle,” Jimenez says. “Sometimes you have to take a player to get the one you really want.

Tony Jimenez:

“Mike wanted me to sell the club on the basis of my relationships in the Middle East, so I came in under the cover story of working in player recruitment.

“If he had played his cards right Mike could have sold Newcastle to Abu Dhabi before they bought Manchester City.”

  • Leicester Mag

    First question are you a convicted criminal guilty of fraud? The end

    • AbusedCourier

      It should be “How many times have you been convicted in a British court for fraud? And why are you domiciled outside the U.K. in places you can’t be extradited from?”

  • Kenny

    Who cares what the guy says, he’s vermin like the Fat Rat

  • Paul Patterson

    Funny how he comes out and tries to belittle Keegan, yet digs himself in further.
    “Sometimes you have to take a player to get the one you really want.” Very damning!

    I also found amusing when he stated that Ashley pulled the plug on the Modric deal because he didn’t want to take a risk on him. Not the best defence council . .

  • Wezza

    ‘so I came in under the cover story of working in player recruitment.’

    We all know what cover stories they have done lately, like the accounts losing 90M and screaming poverty.
    I wonder what other disgraceful things go on.

    • Ram Kishore

      I just can’t believe that he bought the club only to try to sell it after 6 months and why hire someone like Tony Jimenez with a cover-up.
      Even more amusing is the fact that his justification for getting a player he’s got to get take a player just to satisfy a agent. Its seems like all he wanted was to take a bung or kickbacks. One thing I can’t really understand is why would a club has to satisfy the agent, aren’t we supposed to be satisfying the player.
      There are always many ways to satisfy the agent.. pay few 100k but spending 5m+ 15 m wages on Xisco and 1 m on the loan players seems like crazy mismanagement and cheating

  • magpiefifer

    Garbage – Jimenez couldn’t lace KK’s boots!
    How much is in the brown envelope for Hughes!?

    • Ashley-out

      Brown envelopes flying around everywhere

  • Ashley-out

    the fat parasites PR machine in 5th gear, best bit is nobody believes this bull.

    • Sickandtired

      I truly hope he keeps releasing such moronic ‘PR’ as this then. Fatty sued this bloke for fraud, as did Wise, and as did someone connected to Charlton FC.
      He’s a lying fantasist.

  • Sickandtired

    A litany of 100% [email protected]

  • Superdooperhooper

    The journalist should have asked him why he was brought in to sell the club a mere six months or so after ashley had bought it ! Was he trying to ‘flip it’ for a quick profit ? Was he bored with his new toy so soon? Why was he brought in under a different job title? Nothing makes sense.

    • Leazes.

      If he was selling the club straight away the recruitment policy can’t have been anything set in concrete so why create the war with Keegan?

    • Ram Kishore

      All these three questions keeps going on in my mind again and again.

  • Leazes.

    So many questions not asked, why was that?

  • robbersdog

    Both Ashley and Wise ended up suing this Jimenez fella; allegedly, he f*cked them over for large sums of money – £3m in Ashley’s case.

    Why is a newspaper like the Times giving this dodgy buffoon the oxygen of publicity? I believe everything that Kevin Keegan has written, and absolutely nothing that Jimenez is saying by way of response.

  • GlasgowMag

    You don’t need to look far beyond this paper is owned by Murdoch!! Might be a conspiracy theory but most of the setup Ashley PR platform interviews seem to have a connection to this low life!!

    • Foggy

      Do you really think Murdoch could give a rat’s are about Newcastle?

      • GlasgowMag

        Yip I would think this character would fit quite nicely within Ashley’s circle of friends!!!

    • Geordiegiants

      Nah Jabba and Jimenez have had a huge falling out. Jimenez fleeced the fatcunt of £3m.

      • GlasgowMag

        Well they must be still communicating as this article has Bishops sticky fingers all over it!!!

        • Geordiegiants

          Nah it’s Jiminez self publicising, he got convicted of fraud it was a big old falling out, if I’m not mistaken I think he done the bong eyed dwarf as well.

  • Mark Davies

    Seems to me the southern press are using any excuse to bash us these days. the moose, jiminez and whoever else they can drum a story out of.

    I cant remember a club or set of fans who have to put up with as many lies and down right petty name calling as us. We are constantly beaten with a lazy stereotype stick that quite frankly wouldnt be appcepted in normal society.

    Still, after all these years its water off a ducks back and just annoying more than anything.

    One message for all these sad southern muppets happy to blag and lie from their safe view many miles away. NEWCASTLE UNITED WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED. Keep trying but you wont get us down. Now off you go

  • Tweed Mag

    Jimenez has been hauled in front of a Judge twice and could not get his story straight on either occasion. Telling lies to a second rate hack is of no consequence to him. Ashley certainly knows how to attract complete knackers and Jimenez was so bad even he took him to court. Zero credibility.

  • Down Under Mag

    So many plot holes in this story, so much left unquestioned. Could it be yet another pre-prepared statement under the guise of an interview orchestrated by Bishop to try and once again disguise the facts behind a web of lies that are easily debunked if anyone of any real intelligence or endeavour cares to ask more searching questions rather than let the company driven P.R. campaign continue to drift along aimlessly??

  • Mike

    Even Cashley called KK the most honest man in football, and a court case proved who were the liars. I dont mind these lot being wheeled out to spout off it shows how crp they really are, keep the pressure on.